Skull and Bones Lime location – how to get Lime

Skull and Bones Lime location – how to get Lime
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Are you wondering how to get Lime in Skull and Bones? This specialized material isn’t the easiest to get. This is mainly because it is only found in a few areas so it takes a little while to farm.

If you are looking for materials, be sure to check out how to get Cobalt in Skull and Bones. You can also check out how to get Casting Sand in Skull and Bones. There are plenty more materials to find out in the ocean. Here is how to get Lime in Skull and Bones and the best farming method.

How to get Lime in Skull and Bones

Lime is a specialized material that is obtained as loot from destroying ships or bought from merchants. Most merchants have a limit as to how much of this material they can sell so the best method of obtaining it is to destroy enemy ships.

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All enemy ships that are carrying this item can be found around the Coast of Africa. This part of the map is to the west of the Red Isle. Be sure to upgrade your ship before heading out here since many of the ships are stronger.

Overwhelming force

We recommend destroying the ships out off the coast before heading to the trading routes that are more inland. There are a lot more ships inland and being unprepared for them will leave you stranded.

Best way to farm Lime in Skull and Bones

The best way to farm Lime is to destroy the ships around Ziwa Kubwa. This area has four trade routes in a small area. The ships on each of these routes will drop Lime, making it a great place to gather the material.

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Before heading into this area, be sure to come prepared. There is a nearby dock that you can go to to get cannonballs and repair kits should you require them after a little while of farming.

That is everything you need to know about getting Lime. Be sure to check out how to get Acacia in Skull and Bones. You might also want to know where to find Dragon’s Back in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones Lime farm – FAQ

What type of ships carry Lime in Skull and Bones?

The Kivuli are the main faction that carry this material. Watch out for their colors as you sail the ocean. They stand out with yellow ships and blue-ish sails.

What is Lime used for in Skull and Bones?

This material is used to craft weapons, armor, and ships. You will mostly need it to craft higher-quality ships like the Sloop.