FC 24 Worst Teams Ratings – Top 10 lowest ranked teams in the game

FC 24 Worst Teams Ratings – Top 10 lowest ranked teams in the game
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The FC 24 worst teams is not a list you want to be on. However, these teams can be used to really humiliate your friends. Beat your mates with one of these teams and you will have ultimate bragging rights.

If you’re after the FC 24 Clubs best builds, we’ve got a guide for that. And if you’re wondering how to find Regens in Career Mode in FC 24, we’ve got you covered there too. But for now, let’s take a look at who the worst teams in the game are.

FC 24 Worst Teams Ratings

Here are the FC 24 worst teams top 10:

UCDIrish Premier Division55545555
PunjabIndian Super League56605653
Drogheda UnitedIrish Premier Division57565857
NorthEast UnitedIndian Super League57576157
ChennaiyinIndian Super League57625754
Cork CityIrish Premier Division57585856
HyderabadIndian Super League58586056
JamshedpurIndian Super League58645855
East BengalIndian Super League59666058
Sligo RoversIrish Premier Division59615860
The 10 worst teams in EA FC 24 organised by Overall rating

These teams will be a challenge to use. As mentioned, challenging someone to a game using one of these teams will provide a stern test. Very little pace is on show, so staying compact and opting for damage limitation may be your best bet.

Away from Kick-Off mode or Online Friendlies, FC 24 Career Mode may be the game mode to take over one of these clubs. Taking these minnows to the top of world football will be a great challenge, so make the most of your youth academies.

In a new save, we would opt for one of the teams from the Irish Premier Division. Being based in Europe, domestic success will mean qualification for European competitions. Take your unlikely lads all the way to the Champions League final if you really want to test yourself.

UCD – 55 overall

If you are looking to start a new Career Mode save then UCD may be the team to go for. They are a young outfit, with their oldest player in FC 24 just 25 years old. This means lots of their squad has the potential to grow, so in a year or two they will be much stronger.

Punjab – 56 overall

Punjab possess four players with ratings of 60 OVR or higher. The squad is still struggling for pace though, so playing with them will be a challenge. Abhishek Singh is the pick of the youngsters. The 18 year old right back has the potential to break into the 70s in FC 24 Career Mode.

Drogheda United – 57 overall

Drogheda United are another team packed full of young players. Attacking midfielder Darragh Markey is the standout player, but keep an eye on the progress of 17 year old goalkeeper Andrew Wogan who has a 69 potential in FC 24 Career Mode.

That’s it for the worst teams in FC 24. If you’re looking to add some height to your FUT squad, our FC 24 tallest players guide will help you out. And if you’re chasing the FC 24 best loan signings for your Career Mode team, check out our picks.

FC 24 Worst Teams FAQs

What is the worst rated team in FC 24?

The worst rated team in FC 24 is Irish team UCD, with an Overall rating of just 55.

What are the worst leagues in FC 24?

The leagues with the worst teams in FC 24 are the Irish Premier Division and the Indian Super League.