EA FC 24 – How to find Regens and get dupes of legends in Career Mode

EA FC 24 – How to find Regens and get dupes of legends in Career Mode
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Many of those lacing up their boots in EA’s latest football sim are asking how to find regens in EA FC 24?

If you’ve been playing since the game’s EA FC 24 release date your squad is surely filled with top signings, especially the wonderkids that make up a solid squad. But a manager’s biggest opponent is the ever marching progress of time itself, which you would think makes good players harder to find as the years go on. Not so in EA FC 24 thanks to a handy trick that means you can nab yourself a late game star player at similar stats to what they were when you started your career.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Regen in EA FC 24?

A regen in EA FC 24 is the shorthand term for a Re-generated player. Simply put, in Career mode, whenever a veteran player retires – a new version of the same player is created and added to the potential pool of players to pick from. There’s a few good reasons for this – one is to ensure players have incentive to keep their squads fresh after many seasons, and give them players to chase without letting them get settled into the same squad for diminishing returns as the seasons tick by.

However, each Regen is specific to your save. So we can’t give specific names here as the players who get this Doctor-Who like treatment will depend entirely on your game so far. However, we can tell you how to spot them.

How to identify a Regen in EA FC 24

The most important part of identifying regens in EA FC 24 is to know your own team. It seems obvious, but being aware of who your own players are will make it much easier to spot if they turn up again in the transfer lists. However, it’ll be a little trickier than just comparing names, as they won’t have the same name, physical features or stats. Instead, you’ll have to know them by the following:

You’ll be able to spot a Regen player as they’ll be aged 16-21, have the same nationality, position and birthday of the retired player they’re replacing. Handily, they’ll also be found in the same league the original version retired in. If their contract expired at the same time, their Regen version will be in the Free Agents pool of players. Vitally, the Regen version of the player will also have the same Potential as the retired player, the all-important stat to focus on.

How to find a Regen in EA FC 24

To find the best ones takes a little work, but careful use of your scout and that knowledge we mentioned will make things easier. Use the scout to find your aging players, and check which ones are retiring at the end of the season. Before they do, make sure to add them to your transfer targets, and once they disappear from this list, they’ve retired.

The moment you notice this happen, you’ll want to search the league for their Regen version, especially as the computer will be trying to snap them up as soon as they can thanks to that high potential stat. It’s possible that there’s multiplayer Regen players of the same nationality and position too appearing at the same time. If this happens – go to ‘Edit Player’ and check their DOB matches with the retired player to make sure you get the right one.

Hopefully that should be all you need to know about Regens in EA FC 24. For more on the game, check out our EA FC 24 how to upgrade to PS5 – guide or our picks for the FC 24 Best Premier League Starter Squad in Ultimate Team.