Skull and Bones best weapons tier list and ship loadout

Skull and Bones best weapons tier list and ship loadout
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Are you looking for a Skull and Bones best weapons tier list? Do you want to know the best ship loadout for your vessel? Be sure to always have the strongest cannons equipped in Skull and Bones. After all, there are many threats out on the open seas.

If you want the strongest guns, be sure to also check out how to farm Silver in Skull and Bones. You will need some funding after all. You can also check out our Skull and Bones beginner’s guide so you know how to get started. Here is your Skull and Bones best weapons tier list so you know what loadout you should use.

Best ship weapons and cannons tier list in Skull and Bones

There are multiple cannon types to choose from in Skull and Bones. Each type has its own status effects, damage types, and ranges. Your experience with these weapons can differ based on what your preferred playstyle is. Based on our time in the game, this is how we would rank the different weapon types.

TierCannon type
S TierMortars, Bombards, Demi-Cannons
A TierSea Fire, Long Guns, Ballista
B TierRockets, Culverins, Torpedoes
C TierHunting Spears
Skull and Bones best weapons tier list

As you can see, harder-hitting weapons like the Mortars and Bombards are at the top followed by other weapons that can rock other ships easily. Let’s break down each of these weapon types and let you know why they fall into each category.

Crafting weapons and getting bluprints

You will need to go to the blacksmith to get weapons crafted in Skull and Bones. The blacksmith can only craft weapons that you have the blueprints for. You can get blueprints from merchants around the world. Visiting the blacksmith will give you hints to help you find the blueprints.

S-Tier: Mortars

Mortars are only able to be used by medium ships since they are auxiliary weapons. These weapons can fire at a long range as well as short range. Most Mortars will deal blast damage as well as flooding damage, slowing down ships and dealing massive explosive damage.

S-Tier: Bombards

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Bombards are similar to Mortars as they lob destructive shells. The main difference is that these can be equipped onto any ship type. Many Bombards deal piercing damage or explosive damage while some also deal fire damage. Fire Bombard III is especially good on ships like the Sambuk thanks to its ability to spread vast amounts of fire.

S-Tier: Demi-Cannons

Demi-cannons are for close range combat as they typically have a range of about 250m. Despite this, they are extremely powerful thanks to the spread damage. Once you start getting enhanced demi-cannons like the Zamazama, you will see how powerful these cannons area, especially thanks to the flooding and burning damage they often deal. These cannons also have the raider perk that increases the charge rate of the vulnerable effect by 50%

A-Tier: Sea Fire

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The Sea Fire weapon is purely for those who want to catch the world on fire. These weapons apply the Ablaze effect which rapidly drains the health of enemy ships. When put on a ship like the Sambuk Pyromaniac, you will catch everything on the high seas on fire. The DPS of these weapons can get a little wild when built correctly.

A-Tier: Long Guns

Long Guns are for those who want to hit enemies from a far distance before closing in. They can be very useful for getting a few shots off at a distance or for destroying towers around forts. The best of these weapons is Scurlock’s Long Nines. They come with the Mast Breaker perk which deals more damage after the Torn Sails effect is applied.

A-Tier: Ballista

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Ballista tend to have the second-longest range of all the weapons in the game. They are good for starting engagements and often deal tearing damage (most come with tearing II) which helps to break an enemy’s sails. The piercing damage of these weapons is great for those who are good at hitting weak points as well since it increases the damage by 75%.

B-Tier: Rockets

Rockets deal a lot of damage. These auxiliary weapons are great but they are only good if you manage to hit with them all. Unfortunately, hitting every rocket against an enemy ship is much easier said than done. An enemy ship moving slightly off course can ruin your shot, making you miss a large chunk of your attack. These weapons also have a long reload time, making them much less viable than other weapons. Don’t bother trading silver for these.

B-Tier: Torpedos

Similar to rockets, Torpedos are difficult to hit with. They require you to track an enemy’s movement in the heat of battle and line up a shot in the path they will be traveling. If you are off or the ship turns, you will ultimately miss your shot. You also need to judge the distance you shoot because Torpedos deal better damage after they get armed in water.

B-Tier: Culverins

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The Culverin is the basic cannon you will get at the beginning of the game. Yes, these cannons can be good if you get the enhanced ones but the slow reload puts them miles behind the demi-cannons in terms of DPS. New players will enjoy these weapons but shouldn’t stick with them for long.

C-Tier: Hunting Spears

The final weapon is the very first one you will get which is the hunting spears. We don’t need to tell you why these aren’t good in combat. They should only be used for hunting down animals for some skins and never used against another ship.

Those are all the weapons you can get in Skull and Bones. Be sure to also check out our best ship tier list in Skull and Bones. You can also check out the best way to get Sovereigns in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones best weapons tier list – FAQ

Why can’t I equip Mortars on my ship in Skull and Bones?

Mortars can only be equipped in the central weapon slot that medium ships have. You should upgrade your ship with these weapons when you can for more area-of-effect damage.

What is the strongest ship and weapon combination in Skull and Bones?

The strongest combination is probably a Bombard with burning combined with the Sambuk. This will give you unmatched fire-damage.