Skull and Bones Bandari location – where to find Bandari

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Looking for the Skull and Bones Bandari location? During the Hunt for the Crown of Ukuta investigation, you’re tasked with reaching Bandari on the Coast of Africa. But when setting sail from Sainte-Anne,finding the Ungwana settlement can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re setting off on a small Bedar.

We’ll walk you through where to find the Skull and Bones Bandari location. For more help surviving the high seas, check out how to get and harvest Acacia, how to use the spear, how to find the Sea People treasure, how to get the Crowbar, how to get Dragon’s Back, Skull and Bones glitches, and how to get Casting Sand.

A screenshot of the Bandari location in the video game Skull and Bones.
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Where to find Bandari in Skull and Bones

Bandari in Skull and Bones is located in the centre of the Harufu region of the Coast of Africa. To reach it from Sainte-Anne in the Red Isle, sail northwest into the channel that cuts through the central archipelago, passing through The Giant’s Leap, Rova Hill, and the Angaya Coast. Once you reach the open sea, continue northwest through the Islands of the Moon and into the Coast of Africa. 

When you enter the Harufu region, Bandari is past the first set of small islands on the northeastern corner of a larger island that’s part of the continent’s coast. Bandari is a settlement, which means you won’t be able to dock there, but only buy/sell items or plunder.

Bandari is roughly 9000 meters from Sainte-Anne so expect a long trek to reach the settlement. The seas between the two locations are typically fairly quiet, but steer clear of any factions you might have a bad standing with to avoid fights. Stock on food like coconuts and cooked meals before you leave to top up your crew’s stamina as needed.

Bandari Settlement rewards in Skull and Bones

Plundering the Bandari settlement in Skull and Bones gives you the following rewards:

  • Fine Relic
  • Casting Sand
  • Snuff
  • Fine Sisal
  • Nickel Ingot

As you can tell, Bandair is worth plundering because of the rare materials it offers. Since it’s a rank 5 settlement, it is not difficult to plunder as long as you have a strong ship.

Necessary materials

Make it a priority to farm Bandari for materials. Casting Sand is vital in the mid to late-game, making Bandair a worthwhile area to plunder. You’ll also get Fine Relics and Snuff which both sell for a decent amount, netting you a lot of Silver in the process.

That’s all there is to finding the Skull and Bones Bandari location. We also have guides covering how many players per ship, how to disembark, and our Skull and Bones guide, full of trips and tricks to survive the Red Isle and beyond.

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