Skull and Bones glitches – is there a money glitch?

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After Skull and Bones glitches? Skull and Bones is quite the grind. Especially in the early hours when you’re stuck with a slow moving ship that labours across the waves. Reaching destinations takes time, completing quests is long, and amassing a fortune worthy of a feared pirate is time consuming. With everything from fast travel to death respawning costing silver, any exploit or glitch that can speed things up can make the experience a little less tedious.

We’ll walk you through whether there are any Skull and Bones glitches. For more Skull and Bones help, check out how to get and harvest Acacia, how to get the Crowbar, how to use the spear, how to find the Sea People treasure, how to get Dragon’s Back, and how to get Casting Sand.

Is there a money glitch in Skull and Bones?

As it stands, there are no Skull and Bones glitches, nor is there any money glitch that would allow players to quickly earn silver. There’s currently no way to duplicate currency, resources, or gear.

Ubisoft has only just launched the game, so it’s likely that a large player base will mean more chances for budding pirates to uncover quirks and bugs that can be exploited. We expect something to pop up in the coming days. Given the scale of Skull and Bones’ open seas, there’s a good chance that there’s a buggy trade route or merchant to exploit for quick silver.

Now, we’re very much talking about what we’d call positive glitches that benefit the players. As for negative ones, Skull and Bones has its fair share of issues. Among them are the common Death Mark Expired notification bug, server connection issues, chat box connection problems, and a slew of crashes affecting players across PC and console.

That’s all there is to Skull and Bones glitches. We’ll update this page if we come across anything in the coming days. For more Skull and Bones guides, check out how many players per ship, how to disembark. We also have how to get Lime and how to get Cobalt, including the best farming spots.

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