All Skull and Bones Infamy Ranks, explained

All Skull and Bones Infamy Ranks, explained
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Are you looking for All Skull and Bones Infamy Ranks? Depending on your Infamy Rank, the world may be fairly closed off. Raise your infamy rank to unlock more of the world and become an even greater pirate.

If you are wondering about Infamy Ranks, you will also want to know how to level up in Skull and Bones. You may also want to know how to get rid of the Death Mark expired notification in Skull and Bones. Here are all the Skull and Bones Infamy Ranks explained so you know what to expect as you level up in Skull and Bones.

How infamy works in Skull and Bones

Infamy Ranks is a judgment of how nefarious of a pirate you are. As you progress through the ranks, you will unlock more in Skull and Bones. Items that you will unlock include new weapons, blueprints, armor, ship decor, contracts, and more.

Your Infamy is determined by your Infamy Points. As you complete contracts, destroy enemy ships, plunder towns, and craft items, you will gain points toward your current rank. Once you have enough points, you will rank up to the next rank on the list.

The more infamous you become, the more NPCs will become available. Not only will you unlock more items, but you will unlock more NPCs. You may even receive some mail to reward you for your escapades.

Skull and Bones Infamy Ranks

Currently, there are 10 Infamy Ranks in Skull and Bones. This could increase in the future as Ubisoft expands the game and adds more content. After all, there has been mention of more PvP content coming in the future. The following ranks are currently in Skull and Bones:

  1. Outcast
  2. Scoundrel
  3. Rover
  4. Freeboater
  5. Buccaneer
  6. Brigand
  7. Marauder
  8. Corsair
  9. Cutthroat
  10. Kingpin

As your rank increases, the number of points required to reach the next rank will also increase. Keep this in mind as you progress through the ranks so you can keep up with the points required.

Your ship also ranks up

Keep in mind that your ship also ranks up in Skull and Bones. As you add offensive and defensive attachments to your ship, it will get stronger. Keep upgrading your ship to make sure it can withstand the elements.

That is everything you need to know about infamy in Skull and Bones. Be sure to also check out how to complete the Relics of the Past contract in Skull and Bones. You can also check out how to change your appearance in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones Infamy – FAQ

How many Infamy Ranks are in Skull and Bones?

There are currently 10 ranks in Skull and Bones with a possibility of additional ranks being added in the future.

Does your ship match your rank in Skull and Bones?

No. Your ship ranks up separately from your character in Skull and Bones.