Skull and Bones – how to Plunder settlements successfully

Skull and Bones – how to Plunder settlements successfully
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As any self-respecting pirate legend in the making, you might want to know how to Plunder in Skull and Bones. Worry not, we’ve gone through it and can show you how to Plunder settlements successfully.

Plunder is part and parcel of the pirate lifestyle, so getting to grips with how you do this in Skull and Bone is crucial to the RP experience and a way to get some sweet swag.

For more Skull and Bones, read our guides covering the complete trophy list and where to find Dragon’s Back location. Now, this is how to Plunder in Skull and Bones.

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How to Plunder in Skull and Bones

To Plunder in Skull and Bones, you simply need to interact with a settlement and choose the Plunder option. When you Plunder a settlement, you will begin a protracted battle with the local guards and population. If you manage to survive, you will Plunder the settlement and be rewarded with resources, increased Infamy, and XP.

If you survive and wave of enemies and get four treasure chests, you will have completed the Plunder. There will be various rewards given to you based on the settlement you attacked.

You should bear in mind that you can only Plunder settlements that don’t allow you to dock. Another way to see if you can Plunder the area is if it doesn’t have a fast-travel point, you will be free to Plunder that place to your heart’s content.

As you near one of these settlements, you will be faced with the choice to ‘Interact’ or to ‘Plunder’. Naturally, choosing Plunder begins an assault on the place and you will have to take everyone out while grabbing as much stuff as possible.

Starting a Plunder in Skull and Bones
How to Plunder in Skull and Bones (Image by VideoGamer)

While Plundering, you will see a notification at the top of your screen saying ‘Kill all enemies!’. Under this, there will be icons of a boat and a tower, and you must destroy whichever one of these icons is glowing and has a number next to it. As you can see in my image above, the tower icon is glowing with a ‘2’ next to it, meaning I had to prioritise taking that out.

When partaking in a Plunder, you will be tasked with looting treasure chests in the water. These will appear after defeating the current wave of destroying ships or towers. Think of Plunders happening in stages, and these are essentially just waves of enemies you must beat. When you get the final chest, a message will appear saying your Plunder was successful.

Rewards of Plundering in Skull and Bones

Plundering will give you a ton of XP, resources, and Infamy as a reward for successfully pulling it off. However, these little side missions can be extremely tough and you will face several enemy ships at once. Due to this, you should start small with your Plundering so you can get the hang of it. If you die during the Plunder, you won’t get anything and you will have to try it again.

That’s it for how to Plunder in Skull and Bones. For more, read our guides covering check out how to disembark and how many players you can have per ship.

Skull and Bones Plunder FAQs

Can you Plunder the same settlement twice?

Yes, but you won’t be able to do it immediately. You will have to wait for a short period of time before you can Plunder the same settlement again.

Is there a downside to Plundering?

Kind of, since you can use settlements to trade or take on contracts. If you ransack the place, you’ll have to wait for it to come back before you can do that.