How to level up ship rank in Skull and Bones – raise ship rank fast

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Are you wondering how to raise ship level and rank in Skull and Bones? You may gain infamy as you progress through the game but that doesn’t make your ship stronger. Gathering blueprints and building a better vessel is the only way to survive on these harsh waters.

If you are working on your ship, you might also want to know if Skull and Bones has PvP multiplayer. You might also want to know where to find Dragon’s Back in Skull and Bones. There are plenty of upgrades for you to get your hands on. Here is how to raise ship level in Skull and Bones. Be sure to know how to get blueprints as well.

How to increase your ship level in Skull and Bones

To raise your ship’s level, you need to equip better cannons, armor, and furniture. This is done by going to a dock and accessing the ship menu. Once in the menu, select the manage ship option to start customizing it.

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You can equip multiple cannon types, armor, and furniture to increase the level of your ship. You can tell what your ship’s current rank is by looking at the meter in the bottom right corner of the screen. As you can tell, our ship is currently rank three.

When selecting new weapons and armor, you will see a green arrow on items that are better than what is currently equipped. Those that are weaker will have a red arrow. You can visit the blacksmith to craft new weapons and armor for your ship. You can also obtain new items by completing contracts and by defeating other ships.

Depending on the ship you have, your base rank can be up to rank 5. Ships like the Brigantine start at rank 5 because of the Hull Health and abilities. Be sure to unlock new ships as you progress through the game. Equip new weapons that you unlock to these ships to level them up quickly.

How to get blueprints in Skull and Bones

To unlock new weapons, you need to get blueprints. Of course, not all blueprints are unlocked right away and you will need to raise your infamy rank to unlock more of them.

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Blueprints can be bought from merchants and obtained from quests. If you want to unlock a new item but don’t have the blueprint required, select the item at the blacksmith and track it. This will reveal the location of the blueprint on the map for you to obtain.

Types of weapons

Not all weapons are the same. You can use close-range and long-range cannons on your ship. Having a mix of these is important so you can handle different situations. We recommend having short-range cannons on the side of your ship and long-range cannons on the bow.

That is everything you need to know about ranking up your ship. Be sure to also check out how to get bog iron in Skull and Bones. You might also want to know how to harvest Acacia in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones Ship Level – FAQ

What is the maximum ship rank in Skull and Bones?

Currently, the maximum ship level or rank is 11.

How many cannons can you have on your ship?

You can only have three weapons on your ship. One on each side and one in the front.

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