Destiny 2 Veil quest guide – Parting the Veil, Veil Containment, Unveiled, and what is the Veil

Destiny 2 Veil quest guide – Parting the Veil, Veil Containment, Unveiled, and what is the Veil
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Confused about the Destiny 2 Veil quest? Don’t worry, you’re likely not alone. Following criticism of the Lightfall campaign’s shortcomings in clarity and explanation, Bungie promised a new questline arriving in Season of The Deep that would answer the biggest question of all, what is the Veil?

As of now, this somewhat controversial questline has been ongoing, with new additions coming weekly. We’ll outline the Destiny 2 Veil quest, what it is, where to find it, and how to complete it. If you’re looking for more to do this season, like finishing up previous titles like the Destiny 2 Aquanaut title or getting your hands on all the recent seasonal exotics including Destiny 2 Centrifuse, Wicked Implement, and Ex Diris, we’ve got you covered on those fronts.

What is the Veil quest?

The Veil Containment quest in Destiny 2 is a weekly repeatable quest that reveals new information about Neomuna’s history and the Veil in the form of audio recordings. It becomes available after completing “Parting The Veil” following the end of the Lightfall campaign. There is a new recording each week. So far, they’ve all taken the form of personal logs from Chioma Esi, a character Destiny lore buffs will be familiar with. Alongside her wife, Maya Sundaresh, and the crew of a distant colony ship, these logs follow Maya’s experiences as the group narrowly survive the collapse, settle on Neptune, and discover the Veil.

Where can I find the Veil quest?

The Veil quest can be found at the Irkalla Complex on Neomuna. To go to the quest, open your planet directory and select Neptune, bringing up the map of Neomuna. Move your cursor down to the bottom left of the screen, scrolling the map to the corner in the image above. You’ll find a quest marker on the Irkalla Complex titled “Veil Containment”. It’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. Keep in mind that the quest is only available to owners of the Lightfall DLC, and won’t appear if you don’t own the expansion.

Destiny 2 Veil quest: The Veil Containment mission highlighted on the Neomuna map.

How to complete the Parting The Veil quest

Parting The Veil is the first instance of the missions relating to the Veil. It’s also the only one where you’ll need to put in a fight. To begin Parting The Veil, you’ll need to head to Nimbus at Strider’s Gate after you’ve completed the previous Lightfall campaign missions and epilogue quests. They’ll give you the mission, which will take you around Neomuna, and back to the Irkalla Complex. As this mission is nessecary to get your hands on the Destiny 2 Epochal Integration hand cannon, we’ve covered a full breakdown of this mission there. Once complete, you’ll gain access to the Veil Containment weekly quest.

Destiny 2 Veil quest: Nimbus sits outside Strider's Gate, looking out at Neomuna's skyline.

How to complete the Veil Containment quest

The Veil quest is frustratingly easy to complete. You won’t need to do any fighting here, aside from the precursor mission. After finishing Parting The Veil, you just need to click on the quest icon at the Irkalla Complex to travel there each week.

You’ll spawn into the central control and observation room overlooking the platform beneath the Veil. As you walk down the central corridor, you’ll find a lit up console. It’ll be on the front row of the upper level, to your right. Interact with this console and it’ll begin playing Chioma Esi’s personal recorded logs. And that’s it. Each week, you’ll return back, listen to the weekly log, and you’ll be done.

The quest has drawn some controversy for its basic and straightforward format. It remains to be seen if this formula will change at any time throughout the season. There’s also, of course, a lot of pressure riding on the revelations it delivers. Even if you’re not a fan of how Bungie has decided to handle this quest line, the logs themselves hold plenty of fascinating insight. You’ll learn about the history of Neomuna, Maya Sundaresh and Chioma Esi, and the nature of the Veil.

Destiny 2 Veil quest: The control and observation room in the Irkalla complex that looks out towards the Veil.

The Destiny 2 Veil quest story

At the time of writing, the Destiny 2 Veil quest has yet to conclude. From the log entries we’ve got so far though, we’ve already discovered a lot of interesting information. It’s possible we’ll see some of this have an impact on the future stories going forward.

The settlement of Neomuna

We begin with Chioma and her crew aboard a wayward colony ship orbiting Neptune. We find out that this took place as The Collapse was happening. Contact with the rest of the system is lost, the colony ship is alone. We’re offered a rare insight into the terror that the survivors felt as The Golden Age crumbled around them. As they land on the planet though, they discover an electromagnetic anomaly and name it the Veil.

In the days and weeks following their settlement on a surprisingly hospitable Neptune, Chioma and the Ishtar colonists and scientists come into contact with the Vex, and begin to discover more about the Veil. The Veil’s radiation slowly kills the Exos that accompanied them, erasing their minds and leaving them as blank shells. But that same paracausal power keeps the Vex partly at bay, preventing their time travel capabilities from affecting the small settlement the colonists slowly built up around the paracausal force. Over time, this settlement would grow into a complex, containing the Veil at its centre.

Destiny 2 Veil quest: The foreboding Irkalla Complex, where the Veil is contained.

Truths about the Exo’s

Following this, we learn new secrets about the Exos. These are the robots that have human minds uploaded to them. They were principally created through the use of radiolaria – Vex fluid filled with hive-mind microorganisms – and Clarity – a paracausal force derived from an artefact BrayTech discovered. Maya proposes that this artefact may have originally come from the Veil. That perhaps proximity to the origin source overloaded and erased the Exo colonists. Chioma and Maya then begin to hypothesise that writing data onto a Clarity-infused object could lead to the reverse – fabricating consciousness into being. It’s a thought that the former seems uncomfortable with. We get a hint here as well that perhaps, if such technology was indeed created, it was used in the creation of the Cloud Striders – Neomuna’s defenders.

Destiny 2 Veil quest: Exo's in various states of construction or disrepair on workbenches buried within the labs of BrayTech on Europa.

Secrets of the Cloud Strider’s origins

In the weeks after, we learn that the two scientists have begun looking into SIVA, nanomachines used for construction that operate on similar hive-mind principals to the Vex. With the use of SIVA, radiolaria, and the paracausal powers of the Veil, they begin work on a prototype to put their theories to the test, and potentially find a way to save themselves from the threats their fledgling colony is now faced with. Though there’s no confirmation yet, it seems that the Cloud Strider’s origins may be far darker than originally believed.

Destiny 2 Veil quest: The Hall of Heroes on Neomuna, where former Cloud Striders are laid to rest.

The Veil experiments grow darker

Next, we listened as the Veil experiments moved forward in an ever darker direction. To Chioma’s dismay, Maya and the other scientists continue to work on the prototype interface, attempting to create life from nothing. This results in the deaths of the research team, and an increasing unease at Maya’s callous lack of concern for their demises. The following week, Maya succeeds in a new run of the experiment, fabricating a consciousness back into existence with the power of the Veil and the interface. The result is the birth- or rebirth – of Lakshmi-2, who fans may remember as the former leader of the Future War Cult a few seasons prior to Lightfall.

The mystery of the Veil begins to unravel

Following this, the next log began to put the Veil itself into frame. We saw a seeming time-skip ahead by either weeks, months or years – long enough for a generation of children to be born in the colony. Chioma confides that they successfully conducted a new experiment, linking the minds of scientists to the Veil without the team dying. It’s here we get out first true answer to what the Veil is: A connected web of consciousness, perhaps spanning the entire universe. It’s similar to the Vex hive mind network, only paracausal in nature, so not constrained by traditional physics or logic. In spite of this progress and revelation, Chioma is dismayed, feeling that her wife as she knew her has long since vanished past the point of no return due to her obsession.

Destiny 2 Veil quest: An interface chair found in the Veil control room.

Chioma in dismay

In the log following we learn that Maya Sundaresh, Chioma’s wife, has died. Chioma’s dismay comes through in this log, the loss of her partner and the mystery of what Maya was doing before she was found dead in the Veil conductors seat looming. Despite Chioma’s grief, a thread of concern now lingers. With all we’ve learnt about the Veil so far, can we be so certain that Maya Sundaresh is truly dead? As confirmed by Osiris following the end of the log, three more recordings now remain.

The Warmind

The log following didn’t add a lot, but it did make one interesting revelation. Chioma Esi was still alive at the time of Warmind Rasputin’s discovery of Neomuna. She was the one who ordered Stargazer to travel off-world and erase all traces of the so called ‘Nefele Stronghold’ from Rasputin’s records. She also ordered Stargazer to take Lakshmi away with them, a resentment for the half-copy of Chioma’s late wife seemingly overtaking her grief. While this isn’t a lot of new information, it is interesting to learn that the scientist was still alive at the beginning of the Cloudstrider Program.

Destiny 2 Veil quest guide - Parting the Veil, Veil Containment, Unveiled, and what is the Veil: A Guardian approaches the Warmind complex on Mars.

Chioma seals off the Veil

The penultimate log doesn’t have a title, just an old, broken Chioma Esi. She laments much of what has come to pass, and tells us that she’s taken the decision to seal off the Veil, bury Neomuna’s origins, and hide the truth of how the colony survived. In her mind, the succeeding generations need not bear the burdens of the past. It’s a difficult and controversial decision, but one driven by pain and regret.

Chioma’s end

The final log entry sees Chioma reminiscing on all she’s lost. With Neomuna’s future now secured without her, and the Irkalla Complex sealed, she makes contact with the Vex, intending to let them take her away. Previously, the Vex ran simulations of her and Maya in an effort to learn more about them both. Tired and nearing her end, Chioma wishes for nothing more than to hear her lover’s voice as she chose to remember her one last time.

Destiny 2 Unveiled quest

Season of the Witch started off on some strong footing, but nestled among all the new activities and building hype for the Final Shape release date is a brand new Veil quest. This one sees us return to the Veil Containment for another log entry as Osiris’ Data Crawler discovers some major new details about the Veil’s history.

Osiris finds indications that the Veil and the Traveller are linked, and – before Light and Darkness were separate forces – may have even originated from the same place, and been part of the same entity. As he unlocks the Vex’s blueprints for the Black Heart – a failed copy of the Veil – he discovers the telemetry of the connection the Witness created when it linked the Veil and the Traveller. In doing so, we learn that the Witness’ destination was in fact the Pale Heart of the Traveller itself – inside the sphere.

Destiny 2 Veil quest guide: A Guardian listens to the Unveiled quest log.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish follow-up

Though many players might not yet have realised, there’s actually been another small update as of the first week of Season 23. In between all the shiny Season of the Wish weapons and anticipation for the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, another log from Osiris has concluded with some useful context to this season’s story.

Osiris revealed that he’s discovered more about the link between our Ghosts and the Witness’ link to them. When in the presence of a powerful Darkness field, the Witness can use that Darkness to interact with fields of Light, such as that emitted by our Ghost – essentially like two overlapping magnetic fields. It was due to the Ghost’s proximity to such a field – The Veil – that the Witness was able to manipulate our Ghost and use it to link to the Traveller. Crucially though, this also means such a link goes two ways, and in theory, we might not have to rely on Ahamkara Wish magic – it’s possible that our Ghost could recreate the link that established the portal. It also means one other important thing. Because the Witness is no longer in proximity to those overlapping fields, it hasn’t been able to monitor us since entering the portal, meaning it potentially knows nothing of our progress through the previous seasons.

What is the Veil?

After all of this, we still don’t have a crystal clear image of what the Veil is and what it does, but we certainly know a lot more than we did.

From the understanding we now have, the Veil is a paracausal entity, and likely the original paired darkness entity of the Traveler. While the Traveler wields command over the Light, which affects and draws on the physical world, the Veil functions in a similar capacity for the Darkness, which affects the metaphysical and draws on consciousness.

The Veil then can be thought of as a darkness entity – consciousness made manifest. Because of this, it can effectively act like a more powerful iteration of the Vex Hive Mind network, linking untold conscious minds across space and time.

That covers everything you’ll need to know about the Destiny 2 veil quest, including where and how to check out the story. We’ll be sure to update you on a weekly basis if the quest line continues further into the next season, as Unveiled has suggested. If you’re looking for other weekly updates, like the current Destiny 2 weekly Eververse store or the Destiny 2 weekly Nightfall Strike, we’ve got you covered with the latest guides. Or if you’re looking to take a break from the lore and focus on grinding through some gameplay, how about checking out our suggestions for the best Hunter exotics or best Warlock exotics you should be on the lookout for?

Where is the Veil quest in Destiny 2?

The weekly Veil quest can be found at the Irkalla Complex on Neomuna, in the bottom left of the map. It’s called “Veil Containment”.

Is there a reward for doing the Veil quest?

The main reward for the weekly Veil quest at the moment is lore, but there might be a reward when the quest line concludes.

Will there be more Veil quests?

There are apparently going to be more logs available in Season 22 of Destiny 2.