Skull and Bones map size – how big is the map?

Skull and Bones map size – how big is the map?
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Want to know the Skull and Bones map size? Ubisoft’s long-in-development pirating adventure is finally here, giving players a veritable ocean to explore and conquer. As most of the game is focused on ship fairing, space is one thing the game doesn’t lack as you’ll sail across treacherous waters, navigate tight channels, and take on mighty fleets.

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How big is the Skull and Bones map?

The Skull and Bones map size is 625 km2 at launch. That equates to roughly 240 sq mi. The map is centred on the Indian Ocean, specifically the area between the East Indies and the eastern coast of the African continent with what is an interpretation of the island of Madagascar at its centre.

The Skull and Bones map encompasses several regions or zones: Red Isle, Coast of Africa, Open Seas, and East Indies. Each has a distinctive style both in their environments and dominant factions, such as the Confederation of Ungwana, Sea People, and Dominion of Rempah. Each of these regions is peppered with settlements, merchants, guard towers, and other points of interest.

While over 600 km2 might leave those suffering from open-world fatigue feeling overwhelmed, it’s worth remembering that Skull and Bones is designed with multiplayer in mind, so is by default much larger than other Ubisoft games like those from the Assassin’s Creed series. 

The large map also helps instil a sense of exploration that’s crucial to the pirating experience it’s trying to portray and players will spend most of their time sailing across vast expanses of water to complete contracts.

Though there aren’t any known plans to expand the Skull and Bones map size, a large portion of it is currently inaccessible. The expectation is that Ubisoft will drip feed access as part of season updates in the months and years ahead.

That’s all there is to know about the Skull and Bones map size. We also have guides covering how to get Dragon’s Back, all the known Skull and Bones glitches, how to get Lime, and how to get Casting Sand, including a few easy farming spots.