Skull and Bones Silver farm – Best ways to get Silver

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Are you wondering how to get Silver fast in Skull and Bones? Are you looking for the best ways to farm Silver? We’ve got you covered. There are multiple ways to quickly get this currency so you can become one of the many rich pirates sailing the seven seas. Even new players can benefit from these silver farming methods.

If you are farming currency, be sure to also check out how to plunder settlements in Skull and Bones. You might also want to know how to get the Sambuk in Skull and Bones. Silver is used for just about everything in the game so you best get your hands on a boatload of it. Here is how to get Silver fast in Skull and Bones.

How to get Silver in Skull and Bones

There are multiple means of getting Silver in Skull and Bones. Here are the ways you can gather this currency:

  • Completing contracts
  • Destroying enemy ships
  • Plundering settlements and forts
  • Selling Commodities

There are many interactions you can have in the game that will end with you getting currency to spend on more gear, crafting items, blueprints, and more.

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Best ways to farm Silver in Skull and Bones

There are two easy ways to farm Silver in Skull and Bones. These are to destroy enemy ships along trade routes and sell the commodities. Let’s break down why these are the best methods of gathering this currency in the game.

Destroy enemy ships for Silver

Trade ships often carry a few hundred Silver on them. While you can get hundreds of Silver by completing contracts, you won’t get nearly as much as you will from destroying ships along trade routes. There are multiple trade routes around the map, target areas where there are a large number of them. This way, you can also gather materials and commodities.

When you attack trade routes, you will typically get hundreds of Silver per minute you are out there. The more of a ruckus you cause, the more ships will come looking for you. This will further increase the amount of the currency you will get. Just be sure to always have repair hits on you. We also suggest you avoid the open seas as this area can be more difficult to maneuver and attack other ships in.

Pay attention to your ship’s level

Your ship has a rank and so does every other ship. Be sure that you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Upgrade your ship and then head back out to farm if it isn’t strong enough. Losing all of your cargo out at sea will cost you more money than its worth.

Sell your commodities to the highest bidder

Sinking ships will get you plenty of currency but you will get more by selling off the commodities that you get from the ships you sink. Commodities are items that are worth a fair amount of coin and trade route ships are typically carrying a lot of them. Items like Uncut Diamonds, Uncut Garnets, Spices, Snuff, and Ivory are all considered high-value items.

Bring these items to the local commodities trader at Sainte-Anne or Telok Penjarah and you will be rolling in Silver. We typically get close to 10,000 Silver each time we make a run and sell off our goods.

Raid forts or plunder settlements

There are plenty of places out in the world of Skull and Bones and each one is ripe for plundering. Plundering these settlements and forts will get you a lot of Silver. The reason for this is that you will get materials and new items as rewards for plundering, but you will also get to destroy enemy ships, collecting commodities and Silver in the process.

That is everything you need to know about farming currency. Be sure to also check out where to find the manager at Pulka Buta in Skull and Bones. You can also check out our beginner’s guide to Skull and Bones so you can be the best pirate out on the sea.

Skull and Bones Silver farm – FAQ

What is Silver used for in Skull and Bones?

This currency is used to buy pretty much anything in Skull and Bones. You can use it to purchase clothing, blueprints, ammo, and more. It is also needed to craft items.

Where is the best place to farm trade ships in Skull and Bones?

You can easily farm trade ships around the Coast of Africa. With multiple trade routes running along the coast, it is easy to shoot down a large number of ships in a short amount of time.

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