How to get Skull and Bones Sovereigns – best ways to get Sovereigns

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Are you wondering how to get Skull and Bones Sovereigns? What is the best way to farm this late-game currency? You’ll want to get your hands on these trinkets so you can prove that you are a true pirate kingpin.

If you are farming for currency, you should check out how to get Silver fast in Skull and Bones since you will need multiple types of currency in the game. You should also check out how to get the Sambuk in Skull and Bones. For now, we are talking treasure. Here is how to get Sovereigns in Skull and Bones.

How to get Sovereigns in Skull and Bones

To get Sovereigns in Skull and Bones, you first need to reach the Kingpin Infamy Rank and complete the Nose For Business contract. Kingpin is the final Infamy Rank so it may take you a while to reach it. Once you do, you’ll unlock this new currency.

Once you have completed the Nose for Business contract, your Kingpin empire will be set up. This is how you get this currency in Skull and Bones. Each week and season, you will compete to raise your tier in your empire. The more Pieces of Eight you obtain during this time, the more Sovereigns you will get when they are awarded.

Get started early

You can start the Helm contracts early by talking to the bartender in Sainte-Anne. She will teach you how to complete Black Market contracts and show you how to get Pieces of Eight. Getting started early will help you get a grasp on everything before you reach Kingpin rank.

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What are Sovereigns used for in Skull and Bones?

Sovereigns are used to purchase items in Skull and Bones. For instance, you can use this currency to purchase cosmetic items from the Vanity Atelier and to get black-market goods.

Some items can only be purchased with this currency so it is important to stock up on it. Some items are also easier to purchase using this currency as opposed to Silver or Pieces of Eight.

Best way to farm Sovereigns in Skull and Bones

The only way to truly farm Sovereigns is to farm the contracts and obtain Pieces of Eight. As this currency is awarded on a weekly and seasonal basis, you will want to get cozy with the helm and learn how it operates. The better you are at running black market contracts, the more Pieces of Eight you will get, leading to a bigger profit and more currency in your pockets.

You will want to strive to be at the top of the leaderboard as this currency is awarded based on what tier you reach and other players you have outperformed. Be as ruthless as a pirate as possible and take out your competition.

That is everything you need to know about getting Sovereigns in Skull and Bones. Be sure to also check out where to find Telok Penjarah in Skull and Bones. We also have a Skull and Bones trophy guide, the Skull and Bones Ruined Lighthouse location, and check out our Skull and Bones tips and tricks.

Skull and Bones Sovereigns – FAQ

When do you unlock Sovereigns in Skull and Bones?

You unlock this currency when you reach the Kingpin Infamy Rank.

Can you use Sovereigns in the Black Market in Skull and Bones?

Yes. You can use this currency to purchase items from the Black Market as well as cosmetic items from the Atelier.

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