Where to find Dragon’s Back in Skull and Bones – Get the Bombard Bombs Blueprint

Where to find Dragon’s Back in Skull and Bones – Get the Bombard Bombs Blueprint
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Are you wondering where to find Dragon’s Back in Skull and Bones? This far-off island is one that you will need to spend a few minutes sailing to if you don’t have a nearby fast travel point. Of course, traveling here is a way to get treasure and the only way to get the Bombard Bombs Blueprint.

If you are searching for new islands, be sure to check out all the Skull and Bones Infamy Ranks. You might also know how to complete the Relics of the Past contract in Skull and Bones. There are many locations to discover in the game. Here is where to find Dragon’s Back in Skull and Bones.

Dragon’s Back location in Skull and Bones

Dragon’s Back is located to the northeast of the Red Isle past the Islands of the Moon region. When leaving Sainte-Anne, head to the northeast and go through the channel in the Giant’s Leap. This will lead to the other side of the Red Isle region where the Angaya Coast is.

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From there, continue northeast, avoiding islands in the process. You will come across a somewhat long island with a hook at the top. This is the largest island in the area and is home to the Dragon’s Back Outpost – a Fara camp with some good rewards and a decent vendor. You can dock in the north. Upon docking, you will get notified of treasure being in the area.

Where to find the treasure on Dragon’s Back in Skull and Bones

The treasure of Dragon’s Back can be found by finding the tree with the hourglass symbol. After spawning on the island, turn to the left and go past the cache. You will find the tree tucked away.

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When you get close enough to the treasure, an orange marker will appear to show you the exact location. Afterward, walk up to it and follow the prompt that appears on the screen to dig up the treasure. We ended up getting a fair amount of Silver, armor for our ship, a statue, and more. This pirate camp is worth exploring for additional vendors and cosmetic items. It has multiple points of interest.

How to get the Bombard Bomb Crate Blueprint

If you want to get the Bombard Bombs Blueprint, you will need to travel to Dragon’s Back. After this, talk to the merchant next to where you spawn when you disembark. This NPC is labeled as the Ungwana Merchant.

The merchant will sell you the Bombard Bombs Blueprint for 60 Silver. A fair trade for the ability to consistently craft this ammo type. You can also purchase the Fire Long Gun I blueprint from her which gives you an elemental weapon for your ship. You can also purchase Bombard Bomb Crates form this merchant.

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Skull and Bones Dragon’s Back – FAQ

Can you fast-travel to Dragon’s Back in Skull and Bones?

Yes. You can fast-travel back to this location after you have discovered it.

Are there missions available on Dragon’s Back in Skull and Bones?

Yes. The merchant near the dock will give you the We Seek Warriors contract.