Destiny 2: How to create Orbs of Power

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Want to create Destiny 2 Orbs of Power? There’s a massive abundance of buffs, debuffs, and tools to help you survive and thrive in Bungie’s space-faring FPS game. Among the most useful of these tools are arguably Orbs of Power, little glowing light balls you can absorb just by stepping on. But how do you create them? And are some ways better than others?

Here, we’re going in-depth to explore the best ways to create Destiny 2 Orbs of Power, and maximise your orb generation. Orb creation focuses are among some of the best Hunter builds, best Warlock builds, and best Titan builds in the game, and pair exceptionally with many of the best Warlock exotics, best Titan exotics, and best Hunter exotics. So if you’re trying to make a new, potent build to carry you through the game’s top challenges like the weekly Nightfall Strikes, this is the guide for you.

What are Orbs of Power in Destiny 2?

For the unfamiliar, let’s first explain what exactly an Orb of Power is. In Destiny 2, Orbs of Power refer to small, luminous spheres that can be produced during combat from completing specific actions or during certain situations. When collected, one Orb will replenish three percent of your Super energy bar.

Through Aspects, Fragments, and Armor Mods, their utility can be further expanded to replenish health, temporarily boost stats, or speed up the cooldown on other abilities. This means that in high concentrations, Orbs of Power can facilitate rapid, continuous aggressive play, allowing players to quickly dispatch threats. Now, due to some nerfs not that long ago, Orbs have been hit pretty hard, with certain methods of generation now having a built-in ten second cooldown. This is certainly unfortunate, but not necessarily build-breaking. Our methods below still work, but might require a bit of finesse.

Did you know?

Leg Armor Mods, from Recuperation to Absolution, can expand the utility of Orbs of Power, allowing them to restore health or recharge other Guardian abilities when picked up.

How to create Orbs of Power in Destiny 2 – Our top 3 suggestions

Here are the top ways to create Orbs of Power quickly and effectively in Destiny 2.

  • Get kills with your Super.
  • Utilise Siphon mods.
  • Fit the subclass you’re using with Aspects or Fragments that can generate Orbs.

Let’s break down each of these methods in slightly clearer detail.

Destiny 2: How to create Orbs of Power: A player grapples in towards Orbs of Power on the floor.

Get kills with your super

This is the simplest and easiest method open to you, though it primarily benefits your teammates the most. By rapidly eliminating foes with your Super attacks, you’ll generate substantial numbers of Orbs of Power. You’ll be able to pick some of these up, but many more will spawn in your fireteam members’ instances. In a proficiently synchronized team, Guardians can link their Supers together by generating Orbs, which empower their comrades. Consequently, they can repeat the process of using the Super to dispatch adversaries and create Orbs, over and over again. It’s a difficult and flawed process, but a viable one nonetheless.

Destiny 2: How to create Orbs of Power: The Harmonic Siphon mod highlighted in-menu.

Use Siphon mods

Siphon mods can be utilised by Guardians to generate Orbs of Power, and they are equipped in the mod slots on Helmet armor. These mods come in several variations, allowing you to generate Orbs through eliminations with different damage types.

  • Harmonic Siphon: Whenever you deal a swift killing blow with a weapon that inflicts damage in line with your subclass, an Orb of Power will be generated.
  • Kinetic Siphon: When a kinetic weapon delivers a quick finishing blow, it generates an Orb of Power.
  • Void Siphon: When the Rapid Void weapon delivers the killing blow, it generates an Orb of Power.
  • Arc Siphon: An Orb of Power is created by the final blows of a Rapid Arc weapon.
  • Solar Siphon: An Orb of Power is created by the Rapid Solar weapon’s final blows.

You’ve also got one other armor mod, Reaper, which can be equipped on your class item. When you use a class ability with this mod equipped, your next special weapon final blow will create an Orb of Power. It’s a particularly great option for PvP engagements.

Keep in mind when slotting in these mods that your armor has limited capacity, with each piece supporting a maximum of 10 Energy, and mods taking up anywhere from one to four energy each. If you’ve not maxed out your armour’s capacity, make sure to pick up some Ascendant Shards and masterwork it.

Destiny 2: How to create Orbs of Power: A player's teammate generates an Orb of Power in an activity.

Fit your subclass with certain Fragments

Designing a build around a Destiny 2 class or subclass is a pretty in-depth affair, and that’s a fact likely to continue when we get a whole new subclass with the Final Shape release date. However, if you’re intent to build around orb generation, this is another good way to go about it. Certain Fragments you can insert into your build are designed for this specific purpose.

The Strand Thread of Wisdom for example will create an Orb of Power when defeating Suspended targets. Echo of Harvest for the Void subclass meanwhile generates Orbs when you defeat Weakened targets. You should be able to find at least one Fragment like this for each subclass. And as long as you know how to meditate, it shouldn’t be too difficult to unlock any of them.

How do you collect Orbs of Power?

As mentioned before, Orbs of Power can be utilised to fill up your Super meter by walking over them on the ground. However, if your meter is already full or if you are already using your super, you won’t be able to collect them.

That covers everything you should need to know about how to create Destiny 2 Orbs of Power, and what they do. If you’re struggling to get kills to boost your Orb generation rates, make sure you add some of the game’s best firearms to your arsenal. We can help you get exotic weapons like Quicksilver Storm, Wish-Keeper or Wicked Implement in no time, if you want. You might also want to catch up on the gameplay changes coming in Destiny 2 season 23 that could affect some of your favourite builds.

Destiny 2 Orbs of Power FAQ

Are Orbs of Power builds still good in Destiny 2?

The nerfs to Orbs of Power in Season of the Wish were a blow, but it’s still viable to play a build that revolves around creating orbs. However, it’s best to augment such a build with subclass buffs and status effects to help support the strain of Orb generation.

Can Orbs of Power be destroyed in Destiny 2?

It’s pretty difficult to outright destroy an Orb of Power, but they are on a time limit and will automatically de-spawn if not picked up after a certain amount of time has passed.