Skull and Bones Relics of the Past – How to find the Sea People treasure

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Are you trying to complete the Relics of the Past mission in Skull and Bones? Do you want to know how to find the Sea People’s treasure? The relic of the Sea People left their relic behind when their camp was raided by the Far at Red Isle. All that is left is a map showing where it could be.

If you are out on the high seas, be sure to know how to level up in Skull and Bones so you can get Infamy quickly. You might also want to know how to save in Skull and Bones in case things go south. Here is how to complete the Relics of the Past contract in Skull and Bones and how to find the Sea People’s treasure.

Skull and Bones – Relics of the Past walkthrough

At the start of the Relics of the Past contract, you will get a map. Open your cargo and take a look at the map that the Sea People handed you.

A map embellished with the relic of a red cross, guiding seekers on the path to uncovering the sea people's treasure.
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This map shows that the treasure is located in Fort Louis on the Tenina Coast in the Red Isles region. You may not have discovered this area quite yet. That’s okay. From Sainte-Anne, head south to the tip of the island chain. Here, you can dock on the west side of the Tenina Coast.

Once you arrive in this area, disembark from your ship and go ashore. After hitting the shore, look to your left and go over to the little alcove. You will see a glowing spot once you get close enough.

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Walk over to the colored area and interact with it to dig up the item buried underneath. This will get you the Sea People Relic needed to complete the quest. From here, go back to Palisade Bay where you got the quest.

Fast Travel is Faster

You can quickly get back up to Palisade Bay by fast traveling to Sainte-Anne. Of course, this will cost you a bit of Silver so make sure you can pay the fee if you go this route.

All Relics of the Past Rewards

There are multiple rewards you will get for the completion of this contract. The follow items are handed to you after completion:

  • 480 Silver
  • Windswept Ship Cosmetic
  • First Aid Station Major Furniture
  • 2 Sea People Tokens
  • Boneforged Ship Cosmetic
  • Sea People Bottoms Case
  • 300 Infamy

That is everything you need to know to complete this contract. Be sure to also check out how to fish in Skull and Bones. You might also want to check out how to join and invite friends in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones Relics of the Past – FAQ

Where is the Sea People Relic in the Relics of the Past contract?

The Sea People Relic can be found buried in the ground at Fort Louis on the Tenina Coast.

Where does the map lead in the Relics of the Past contract in Skull and Bones?

The map leads you to the Tenina Coast at the southern tip of the Red Isle.

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