How to use the Spear in Skull and Bones

How to use the Spear in Skull and Bones
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Wondering how to use the Spear in Skull and Bones? Mastering the art of the spear is a vital skill for keeping your crew’s stamina up when out on the high seas in the early game. It’s the first weapon you’ll get in Skull and Bones and is used to hunt fish, including the aggressive sharks you’ll encounter during the starting A Pirate’s Deal contract.

We’ll explain how to use the Spear in Skull and Bones. For more help in Skull and Bones, check out how to get and harvest Acacia, how to get the Crowbar, how to change appearance, how to find the Sea People treasure, how to get Dragon’s Back, and how to level up.

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Using the Spear in Skull and Bones

To use the Spear in Skull and Bones, set sail on the starter Dhow, find a shawl of fish or a shark, then aim (right mouse button on PC) at the fish, and press fire (left mouse button on PC). When aiming, line up the reticule with the fish at the centre – it will show yellow when you’re on target. Holding down the fire button before releasing will power up the spear shot, causing more damage than a standard throw.

After killing the fish, remember to approach and pick up your loot. Depending on what you speared, you’ll get different resources and materials. For example, looting a shark gives you Shark Meat and Shark Skin. Any normal kind of fish gives you Fish Meat, which you can cook into stamina-regenerating meals at a Cookery fire.

Note that the Spear is only available on the Dhow. If you aim using any other ship, you’ll be attacking with cannons, guns, culverin, and so on. These can, in very much the same way as the Spear, be used to hunt fish, and are, arguably, more effective, though they cost ammunition.

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