FC 24 Review – Bugs and glitches catch EA offside

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A new dawn is here. EA’s new era of football gaming has begun. Anticipation for the new game has been at an all-time high following the high-profile split from FIFA. But how has EA done in its first outing without football’s governing body?

After playing the game across its various modes, one thing is clear. EA has not learned from last season. Bugs and glitches remain prevalent and irritating. That being said, you might think this will be a negative review. Wrong. This is merely an observation from a frustrated fan that sees the potential for FC 24 to be the best football game of all time.

There is so much to love about the new game. New features like Evolutions in FC 24 Ultimate Team, a revamped FC 24 Career Mode, and brand-new FC 24 PlayStyles have all exceeded expectations. It really is excellent.

Let’s begin with FC 24 Ultimate Team. This is the major mode, and the place where players will spend most of their time in the game. Every change made in Ultimate Team has been excellent. The new user interface is a great addition, making navigating the various elements of the game mode a quick and easy experience.

The major new feature is Evolutions. Adding a bit of spice to certain objectives makes each game that little bit more meaningful. This is just sensational from EA, although being able to progress and upgrade specific players in your club does smack of eFootball 2024 Dream Team…

Being able to keep hold of players that you have a soft spot for and make them usable in the game is such a big plus. We can’t speak highly enough of this new feature. As a West Ham fan, the Hammers are rarely around after the first couple of weeks. Things are different this year though, so my upgraded Kurt Zouma, Mohammed Kudus, and Maxwell Cornet are here to stay!

fc 24 ultimate team evolutions zouma
Evolutions create opportunities for players to become “meta”

We must state that the game has crashed on us several times already. This has usually been in the SBC section, and causes the game to close. We are hoping this is a known issue that gets ironed out, but it isn’t the only one sadly.

Before moving on to some of the other great improvements, let’s get my other gripe out there in the open. Why am I having to accept terms and conditions every other time I load up the game? Why can’t the game keep my settings the way they were? This is a minor issue, but after putting up with it throughout FIFA 23, another 365 days of this is going to drive me mad.

The worst part is the controller noise. This wouldn’t be so bad if the net ripple wasn’t so horrific. Through the TV, it’s authentic and a nice touch. Through the controller, it sounds like someone has bombed into a swimming pool inside of a tin shed. Not good. Having to alter this all the time and turn off the trainer needs to be fixed ASAP.

Realistically though, these are the only flaws we have come across. It’s just disappointing to see the same errors carry over from last season. 

Rant over. Returning to the positives, FC 24 Career Mode is a new experience. As a long-standing mode, there is a dedicated set of fans who have had their patience pushed to the limits after a lack of effort put into the game mode. The spectate mode is nice, although as you can see below it’s not quite perfect!

fc 24 career mode spectate view
It’s more of a view of the manager, rather than a manager’s view

It’s different this year. The scouting system has changed and it will definitely polarise opinion. Yes, it is more difficult to find your desired targets, but isn’t that true to life? Using your network to find players that suit your system, and understanding the nuances behind them, feels like an extra layer of depth.

New training plans have also removed the tedious training sessions, another win. Setting your plans to your starting XI and reserves provides noticeable benefits. The extra sessions to add a playstyle to your players before a game is also brilliant, and that’s the feature we come to next.

FC 24 PlayStyles. I can safely say I did not expect to think twice about them. It felt like a trait-style gimmick that you won’t notice in the game. Boy how wrong was I. The example I will use comes in Ultimate Team.

Arsenal midfielder Martin Odegaard is a sensational player, but not one we would necessarily want in Ultimate Team. That looks different this year. The Arsenal captain’s passing PlayStyle (Incisive Pass) is remarkable. The ball fizzes to its intended target at pace, giving defenders no chance to intercept. A huge increase in ability from other very reasonable players.

There is genuinely so much to love about this game, and if EA can knock the bugs on the head, we will have a great season. A quick touch on the FC 24 Web and Companion App too. It’s clean and precise, another great UI change from EA.

That about sums it up, I will add more details on Player Career and FC 24 Clubs when I have had more experience of the modes and can do them justice. For now though, the early signs are very positive, as long as EA cuts the mistakes. There is not a bad word to say about the new features, or the game itself. It’s just the same old issues preventing this game from being truly great.

Reviewed on PS5. Game provided by the publisher.

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The rating would be much higher if the game wasn't being held back by the prevailing bugs. The sky is the limit for FC once EA iron out the creases.
7 PlayStyles have made a wider range of players useful in the game Evolutions are brilliant in Ultimate Team All UI changes make the game look and feel fresh Game has crashed several times already Bugs have carried over from FIFA 23