Skull and Bones disembark – How to leave and get off your ship

Skull and Bones disembark – How to leave and get off  your ship
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Need to know how to disembark from your ship in Skull and Bones? Taking on the high seas on your own pirate ship is all well and good until you need to get onto land.

Get off your ship and explore the islands for a change of pace. You might also be interested in knowing how many players you can have on your ship in Skull and Bones. Be sure to also know how to get rid of the Death Mark expired notification in Skull and Bones. There’s plenty to do in Skull and Bones but you need to know how to leave from your ship first.

How to disembark from your ship in Skull and Bones

To disembark from your ship, you need to steer your ship to a port and hold the S key. The game will show you when you’re able to disembark, by having the option pop up on the bottom of the screen.

You do need to hold the S key instead of just pressing it, different than how you embark on your ship. A small bar will appear around the icon for the S key, and you’ll need to hold it until it’s filled.

A ship in Skull and Bones with the disembark option
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Once you’ve disembarked from your ship, you’ll be free to run around and explore. Once you’ve had enough of the land, you can head back to the seas by pressing the F key at any embarking point, which can be found with the anchor icon.

You can also embark at any time by holding the Z key.

Where can you disembark in Skull and Bones?

You’re able to disembark at a variety of spots in Skull and Bones, notably pirate dens and ship ports. These areas that you need to visit for the main campaign, or are populated areas where you can pick up contracts.

Most of the game takes place on the open seas. You’re not able to do any combat while on land, and disembarking is mainly to advance the story. Here are the three types of locations you can disembark:

  • Shipwrecks
  • Outposts
  • Pirate Dens such as Sainte-Anne

The naval combat is the main part of the game, so there aren’t many places in the open world to dock and get off of your ship. Pirate Dens have the blacksmith and other vendors, while salvaging shipwrecks and other wrecks is a big part of the main gameplay.

Harvest the resources

There are many islands in Skull and Bones you won’t be able to disembark at. However, you can harvest resources from them while you’re still on your ship, so you don’t need to stop by.

That’s everything you need to know about disembarking in Skull and Bones, and where you can disembark. Be sure to check out whether Skull and Bones is crossplay and cross platform so you can know if you’re able to join pirate crews on other platforms. Skull and Bones’ World includes multiple consoles!

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Skull and Bones disembark FAQs

Can you disembark anywhere in Skull and Bones?

No, not every island will allow you to disembark in Skull and Bones. You need to watch for the disembark option to pop up on your screen to leave your ship and go on land.

How do you set sail after disembarking?

You can head back out on your ship by going to any set sail point and pressing the F key. You can also embark from anywhere by holding the Z key.