How to get Bog Iron in Skull and Bones – Best way to farm Bog Iron

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Are you wondering how to get Bog Iron in Skull and Bones? Bog Iron is one of the more basic materials you will need in the game and it is needed for early-game crafting. Of course, later items need it too so it is always good to have a large supply in case.

If you are looking to farm items, you might also want to know how to level up in Skull and Bones and get infamy quickly. You might also want to know where to find Dragon’s Back in Skull and Bones. This guide will show you how to get Bog Iron in Skull and Bones plus the most optimal farming route.

How to get Bog Iron in Skull and Bones

To get Bog Iron, you first need to get your hands on the pickaxe tool from the Carpenter in Sainte-Anne. For this item, you will need 2 torn sails and 1 broken plank. After this, you simply need to track down the iron and use your pickaxe to harvest it.

Bog Iron looks like shimmering rocks mixed in with the cliff edges of the islands. It can be easy to overlook so make sure you are scanning the cliffs for irregularities. On the map, this resource appears as brownish-red rocks and is typically found on the outer edges of islands. This is unlike copper which is typically found inland.

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Once you find some iron, interact with it and follow the prompt on the screen to harvest it. You will want to press the button when the pickaxe is in the green area of the bar. This will get you additional Bog Iron. At most, you will get around 14 iron per node.

Time your hits correctly

Each time you hit the green area during the harvesting minigame, you will get an additional two of the resources you are harvesting. Keep this in mind as you harvest materials. Don’t worry, you won’t be penalized for hitting the yellow area.

You can also get iron from sinking enemy ships out in the ocean. Of course, this isn’t as fruitful as farming the actual nodes on the islands. You can track this material by going to the codex and searching under the raw materials section.

Best way to farm Bog Iron in Skull and Bones – Optimal Farming Route

We have taken the liberty of drawing up a farming route that we believe is the most optimal. Next time you want to farm Bog Iron, start by going to the channel that leads to Rova Hill.

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Once you reach this area, follow the island to the south to the Noisy Be area. Follow the channel that goes next to Learnt Men’s Hill and swing east to hit the last node on the small island. You can get even more by sailing up to Sainte-Anne or by heading southeast to Ile Royale.

Even if you choose not to go to the extra islands, you will hit at least six iron nodes, netting you upwards of 80 iron. Not a bad haul at all.

That is everything you need to know about farming for iron. Be sure to also check out all the Skull and Bones Infamy Ranks. You can also check out how the PvP works in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones Bog Iron Farm – FAQ

What tool is required to obtain iron in Skull and Bones?

You need a pickaxe to get iron in Skull and Bones. You can get this tool by visiting the carpenter.

How much Bog Iron do you get per node in Skull and Bones?

If you hit the iron correctly, you will get around 10 iron but can get up to 14 if you hit the green areas during the harvesting process.

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