How to start and complete Mentari of the Unbound in Skull and Bones

How to start and complete Mentari of the Unbound in Skull and Bones
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Wondering how to start and complete the Skull and Bones Mentari of the Unbound investigation? Tucked away in a corner of Telok Penjarah is a note describing the tale of a DMC spy by the name of Jacob de Roy on the run. Better yet, this investigation promises some meaty rewards so is well worth pursuing.

We’ll walk you through how to get the Mentari of the Unbound in Skull and Bones and how to complete the quest. For more help on your pirate journey, check out the Skull and Bones Bandari location, the Kaa Mangrove location, how to get and harvest Acacia, how to get the Sambuk ship, how to use the Spear, how to get the Ouroboros armor, how to get the Crowbar, and how to get Monstrous Tooth.

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How to unlock the Mentari of the Unbound in Skull and Bones

To unlock and start the Mentari of the Unbound in Skull and Bones, pick up the note on a desk under a red tent located just north of Admiral Rahma’s Residence in Telok Penjarah. You can access the area by heading either left or right from the residence and climbing up the short hill. The tent is the last one on the right.

Telok Penjarah is the second pirate Den in Skull and Bones. It’s located in the northeast of the map in the region of the same name in the East Indies region. It’s very much a late game area, so expect high level ships and aggressive privateers to cause you trouble. Crossing the open seas is a challenge in itself due to stormy weather and massive Rogue Waves that will damage your ship.

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How to complete Mentari of the Unbound

After picking up the note starting the investigation, head to Parujar’s Cry, an outpost located west of Telok Penjaraj at the southernmost tip of the northernmost island of Zamrud in the East Indies. It’s in the channel that separates Pemburu Islands from Zamrud with the Strait of Harimau to the east. Check the map above for the exact spot.

Disembark at Parujar’s Cry and take the right hand path directly in front of you towards a small camp with an extinguished campfire. Pick up the book on the small pile of cloth called Meutia’s Diary to get your next objective.

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You need to track down Jacob de Roy and his crew out at sea to the southeast of the outpost and just west of the Pemburu Islands. Sail to the spot marked on your map and take on the broadsider ship called the Zutphen. Defeating it gives you the Captain’s Log. Return to Telok Penjarah and talk to Admiral Rahma to complete the Mentari of the Unbound investigation.

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That’s all there is to the Mentari of the Unbound in Skull and Bones. We also have guides covering the Pulka Buta location, how to get Lime, how to get Dragon’s Back, the best ships, the best weapons, where to find the Elder’s Cave, and a Skull and Bones beginner’s guide full of handy tips and tricks to start your adventure off on the right foot.