FC 24 Best Striker Builds for Clubs

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Playing up top in FC 24 Clubs (formerly Pro Clubs) means you need to score goals! To do that you need a great player. We’ve got the best striker builds for FC 24 Clubs, if you want to be a pacey threat or a target man.

Each design is very meta. You can either use raw speed to blaze past defenders, or brute physicality to bully them. Check out the best striker builds in EA Sports FC 24 Clubs below, then become the new Erling Haaland!

FC 24 Clubs Best Pacey Striker Build (ST) 

Our meta pacey best striker build uses the same base stats as our winger build for FC 24 Clubs. This is the fastest you can get in Clubs. It comes with the added bonus of great dribbling ability, but you will need to focus more on upgrading your Shooting attributes. 

Use your skill points to max out the Pace skill tree first. This build is all about having top Sprint Speed and Acceleration so others can’t catch you. Then invest all your points in Shooting. As a small player, your Shot Power and Long Shots won’t be the best.

You will want to improve your Weak Foot ability too, that way you can finish on either side. If you are a skill merchant, then find some points to upgrade your Skill Moves, as this can give you an extra edge in tight games.

PlayStyles should make up for the reduced shooting stats taken by picking a winger base. Your pace should also give you plenty of time to find the back of the net without being hounded by defenders. 

  • Position: LW/RW
  • Height: 5’4”
  • Weight: 149 lbs
  • PlayStyles: Finesse Shot, Chip Shot, Technical, First Touch, Trivela, Acrobatic
  • PlayStyles+: Rapid+, Quick Step+

FC 24 Clubs Best Target Man Build (ST) 

Pro Clubs in FIFA 23 saw target man builds dominate and that is set to continue in FC 24 Clubs. If used correctly, this build can be nearly impossible to stop and gets ridiculously good with greater boosts. 

You’re looking to be a physical beast that wins everything in the air. So, focus on Strength, Jumping, and Heading Accuracy attributes first. 

Then you can look to improve other Shooting attributes, as well as Dribbling ones so your Virtual Pro doesn’t feel like a total truck! Adding to their Pace is the cherry on top for total dominance. 

Aerial and Power Header PlayStyles+ will help you own the air. Then, Shooting and Ball Control PlayStyles will make your player a deadeye in front of goal and handy with the ball at their feet. 

  • Position: ST
  • Height: 6’6”
  • Weight: 174 lbs
  • PlayStyles: Finesse Shot, Chip Shot, Technical, First Touch, Press Proven, Acrobatic
  • PlayStyles+: Aerial+, Power Header+

There are the two best striker builds in FC 24 Clubs, now it’s up to you to score goals with them! If you’re looking to play in other positions, then check out our EA FC Clubs Best Builds for meta designs in every area of the pitch.

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