Is Skull and Bones crossplay and cross platform? – how to play with friends on other consoles

Is Skull and Bones crossplay and cross platform? – how to play with friends on other consoles
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Do you need to know if Skull and Bones is crossplay and cross platform? Becoming a pirate and sailing across the seas is all a part of the experience in Skull and Bones, but can you sail with friends on other platforms?

With the Skull and Bones release date growing closer, it’s a great time to learn everything you can about Ubisoft’s pirate adventure. What platforms is the game being released on? What are the best graphic settings for Skull and Bones? Is the game crossplay and cross platform? If you’re wondering if Skull and Bones has crossplay and cross platform, we’re here to let you know.

Does Skull and Bones have crossplay?

Yes, Skull and Bones features full crossplay abilities. No matter what platform you’re playing on, friends from any console will be able to join you. Skull and Bones is being released on several platforms, including:

  • PC
  • PS5
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Amazon Luna

All versions of the game will feature crossplay capability.

How crossplay works in Skull and Bones

The way crossplay works is done by linking the game to your Ubisoft account and adding friends through there.

This means friends on different consoles will also need a Ubisoft account to link up with you. However, as soon as you are friends with them through Ubisoft, simply open up the Social tab and you can add them to your friends list.

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Once you’ve got your friends on your friends list, you can then open up the Social menu while in the game and invite your friends from your list. Any friends you have will appear in the menu, as long you’re Ubisoft friends.

Make sure it’s turned on

Make sure that whenever you want to play crossplay, the feature is switched on. You can check this under Settings, then the Accessibility tab. You’ll find the crossplay option there, and you can check the box to make sure it’s turned on.

Does Skull and Bones have cross platform?

Yes, Skull and Bones has cross platform capability to save your progress and transfer it to other platforms. If you decide to switch the platform you’re playing Skull and Bones on, you can bring all the progress you’ve made along with you.

This is also facilitated through your Ubisoft account. As long as you have a Ubisoft account, which you can create for free on the website, log into it in any version of the game. All progress you’ve made will be saved to it. When you decide to switch platforms, log into that Ubisoft account on the new platform, and your saves will be available for you.

Crossplay and cross platform are mostly standard for games nowadays, so it makes sense that the feature is available for Ubisoft’s new pirate adventure.

That’s everything you need to know about crossplay and cross platform features in Skull and Bones. Be sure to check out our game space for Skull and Bones so you don’t miss out on any updates for the game.

Skull and Bones crossplay FAQs

How does crossplay work in Skull and Bones?

To play with friends on other platforms using crossplay, you will need to link your Skull and Bones playthrough to your Ubisoft account. From there, add friends on other platforms through their Ubisoft accounts. You can then invite them to play with you.

How does cross platform work in Skull and Bones?

Just like crossplay, link your Skull and Bones playthrough to your Ubisoft account. When you switch platforms, log into that same account and your progress will follow you.