FC 24 Best PlayStyles: Top PlayStyles for Ultimate Team ranked

FC 24 Best PlayStyles: Top PlayStyles for Ultimate Team ranked
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If you are trying to find out what the FC 24 best PlayStyles are, you have come to the right place. PlayStyles are a brand-new addition in this year’s game, designed to give greater personality to players on the pitch.

These look similar to the Traits that we have seen in previous games, reflecting a player’s signature style and approach to the game. As mentioned in our FC 24 review, PlayStyles have had a dramatic impact on the gameplay this season.

Find out everything you need to know about PlayStyles in EA FC 24 below, including which players have them and what the best ones are! 

What are FC 24 PlayStyles?

PlayStyles have replaced Traits in FC 24. They are the new mechanic that personalizes player performances in-game. With real-world data supplied by Opta, you will now have a more authentic experience with specific players than ever before. 

In addition to the FC 24 PlayStyles, there are PlayStyles+, which enhance signature abilities to a world-class standard, reflecting elite players’ abilities to reach a level few can match. As an example, think of Erling Haaland’s Power Shot. 

PlayStyles will be used across all game modes including FC 24 Ultimate Team and FC 24 Career Mode, and they are also a new way to personalize your player in FC 24 Clubs (formerly Pro Clubs). 

What are the best FC 24 PlayStyles?

With the game still relatively new to us all, finding the best FC 24 PlayStyles is a must. Fortunately, some of the more effective PlayStyles have been found. These in-game effects are noticeable compared to players who are missing them.

Best PlayStyles for defenders

  • Block
  • Aerial
  • Jockey

When defending, the Block PlayStyle has been excellent. Your player will put themselves in the right position and stop almost everything from going past them.

This is certainly one to look for in your defenders. Barcelona’s Ronald Araujo and PSG’s Presnel Kimpembe both have Block PlayStyle+.

Aerial is a PlayStyle that is incredibly effective at both ends of the pitch. Virgil van Dijk possesses this one, and he is a monster in the air.

The Aerial PlayStyle makes a player brilliant in the air. Combined with the Power Header style, and you can score easy goals from set-pieces and crosses.

For full backs, the Jockey style is one of the best defending playstyles to look out for. This style enables the defender to jockey at a higher speed, therefore keeping up with your opponent.

Reece James and Jules Kounde have the Jockey PlayStyle+. With the new technical dribbling mechanic, faster jockeying is a must.

Best PlayStyles for midfielders

  • Incisive Pass
  • Press Proven

In possession, the passing traits are fantastic. Our pick is the Incisive Pass style as it enables greater options to create chances.

Kevin De Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes, and Martin Odegaard all have the Incisive Pass PlayStyle+.

Press Proven is another style that is incredibly useful for defensive midfielders. The new Trailblazers Declan Rice card has this one, and he just doesn’t lose the ball.

Best PlayStyles for wingers

  • Rapid
  • Technical

Pace is always important in FIFA games. FC 24 is no different. The Rapid PlayStyle enables you to burst past defenders and leave them in the dust.

Ousmane Dembele, Rafael Leao, Fedrico Chiesa, and Lauren James are the only Gold players with this Rapid PlayStyle+.

Players with the Technical PlayStyle receive a boost, allowing them to use the technical dribble mechanic at a higher speed. The mechanic allows players to run at almost a sprint, but taking far more touches.

This increases reaction time and agility, making them much harder to tackle. It is no surprise that Lionel Messi is one of the Technical PlayStyles+ players.

Best PlayStyles for strikers

  • Finesse

As for shooting, the meta has taken shape. The Finesse PlayStyle is by far the most effective in this year’s game.

Antoine Griezmann has emerged as an early fan favourite this season, and his PlayStyle+ is the reason why.

As mentioned above, the Power Header style is effective too, but really its all about the finesse. Make sure you know how to finesse shot in FC 24.

All FC 24 PlayStyles explained

There are 34 PlayStyles in total, each with a PlayStyles+ upgrade, split into scoring, passing, ball control, defending, physical, and goalkeeping PlayStyles categories.

Listed below are all the PlayStyles, what sort of player has them, and how they affect gameplay. PlayStyle+ gameplay effects will be increased versions or the regular PlayStyle effect unless specified otherwise. 

The full FC 24 PlayStyles list is as follows: 

Ball Control 

PlayStyleEffectTop Players
First TouchA player who has accurate first touch control in difficult situations. Reduced error when trapping the ball, transitions to dribbling faster with greater controlAlexia Putellas, Riyad Mahrez
FlairA player who tries flamboyant moves (traps, passes, and shots). Improved accuracy on fancy passes and shots, performs Flair animations when contextually appropriatePaulo Dybala, Ella Toone
Press ProvenA player who keeps ball possession under physical pressure from the opponent. Keeps close control of the ball when jogging and can shield the ball from stronger opponentsKim Little, Jack Grealish
RapidA player who uses speed to knock the ball ahead of their opponent to beat them while dribbling. Reaches a higher sprint speed when dribbling and reduced error when sprinting or performing knock-onsOusmane Dembele, Rafael Leao
TechnicalA player who tries to beat an opponent using technical dribbling, without the use of skill moves or physical contact. Reaches a higher speed when performing Controlled Sprint and performs wide turns while dribbling with more precisionAitana Bonmati, Lionel Messi
TricksterA player who performs skill moves in 1v1 situations. Grants the ability to perform unique flick Skill Moves. With PlayStyle+ can also perform unique ground Skill Moves and is more agile when strafe dribblingCaroline Hansen, Neymar


PlayStyleEffectTop Players
AnticipateA player who is successful at gain possession on tackles with a low foul rate. Improved standing tackle success and grants the ability to stop the ball directly at their feet when performing a standing tackleMapi Leon, Wendie Renard
BlockA player who performs elastic and overreaching blocks. Increased reach when blocking and improved ability to perform a successful blockCasemiro, Ronald Araujo
BruiserA player who wins possession by physical imposition. Greater strength when performing physical tacklesRuben Dias, Lena Oberdorf
InterceptA player who performs interceptions and keeps ball possession. Increased reach and improved chances of retaining ball possession when interceptingMarquinhos, N’Golo Kante
JockeyA player who is successful in 1v1 situations. Increased max speed of Sprint Jockey and improved transition speed from jockey to sprintAshley Lawrence, Jules Kounde
Slide TackleA player who often performs slide tackles. Grants the ability to stop the ball directly at their feet when performing a slide tackle. PlayStyle+ also improves slide tackle coverageIrene Paredes, Matthijs de Ligt


PlayStyleEffectTop Players
Incisive PassA player who makes high speed ground passes. Passes travel faster along the ground without impacting trapping difficulty for the receiverKevin De Bruyne, Harry Kane
Long Ball PassA player who performs lobbed long passes. Lob and Lofted Through Passes are more accurate, travel faster, and more difficult to interceptPatri Guijarro, Joshua Kimmich
Pinged PassA player who makes defence splitting passes for teammates to run onto. Through Passes are more accurate, Swerve Passes have more curve, and Precision Passes travel fasterRose Lavelle, Georgia Stanway
Tiki TakaA player who makes first-time accurate and shot passes. Executes difficult first-time Ground Passes with accuracy, using backheels when contextually appropriate. Short distance Ground Passes are more accuratePedri, Julian Brandt
Whipped PassA player who makes high speed whipped crosses into the box. All crosses are more accurate, travel faster, and with more curve. With PlayStyle+, driven crosses have exceptional powerLauren Hemp, Kieran Trippier


PlayStyleEffectTop Players
AcrobatA player who performs acrobatic passes, clearances, and shots. Performs volleys with improved accuracy and has acrobatic volley animations. PlayStyle+ grants unique acrobatic volley animationsErling Haaland, Olivier Giroud
AerialA player who is proficient in winning offensive and defensive aerial battles. Performs higher jumps and has improved aerial physical presenceVirgil van Dijk, Antonio Rudiger
Long ThrowA player who throws the ball further than the average player. Performs throw-ins with increased power to gain distanceSveindis Jonsdottir, Luis Hernandez
Quick StepA player who has a quick burst of speed when accelerating on and off the ball. Accelerates faster during Explosive SprintKylian Mbappe, Vincius Junior
RelentlessA player who covers a greater area of the field compared to others in the same position. Reduces fatigue loss during play and increases fatigue recovery during half time. PlayStyle+ greatly reduces long term fatigue effects on attributes, reaction time, and defensive awarenessJude Bellingham, Andrew Robertson
TrivelaA player who passes, crosses, and shoots with the outside of the foot. Contextually triggers outside of the foot passes and shots. PlayStyle+ also reduces errors on outside the foot passesLuka Modric, Frenkie de Jong


PlayStyleEffectTop Players
Chip ShotA player who often tries to chip the goalkeeper. Performs chip shots faster with greater accuracyIago Aspas, Marco Reus
Dead BallA set piece specialist. Set pieces are delivered with increased speed, curve, and accuracy, and the ball trajectory preview line is longerJames Maddison, Dominik Szoboszlai
Finesse ShotA player who places the ball when shooting. Finesse shots are performed faster, with additional curve and greater accuracyKarim Benzema, Mohamed Salah
Power HeaderA player who powers headers toward the goal. Performs headers with increased power and accuracySam Kerr, Robert Lewandowski
Power ShotA player who takes powerful shots from outside the box. Performs power shots faster and with increased speedRodri, Cristiano Ronaldo


Note: Goalkeeper specific PlayStyles are limited for FC 24. Most of them have only regular AI behaviour. PlayStyle and PlayStyle+ buffs are limited to Be a Goalkeeper modes (Player Career and Clubs). 

Cross ClaimerGoalkeeper will try to intercept a cross if they can get to it slightly before the opponent. Be a Goalkeeper players have increased reflexes and reactions during opposing set pieces
Far ReachBe a Goalkeeper exclusive. Be a Goalkeeper players are more effective at saving shots from outside the box with increased reach and jumping
Far ThrowGoalkeeper can target players further away with thrown passes. Be a Goalkeeper players have increased reach and handling closer to the end of the match
FootworkGoalkeeper will perform saves with their feet more regularly. Be a Goalkeeper players have increased reactions and speed in 1-on-1 situations
Quick ReflexesBe a Goalkeeper exclusive. Be a Goalkeeper players have increased reflexes and reactions when saving inside the box
Rush OutGoalkeeper is more aggressive coming out of the box to gather over-the-top or long through balls. Be a Goalkeeper players will have increased speed when running

What are PlayStyles in FC 24?

PlayStyles have taken over from Traits in EA Sports FC 24 and are in-game abilities that give players unique capabilities based on real-world data from Opta.

What are PlayStyles+ in FC 24?

PlayStyles+ are improved versions of the regular PlayStyles. They have an increased effect on abilities and sometimes include additional capabilities.