Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired – how to remove

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Wondering about fixing the Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired bug? This mark is one that you don’t want to have. Unfortunately, when it expires, the game sometimes never stops telling you about it and that can be an annoyance. It has also caused a fair amount of confusion.

If you are sailing the perilous seas, you might also want to know how to save in Skull and Bones. You might also want to know how to invite and join friends in Skull and Bones. Let’s break down the Helm Death Mark and how you can get rid of the Death Mark expired notification in Skull and Bones until an official patch is released.

What is the Helm Death Mark in Skull and Bones?

The Helm is an organization that you will eventually join in Skull and Bones. Early on, you might get the death mark by performing actions that go against them. Getting hunted in Skull and Bones, which is on Amazon Luna, PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, means that you will be attacked on sight so be careful.

How to get rid of the Death Mark expired notification

There are a few options you can try to get rid of the Death Mark expired notification. These options include:

  1. Restarting the game
  2. Talk to a quest-giver
  3. Repeatedly press the space bar

Ubisoft hasn’t released a foolproof way to fix it every time, but you can try these methods during your gameplay. Let’s break down exactly why each of these options might work.

Stay safe at Sainte-Annes

You can stay safe from the Death Mark by just remaining at Sainte-Annes for its duration. Since the only combat is at sea, staying on land guarantees your safety.

Restart the game

Just like with most bugs, you can try restarting your game to see if it fixes the issue. Many have shared that it has stopped the notification so there is promise to it. Once you log back into the game, you should see that your notifications have been reset and that this expired one is gone. This should ease some frustration.

Talk to a quest-giver or vendor

A screen shot of a game with a woman standing in front of a sign displaying a death mark expired notification.
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Getting a quest has been shown to reset the notification and make the expired death mark notification disappear. You can’t just talk to any NPC. The NPC you talk to needs to be one that gives you a quest. If you have none nearby then you can try using the bounty board. Some have reported success using this method.

We have also found success in removing this notification by talking to a vendor. It only disappeared after we purchased an item from said vendor so we aren’t sure if that is connected. If there is something you want to purchase, now would be the time to do so. This vendor can be at an area like the Sunken Goldmine or any of the other outposts.

Pressing the space bar rapidly

This one is just for PC players. Some have reported that they have been able to rapidly press the space bar to get rid of the notification, making it a simple fix that you can do even if you are out on the ocean. Of course, the most common fix has been to simply restart the game.

That is everything you need to know about getting rid of this notification as a temporary fix while waiting for an official fix. Skull and Bones had an early access period and an open beta previously, so this is the full game. It’s just an annoying bug that has popped up after launch day, but there are workarounds until Ubisoft has a permanent fix so you can enjoy your strategic combat, naval warfare, and immersion into the high seas. Be sure to also check out how to complete the Relics of the Past contract in Skull and Bones. You can also check out how to change your appearance in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones Death Mark expired – FAQ

What is the Death Mark in Skull and Bones?

The Death Marks means that you are wanted by the Helm and will attacked on sight.

Does the Death Mark expired notification go away on its own?

No. It has been staying on screen and the only means of removing has been restarting the game, talking to a quest-giver, or rapidly pressing the space bar.

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