FC 24 Early Access – Release date, start time, and how to play the game early

FC 24 Early Access – Release date, start time, and how to play the game early
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The FC 24 early access release date and start time is not far away. As we await the inaugural season of FC 24 after the end of FIFA as we know it, fans everywhere will be eager to get on the pitch as soon as possible. Getting in the game early comes with plenty of advantages and in-game perks, so make sure you aren’t missing out on the world’s game.

With the full FC 24 release date a week after early access begins, there is plenty of time to get ahead. This is especially true of FC 24 Ultimate Team. Accessing the new era of the game early means quicker access to packs, coins, evolutions, and ultimately one step closer to your dream XI. One way to play early is through the FC 24 Web App, but you won’t see any Ultimate Team matches there.

To make sure you aren’t missing out, find out the FC 24 early access release date and start time below.

FC 24 early access countdown clock

If you want a handy countdown clock to when you can start playing the EA FC 24 early access, we’ve got you covered.

When does FC 24 early access begin?

The EA Sports FC 24 early access release date is September 22. The FC 24 early access start time will be midnight local, the same as with the official release date. To see if you can download the game even earlier, check to see if the FC 24 New Zealand trick will work on your platform.

This early access period is one week earlier than official launch. The game will be available across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch on release day later in Sept. Anyone who plays the game before November 1 will also secure their FC Founder status.

How to play FC 24 early

There is still time to secure your spot in early access by buying the Ultimate Edition of the game. Use our FC 24 Pre-Order guide to help you decide which version of the game you want. If you have an EA Play subscription, you will also receive early access for FC 24 in the form of a 10-hour trial.

As well as early access, EA Play subscribers will gain in-game extras including monthly Ultimate Team Draft Tokens, seasonal FC 24 Clubs rewards, and seasonal FC 24 VOLTA apparel and coins, and a 10% discount when pre-ordering EA Sports FC 24 and when purchasing point packs.

Access to the game before launch is not the only benefit to players. Exclusive access to the new Ultimate Team FC 24 Nike MAD Ready promo is one of several in-game rewards. This is the first time male and female players could be part of the same event, so you don’t want to miss out on a historic moment.

Other bonuses include a FC Points, Nike kit, Nike Ultimate Team campaign loan player item, cover star loan player item, UEFA Champions League FUT Hero Ultimate Team Player Item, hire a 5-star coach in Manager Career mode, unlocked PlayStyles slot in Clubs, and additional player personality points.