Skull and Bones trophy guide – how to get all achievements

Skull and Bones trophy guide – how to get all achievements
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Hungry for all the achievements? Our Skull and Bones trophy guide will help you track down all the achievements you need to 100% clear the game, detailing all trophies.

With so much to do, including outfits to collect and missions to clear, you will be forgiven for missing some achievements or trophies in Skull and Bones. As a live-service game, Skull and Bones technically has no end, and more achievements might be added through future updates.

For more Skull and Bones, read our guides covering tips and tricks for beginners and how to raise your ship rank. Now, on to our Skull and Bones trophy guide.

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Skull and Bones – all achievements and trophies

Getting the Platinum trophy in Skull and Bones is by no means impossible, it will simply take a while to get through. You will have your work cut out for you, but this is where our Skull and Bones trophy list comes in handy, helping you track down anything you might’ve missed or see if there are any hidden achievements you can snag.

We are basing this information on the PS5 version of the game, but the PC versions of Skull and Bones have the same Trophies.

Skull and Bones Trophy/AchievementRequirement
Pirate LegendUnlock all trophies.
Hello, World!Greet players with an “Ahoy!” from the quick-chat option in a server chat room.
Home of Compagnie RoyaleSpyglass or interact with La Bastide.
It’s More Fun Together!Complete 5 shared contracts.
Pirates, Assemble!Group up with two other players during gameplay.
Home of Clan of FaraSpyglass or interact with Ankohonana.
The ExplorerActivate a pirate’s bonfire on 3 outposts.
Home of Sea PeopleSpyglass or interact with Tenina Town.
Wood CollectorHarvest wood in 3 regions.
The PoacherHunt down at least 1 of each hostile wildlife (spear only).
The People’s PersonTalk to 20 interactable NPCs.
East Indies ExplorerExplore all zones in the East Indies.
Battle RoyaleDefeat 5 ships without leaving Open Seas region.
Red Isle ExplorerExplore all zones in the Red Isle.
Coast of Africa ExplorerExplore all zones in the Coast of Africa.
Banished AdmiralMeet Admiral Rahma.
The SilencerDestroy flare weak point to interrupt a ship from firing flares.
Why Fight When We Can Negotiate?Hide from attackers in a safe zone.
Not TodaySink an enemy ship while having 5% HP or lower.
Open Seas ExplorerExplore all zones in the Open Seas.
Cook PiratesCook 15 dishes.
In-spear-rationalDeal 3000 damage to towers using a spear.
Just For FunDefeat an enemy and leave the zone without looting.
Go OverboardFinish an enemy with a crew boarding.
The MimeShow your gratitude to any NPC after talking to them.
Water PartySuccessfully plunder a location in stormy weather.
HitmanSink a Privateer.
I Can See My House From Here!Crest a rogue wave.
Metal CollectorHarvest metal in 3 regions.
After A Long Day Of SailingDance to a song performed by musicians in Saint-Anne.
But You Have Heard Of Me.Reach “Cutthroat” tier.
Duty FreeDiscover smuggler’s hideout.
First Come, First ServedSuccessfully capture your first Manufactory.
Home of Dominion of RempahSpyglass or interact with Suny.
When We Raid, It PoursLoot a total of 50000 silver of item value from enemy ships.
Rags to RichesWear an outfit worth more than 5000 silver.
Sharing is CaringTrade items with at least 3 players.
Skull and JuteHarvest 10000 pieces of jute in total.
Mainland PirateReach Saint-Anne.
Ship CaptainBuild your first ship.
Turtle Up!Equip your ship with armor.
There You Are!Scan an object from a long distance (1400m+).
Just BusinessMeet John Scurlock.
Why Is the Brandy Always Gone?Sell all your brandy.
PorcupineHit enemy ships with a spear 100 times.
Home of Dutch Merchant CompanySpyglass or interact with Oosten Capital.
DerbyIn total, deal 30000 of collision (ram) damage to other ships.
Home of Confederation of UngwanaSpyglass or interact with Jiwe.
Fiber CollectorHarvest fiber in 3 regions.
MagellanSail 1000000 meters.
Lunar EffectStare at the full moon for ten seconds while on land.
Skull and Bones all trophies listed out

Most of these achievements will be picked up naturally as you play the game, but you will have to go quite far out of your way to get all of them. Once again, Skull and Bones might get new trophies as it continues its life, so make sure you check back here for more updates.

That’s it for our Skull and Bones trophy guide. For more, make sure you read our guides covering how to get the Sambukhow to disembark, and our Skull and Bones guide, full of tips for surviving the high seas.

Skull and Bones – all achievements FAQs

Are there any secret achievements in Skull and Bones?

The PS5 version of the game lists Lunar Effect as a secret achievement.

Can you play Skull and Bones solo?

Yes, you can play the entirety of Skull and Bones by yourself as a single-player game.