17 Skull and Bones tips and tricks – your beginner’s guide to the high seas

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Are you looking for a Skull and Bones Beginner’s Guide? Do you need some tips and tricks to help you master the seven seas in Ubisoft’s latest game? We have come up with some great advice for any would-be pirate who is looking to take on this sea-dog journey.

If you are a potential pirate, be sure to also check out how to raise ship level in Skull and Bones. You might also want to check out all the infamy ranks in Skull and Bones. Being a pirate is no easy feat. It takes hard work and dedication if you want to make it to the top. Here is your Skull and Bones beginner’s guide.

Skull and Bones tips and tricks

We have come up with seven tips and tricks that you can use to make your waters a bit more smooth. The following tips are all ones that we suggest and that we think will help you on your pirate journey.

Use your warehouse to your advantage

The warehouse is easy to overlook when you are in the early stages of the game. Make sure you use this tool to your advantage. You have 170 slots available in the warehouse so it takes a long time to fill up. Anytime you return to Saint-Anne or even stop at an island with a Cache, throw all of your valuables in the warehouse for use later on. After all, you don’t want to lose them if your ship happens to sink.

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Always look for a fight

While there are plenty of ships that won’t attack you on sight, you will eventually have to start looking over your shoulder. Get into the habit of bracing yourself when you see a ship. If you see a glint in its crow’s nest, get ready for a fight. This often means that whoever is on board that ship isn’t happy with you and you do not want to be taken by surprise.

The open seas

Later in the game, you will head out into the open seas. This is a treacherous place where many ships will attack you on sight. Be sure to prepare yourself before heading out here. There are more threats than you may realize.

Get a ship that matches your playstyle

There are three types of DPS ships; one for explosives, one for ramming, and one for elemental damage. Make sure you stick with a ship type that matches your playstyle. For us, we tend to stick with ships that can ram enemies because we like to play aggressively. Others may choose the Sambuk later on for its superior fire abilities.

Plunder everything

Plundering is a great way to get gear, rare items, and materials. Almost any settlement or fort can be plundered for items. Use this to your advantage and plunder as many areas as you can. This will help you stock up on materials and help you get more Silver in the long run, allowing you to get more loot and craft more weapons for your ship.

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Elemental damage is kind of OP

Speaking of weapons, there are different kinds you can equip to your ship and different ship types with unique bonuses. In our mid-game, we rocked the Firebrand ship which gave us a boost to fire damage and gave us a chance to set other ships ablaze. We quickly discovered that these elemental damage types like fire and flooding will quickly slow down enemy ships and drain their health, making them easier to destroy.

Always look for outposts

Outposts are safe havens for pirates out in the ocean and areas where you can walk around to stretch your sea legs. Each of these areas also counts as a fast travel point. Make sure you always stop to discover one of these locations on each journey you make. You never know when you will need to return to one of them for a mission.

Use your spyglass

Your spyglass is an important tool that you always want to utilize when sailing the high seas. Using this tool allows you to examine ships and ports to see what they offer. Any time you are searching for a new material and don’t want to hit the wrong area, examine it first with your spyglass so you don’t go in blind. You will be thanking yourself later.

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Hit the trading routes for extra Silver

Trade routes are a big part of the game. You will see them drawn all over the map. Make use of this and target areas where multiple trade routes intersect. This will help you get more materials, money, and items. After all, you will be dealing with a larger number of ships. If you can easily take them down, go for it. Remember, pillaging ships with valuables is always worth it.

Track blueprints with ease

Very early on you will realize that you need to keep upgrading your ship or you will go nowhere. The main way you will get new weapons and armor is to get blueprints from merchants around the map. You can easily track these blueprints by selecting the item you want from the blacksmith and selecting track. This will show you where items are on the map so you can easily go get them. You can do the same with materials.

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Always keep repair kits on deck

Repair kits are the main way you will be fixing up your ship. Yes, you can repair your ship at any of the ports but when you are out in the open ocean, you will need more than your sea legs to get you by. Always keep at least a few repair kits with you for when things get dicey which they most definitely will with this naval combat gameplay.

Gathering scraps for extra ammo

One of the most helpful tips is to always gather up metal scraps that you find at shipwrecks. This is one of the primary materials you will use and it is what you need to craft basic ammunition. Whenever you are running low on cannonballs, you will be happy you took the time to gather the extra scraps and torn sails from each ship you passed.

Always visit the carpenter

The carpenter is one of your best friends in Skull and Bones. This is because they upgrade your tools, allowing you to obtain new materials. Because of this, you should always make it a habit to return to them each time you rank up in infamy. They will typically have a new upgrade for you around that time.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help

One of the many features of Skull and Bones is the ability to send for help if you come across something a bit too difficult for you. This is very useful when plundering forts or going up against captains. Even when someone else joins you, you will get the reward and perhaps someone else to play with.

Hit the Helm early

Yes, that is Helm with a capital H. That is because the Helm is a black market organization that you can access pretty early on. Using this organized group to your advantage, you can run trade routes while exploring the world and completing contracts. This will get you Pieces of Eight and allow you to buy more items.

Raise your infamy quickly

Infamy is like your level in Skull and Bones. It dictates what you can do and what items you can buy. If you want to upgrade your ship fast and get more gear, you will want to rank up your infamy. Showing no mercy by attacking every ship you see, completing contracts, and running the spice trade will raise your infamy fast so you can get more gear quickly.

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Fill your sails with wind

The wind plays a big role in sailing. After all, you are working with sails and not a motorboat. In the lower corner, you will see the wind direction. Pay attention to this and try to sail in the direction of the wind. This will allow it to fill your sails and take you to maximum speed without expending stamina.

Hit the Pirate Bonfires

Pirate Bonesfires are sprinkled all over the world. Any time you dock, make it a point to go to the Pirate Bonfire if there is one. This will increase your stamina for around 20 to 30 minutes, allowing you to go at full speed longer and worry less about filling your sails with wind.

These are our tips and tricks from this Skull and Bones beginner’s guide. Be sure to check out other guides such as how to get Cobalt in Skull and Bones. You can also check out how to use the spear in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones beginner’s guide – FAQ

How do you get new ships in Skull and Bones?

You can get a new ship by visiting the Shipwright. New ships will require blueprints bought from merchants and a lot of materials.

What is the best way to get Silver in Skull and Bones?

One of the best ways to get Silver is to continuously battle ships. Many ships will drop hundreds of Silver when defeated. Plus, you can sell the items they drop.

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