How to get Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones – defeat the Kuharibu Sea Monster

How to get Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones – defeat the Kuharibu Sea Monster
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Wondering how to get Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones? This rare currency is used to purchase cosmetics but is also needed as part of the recipe for several blueprints at the Lanitra outpost. As the name implies, you’ll have to deal with a large enemy to secure this material.

We’ll walk you through how to get Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones. For more Skull and Bones help, check out our Skull and Bones tips and tricks beginner’s guide, the Skull and Bones Bandari location, how to get and harvest Acacia, the Kaa Mangrove location, how to get the Crowbar, how to get the Sambuk shiphow to use the Spear, and the Bukit Candi location.

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Where to find Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones

To get Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones, you’ll need to defeat the Kuharibu Sea Monster as part of the From the Deep contract. The contract is available from the Sea People Huntmaster in Lanitra, an outpost located in the northwest of The Giant’s Leap region of the Red Isle, which is northwest of Sainte-Anne.

The Huntmaster will mark a location in the Western Basin to the northeast. It’s roughly 6000 meters from Lanitra and involves passing L’Escale to the east and the Ile Michel archipelago to the west. It’s worth disembarking at Ile Michel to unlock it as a fast travel point to make return trips to the Sea Monster easier when farming this material.

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Once you reach the From the Deep marker location, you’ll spot a large lime-green sea creature in the ocean. Defeating the beast is tough and you’ll want to have a decent ship with powerful guns – level 5 or above should do the trick. Taking it on with friends or other players helps here. Bring along plenty of repair kits, restoration kits, and food to replenish your stamina throughout the fight as well.

Upgrading your ship

You don’t want to go into the sea monster fight unprepared. We recommend unlocking a stronger ship such as the Padewakang or the Brigantine with higher hull HP. These powerful ships can handle the sea monster without too much trouble. Be sure to also unlock powerful weapons like the Bombard before going into this fight.

What do you get for defeating Kuharibu?

Once you kill the Sea Monster, you’ll receive the Kuharibu’s Eye, needed to complete the From the Deep quest. Alongside, you’ll get Monstrous Tooth, cosmetics, and Monstrous Flesh.

The Kuharibu respawns regularly, allowing you to make return trips to farm Monstrous Tooth as required, especially if you’re aiming for x50 Monstrous Tooth needed to craft the Ouroboros armor for your ship.

That covers how to get Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones. We also have guides covering how to get Lime, the Pulka Buta location, how to get Dragon’s Back, where to find the Elder’s Cave, and how to get Casting Sand, along with several farming spots to get you started.