Destiny 2 class list – all classes and subclasses explained

Destiny 2 class list – all classes and subclasses explained
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Choosing which Destiny 2 classes and subclasses to play with can really shape your experience of the game. With three main classes, and five highly customisable subclasses for each, there’s a lot of ways to play in Bungie’s space-faring FPS. If you’re thinking of trying something different, new to the game or returning after a break, it might be difficult to decide where to start.

Here, we’re going to walk you through a full Destiny 2 classes and subclasses list, explaining a bit about each along the way. Once you’ve got the basics down though, there’s plenty more to do in order to create some of the best Hunter builds, best Warlock builds, and best Titan builds out there, particularly if you’re preparing to gear up for Destiny 2 Season 23 and the Final Shape release date.

All classes in Destiny 2

The three classes in Destiny 2 are the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. Each one has advantages, disadvantages, and specialisations that distinguish them during play. Let’s explore each one in a bit more detail.

Destiny 2


Arguably the most popular class in Destiny 2, the Hunter’s initial easiness to learn belies a relatively complex class in later game. Hunters are masterful survivalists, excelling in one-on-one combat and specialised support roles.

Hunters boast a superior mobility, aided by their Dodge class ability that serves them well in PvE and PvP. While they can’t tank damage very well, their arsenal of specialised abilities, including smoke bombs, invisibility, and more, allow them to disengage, reposition, and recover more easily than other classes.

They’re also great damage dealers. Some supers like Blade Barrage, especially if enhanced with the best Hunter exotics, can deal staggering damage to foes. Other supers like Mobius Quiver allow them to weaken targets, softening them up for a fireteam.

Consider trying out a Hunter if you like speed, high damage, and risk-reward playstyles, at the expense of team synergy and crowd control.

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Titans are the bulwark class in Destiny 2, effectively filling the role of a “Tank” class for the game. They boast excellent defence, with abilities like their class’ Barricade offering direct protection against incoming enemy fire. Especially since the introduction of the Banner of War Aspect, Titans are great at protecting a fireteam, allowing teammates to focus on damage and coordination.

Titans don’t naturally excel at damage or crowd control compared to the other classes, and are often seen as a bit more cumbersome. If you’re able to get your hands on some of the best Titan exotics, you can counteract some of these shortcomings.

Try out a Titan if you favour taking responsibility for fireteam cohesion, protecting your teammates, managing powerful combatants, and coordinating defence to keep the battle running smoothly.


Warlocks are the closest fit to a support class in Destiny 2, balancing exceptional crowd control with fireteam healing, among other things. They lack the natural resilience of Titans or the special survivability skills of Hunters, but make up for it with the Rift ability, which can boost damage or heal those stood within.

Warlocks have a variety of abilities and supers which, while fully capable of dealing with larger combatants, absolutely wash through smaller waves of enemies. With particularly game-changing supers like Well of Radiance which are often critical to difficult challenges like weekly Nightfall Strikes, Warlocks are well-suited to keep a fireteam cohesive and alive. That’s before even looking at the builds players can utilise with the best Warlock exotics equipped.

Pick a Warlock if you enjoy coordinating combat, supporting your fireteam through tough challenges while controlling the flow of a fight with powerful offensive and defensive options.

All subclasses in Destiny 2

Here’s a breakdown of all the subclasses for each class in Destiny 2. There are five per Hunter, Titan, and Warlock, so we’ve organised these into separate sections for each class to make things easier.

Hunter Subclasses

  • Gunslinger (Solar). Gunslingers are the trigger-happy subclass of Hunters. Boasting incredible damage thanks to their Golden Gun Super Ability, enemies often suffer heavy casualties once the revolver comes out. However, those who prefer using knives instead of guns can also opt for Blade Barrage, which is just as deadly as Golden Gun. This is a great PvP class.
  • Arcstrider (Arc). The Hunter Arcstrider uses increased mobility to glide across the field. This enables them to get up close and personal and deal devastating melee damage to enemy hordes. Additionally, the Arcstrider’s Super Ability gives players an Arc Staff that can be used not only for more melee combos, but also for deflecting projectiles, and inflicting crippling over time damage on bosses. Try this one out if you favour PvE.
  • Nightstalker (Void). Arguably the best subclass for solo players in Destiny 2, Hunter Nightstalker’s can turn invisible when dodging. This is one of the best survivability tools in a Hunter’s arsenal, and can even be given to allies. They also have a variety of skills that can weaken and debilitate the enemy, which set teams up for a damage phase or counterattack perfectly. This one is pretty good for both PvP and PvE.
  • Revenant (Stasis). The Revenant’s suite of skills mainly focuses on hindering and disabling enemy movement. Its Silence and Squall super ability is especially effective in this regard as using it not only freezes foes, but inflicts heavy damage on them as well. This one is deadly in PvP.
  • Threadrunner (Strand). Threadrunners are the latest Hunter subclass, introduced at the beginning of the Lightfall expansion. Their abilities allow them to wield a rope dart that they can then use to wreak havoc on the battlefield, giving Hunters a rare but potent chance to take on more of a crowd control role. Try this one out in PvE.

Titan Subclasses

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  • Sunbreaker (Solar). The Sunbreaker subclass is here to break apart hordes of enemies using the searing power of the sun. Wielding a mighty hammer that can either be thrown or smashed into enemies, this subclass showcases the offensive capabilities of Titans while still keeping its defensive proficiency intact, making for the perfect panic button in any unfavourable situation. Bring this one to PvE.
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  • Striker (Arc). Titan Strikers wield the power of lightning to quickly decimate waves of enemies. However, it also has unique Aspects, such as Juggernaut, that makes it a viable defensive class as well. This balance gives Titans better versatility in combat with few drawbacks. It remains a favourite within PvP for good reason.
  • Sentinel (Void). Those looking to play in a purely defensive manner should undoubtedly choose the Sentinel subclass. With super abilities and Aspects that can both protect and empower your fireteam in a variety of ways, the Titan Sentinel is extremely well-suited to fireteam and individual protection, sacrificing the speed and ferocity of combat for methodical but reliable strategy. This ones great for PvE.
  • Behemoth (Stasis). While in a dire need of some love after a number of nerfs the Behemoth subclass can still deliver a deadly punch, helping to manage large crowds of enemies in a time-effective manner. Decent in PvE.
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  • Berserker (Strand). The latest Titan subclass introduced during the Lightfall expansion, the Berserker can manipulate Strand to turn it into dangerous claws that can tear apart even the toughest of foes. The abilities of this subclass are extremely versatile, making for excellent single-target damage, crowd control, and enemy stuns and disables. Excellent in PvE.

Warlock Subclasses

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  • Dawnblade (Solar). Dawnblade is perhaps the most versatile subclass in the game. With one super that deals high damage at a fast and sustained pace and another that provides unparalleled fireteam support, it can perform well in almost any team structure, or in solo play. Dominates in PvE.
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  • Stormcaller (Arc). Wave clear is always an important attribute of any Destiny 2 subclass and the Warlock Stormcaller delivers just that. With the use of either its Stormtrance or Chaos Reach super abilities, it can send electrifying devastation through enemy ranks on a massive scale, putting it near the pinnacle of crowd control.
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  • Voidwalker (Void). Voidwalker is an excellent damage-oriented subclass. Its AOE super Nova Bomb can vaporise anything short of a boss in one hit. It can also inflict different debuffs on enemies through its Aspects while empowering the user, making it great for survivability and sustained chaos. A destructive force in both PvE and PvP.
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  • Shadebinder (Stasis). The Shadebinder subclass makes use of their Winter Wrath Super Ability to summon a Stasis staff that can freeze enemies and shatter them subsequently. Alongside a litany of grenades and great exotics, slowing and freezing foes with this subclass is child’s play. A fierce PvP option.
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  • Broodweaver (Strand). Finally, we have the latest inductee into the hall of Warlock subclasses – the Broodweaver. This subclass focuses on manipulating Strand to create projectiles that can home in on and deal devastating damage to enemies. Empowered further by a focus on Tangle generation and supported through easy-to-access buffs, this subclass is virtually unmatched in crowd control potential.

That covers all of the subclasses in the game so far. But which one, if any, can be considered the best?

Destiny 2 best class and subclass

No one class or subclass is truly superior in Destiny 2, because they all fill different roles. If you enjoy a more individual experience, we’d argue that the Hunter is the best. If you’re all about team support and cohesion, we’d advise you to try out the Warlock.

The same applies for subclasses, though in specific roles, there are perhaps a few standouts.

  • Crowd control – Broodweaver.
  • Raw defence – Sentinel Shield.
  • Fireteam support – Dawnbeaker.
  • Survivability – Nightstalker.

Every class and subclass has its place, so we’d encourage you to explore, and find what works for you.

That covers our Destiny 2 class and subclass list. To complete your new potent build, why not arm yourself with the best PvE weapons, best PvP weapons, and best exotic weapons to get ready for Final Shape? Or test it out in the daily Legend Lost Sector on a solo adventure?

How many classes are there in Destiny 2?

There are three classes in Destiny 2, Titan, Warlock, and Hunter.

How many subclasses are there in Destiny 2?

There are 15 subclasses in Destiny 2, one of each element for every class.