How to get the Skull and Bones Sambuk ship – blueprint location

How to get the Skull and Bones Sambuk ship – blueprint location
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Want to know how to get the Skull and Bones Sambuk? If you fancy dishing a barrage of fiery death guaranteed to sink pretty much anything the high seas throws at you, then you’ll want to get your grubby hands on the mighty Sambuk. It’s arguably one of the best ships in Skull and Bones, mainly thanks to its high DPS and fire damage. But, getting the Sambuk takes some work and a major resource spend.

We’ll walk you through how to get the Sambuk in Skull and Bones. For more Skull and Bones help, how to use the spear, how to get and harvest Acacia, our Skull and Bones tips and tricks beginner’s guide, how to get the Crowbar, how to get Dragon’s Back, Skull and Bones glitches, and the Skull and Bones Bandari location.

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How to get the Sambuk blueprint in Skull and Bones

To get the Sambuk in Skull and Bones, you’ll need to have an Infamy rank of Cutthroat or higher and then purchase the ship blueprint from the Black Market for 5000 Pieces of Eight.

Cutthroat Infamy rank is the second highest in the game, trumped only by Kingpin, which makes the Sambuk very much a mid-to-late game ship option. You can gain higher Infamy by earning XP from Contracts, harvesting and gathering resources, crafting, and sinking ships throughout the Indian Ocean.

Once you hit Cutthroat, you’ll have the option to buy the Sambuk blueprint from The Helm’s Black Market, either from Yanita Nara, the manager at Le Pont Muet in Sainte-Anne, or from Pulka Buta, the manager at the Houma Nara in Telok Penjara. If you’ve yet to unlock the Black Market, follow and complete the quest like that starts with the A Covert Initiation contract and ends with the A Tight Ship contract. The quest line unlocks once you hit Infamy rank Brigand.

Pieces of Eight is a currency exclusive to the Black Market, mainly used to buy blueprints and cosmetics, such as the one for the Skull and Bones Sambuk ship. It’s earned for completing late-game Order Registry quests, which can be picked up at any of the Black Market spots. They typically involve ferrying certain goods to specific locations. Additionally, world events like Hostile Takeovers and legendary heists like Cutthroat Cargo Hunt also offer Pieces of Eight as rewards.

How to craft the Sambuk in Skull and Bones

To craft the Sambuk in Skull and Bones, visit the Shipwright in any of the pirate dens and select the ship from the ‘Craft a New Item’ menu. The recipe requires the following:

  • 12,000 Silver
  • x15 Greenheart Plank
  • x15 Magnetite Ingot
  • x12 Roselle Cloth
  • x4 Wood Tar
  • x4 Cogwheel

That’s all there is to how to get the Sambuk in Skull and Bones. We also have guides covering how to disembark, how to get Lime, how to get Casting Iron, where to find Elder’s Cave, how to get Cobalt in Skull and Bones, including some tips of the best farming spots.