EA Sports FC 24 pre order guide – bundles, editions, bonuses

EA Sports FC 24 pre order guide – bundles, editions, bonuses
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The EA Sports FC 24 pre-order period is now live, ushering in a new era for the football franchise! EA FC 24 will be the first in a new series of football games from EA, bringing plenty of extra features to complement the regular modes we’ve grown to love over their 30-year collaboration with FIFA. 

That means Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Clubs (previously Pro Clubs), and VOLTA Football will be included once again when the EA Sports FC 24 release date arrives. If you want access to the upcoming game as soon as possible you will want to place a pre order for it, which means you will also want to know the price and what editions are on offer. PlayStation has also recently announced a bundle option that will be available soon. We’ll take you through all the details below.

ea sports fc 24 ultimate edition cover

EA Sports FC 24 pre order date

Pre orders for the PlayStation FC 24 bundle start on September 25th. Meanwhile, those who pre order the game now will get to play an entire week earlier than everyone else.

EA Sports FC 24 bundle pre order details

From September 25th, the EA Sports FC 24 bundle is available for pre order. The bundle includes a PlayStation 5 console, DualSense wireless controller, a voucher for EA Sports FC 24 and a voucher for downloadable digital content for EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. You can either get the full bundle edition, or if you already have the console, go for just the controller option.

  1. Pre order EA Spors FC 24 PlayStation bundle (via PlayStation)

DualSense Edge Controller EA Sports FC 24 bundle

We all know FC is great with a friend, so if you already have the console but only one DualSense controller, then go for this bundle option. You get a brand new DualSense controller plus a copy of the game. Pre orders open on September 25th.

  1. Pre order DualSense Edge Controller FC 24 bundle (via PlayStation)

Where to preorder FC 24 bundle?

PlayStation has confirmed that you can order the FC 24 bundle directly from Playstation at direct.playstation.com and other retailers across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions.

EA Sports FC 24 – pre order details

Pre-ordering EA Sports FC 24 means you can access the game as soon as it becomes available, but you will also gain some bonus perks too! The perks will change depending on what edition of the game you purchase. 

The pre-order period went live on July 13, the same time that the EA Sports FC 24 gameplay trailer dropped, showing off the revitalised Frostbite Engine with HyperMotionV and male and female players going toe-to-toe in Ultimate Team. You will be able to qualify for pre-order perks up until the day before the worldwide release, on September 29. 

How much is EA Sports FC 24? 

We now have official confirmation of the EA Sports FC 24 price for each platform, which is as follows: 

FC 24 editions 

Once again, two EA Sports FC 24 editions have been released, with the usual Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition the way things have been done recently. Each edition comes with different perks, such as items for the new Ultimate Team Nike campaign and additional player personality points for Player Career Mode.

By opting to pre-order the Ultimate Edition, you will also gain EA Sports FC 24 early access, which is now one week long instead of the usual three days that we have come to expect. Both editions also feature dual entitlement this year, instead of that only being included in the Ultimate Edition.

The bonuses you gain from EA Sports FC 24 pre-orders are as follows: 

Standard Edition 

  • Dual Entitlement
  • 1 x Erling Haaland Ultimate Team Cover Star Loan Player Item (10 matches)
  • 2 x FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick Items (5 matches)
  • One Clubs Unlocked PlayStyles Slot
  • Additional Player Career Personality Points
  • One Manager Career 5-Star Coach available to hire

Ultimate Edition 

All perks from the Standard Edition, as well as… 

  • Seven Days Early Access
  • 4,600 FC Points
  • Access to Nike Ultimate Team Campaign
  • 1 x Untradeable Team of the Week 1 Player Item 
  • 1 x Nike Ultimate Team Campaign Loan Player Item (24 matches) and Nike x EA Sports FC Ultimate Team Kit
  • 1 x Untradeable UCL/UWCL Hero Item (If pre-ordered before August 22) – Available in-game November 27