How to get the Crowbar in Skull and Bones

How to get the Crowbar in Skull and Bones
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Want to know how to get the Crowbar in Skull and Bones? As you explore the Indian Ocean, you’ll come across shipwrecks and other lootable points of interest that require a Crowbar to salvage. Though Skull and Bones does a good job of hand-holding new players, figuring out how to get the tool can be a bit tricky.

We’ll explain how to get a Crowbar in Skull and Bones. For more help on your pirate journey, check out our other guides, including how to get and harvest Acacia, how to change appearance, how to find the Sea People treasure in the Relics of the Past contract, how to level up, and how to get the Dragon’s back.

Where to get the Crowbar in Skull and Bones

To get the Crowbar in Skull and Bones, you’ll need to take on and complete the game’s first contract, called A Pirate’s Deal. To start the quest, talk to the Pirate Chief Officer by disembarking on the island to the west marked by a question mark on your map. He’ll task you with retrieving Scurlock’s contraband from the cargo north of the Exeter wreck.

Once you’ve looted the Explosive Firearms and Opulent Rum from the water (watch out for the sharks – use a spear if needed), return to the Pirate Chief Officer on the island and submit the goods to complete the quest and get the Crowbar as a reward for your efforts.

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How to level up the Crowbar in Skull and Bones

To level up the Crowbar, you’ll need to craft Crowbar upgrades at the Carpenter in Sainte-Anne. Doing so requires having the right Crowbar blueprint, one for each upgrade level. Blueprints are rewarded for gaining Infamy ranks. Blueprints are given to you in a chests dropped off in your Mailbox when reaching a new rank.

Here’s what Crowbar upgrades are unlocked at each rank:

  • Rover – Crowbar II
  • Freebooter I – Crowbar III
  • Buccaneer I – Crowbar IV
  • Corsair I – Crowbar V

Each upgrade has a different recipe. The higher the level, the rarer and more exotic the requirements. For example, the Crowbar II, requires:

  • x1 Cast Iron Ingot
  • x1 Fine Jute
  • x1 Crowbar I
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How to use the Crowbar

To use the Crowbar in Skull and Bones, approach a salvage shipwreck, then click/tap when the Crowbar is over the green section of the metre. Do this for as many locks as the shipwreck has to access the loot inside. You can land on yellow, but the returns are lower so it’s best to always aim for green. You’ll need to miss both green and yellow portions three times to fail the mini-game.

That’s all there is to how to get the Crowbar in Skull and Bones. For more Skull and Bones guides, check out how to disembark, how many players per ship, how to raise ship level, and how to get Bog Iron in Skull and Bones and the best way to farm the material.