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Destiny 2 Class List – all classes and subclasses

Destiny 2
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There are three classes that players will be able to choose from once they begin their Destiny 2 journey. These include the agile Hunter, the towering Titan, and the versatile Warlock with each one having their own pros and cons.

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Because of their glaring differences, choosing which class to use can often be a daunting task for most beginners. Well, now you’ll no longer have to worry because we’re here to show you all of the classes and subclasses in the game as well as each of their unique characteristics. Read on to find out what they all are.

All classes in Destiny 2

Destiny 2
  • Hunter – the Hunter is arguably the most popular class in the game because it’s generally the easiest to learn and use. The primary job of this class is to deal as much damage as possible without dying, which is made easier thanks to their handy Dodge class ability. A particular subclass even grants Hunters the ability to go invisible – a skill that’s especially useful when you’re playing solo. Unfortunately, the damage that they deal is offset by the fact that they’re extremely squishy, so playing as one can frequently be punishing.
Destiny 2
  • Titan – the aptly named Titan can – and often is – considered the “Tank” class of Destiny 2. Boasting high survivability stats and a fitting Barricade class ability to boot, Tanks are invaluable members of any fireteam. This is mainly because they are the ones that take most of the punches while Hunters and Warlocks deal damage or provide healing from afar. However, don’t underestimate the power of Titans as their durability enables them to fight back even harder.
  • Warlock – last but certainly not least, we have the versatile Warlock class. Warlocks are the “mages” or spellcasters of Destiny 2 that can dish out significant damage while providing support to their teammates. Their Rift class ability enables them to create either a healing or empowering area, which are both incredibly useful during raids and dungeons.

All subclasses in Destiny 2

Hunter Subclasses

  • Gunslinger (Solar) – Gunslingers are the trigger-happy subclass of Hunters. Boasting incredible damage thanks to their Golden Gun Super Ability, enemies often suffer heavy casualties once the revolver comes out. However, those who prefer using knives instead of guns can also opt for Blade Barrage instead, which is just as deadly as Golden Gun.
  • Arcstrider (Arc) – the Hunter Arcstrider uses increased mobility to glide across the field. This enables them to get up close and personal and deal devastating melee damage to enemy hordes. Additionally, the Arcstrider’s Super Ability gives players an Arc Staff that can be used not only for more melee combos, but also for deflecting projectiles.
  • Nightstalker (Void) – arguably the best subclass for solo players in Destiny 2, Hunter Nightstalker’s have the ability of turning invisible when dodging. This is incredibly useful if enemy aggro has turned on you or if you simply want to get out of a sticky situation. They also have a variety of skills that can weaken and debilitate the enemy, which can give you and your team even more of an advantage.
  • Revenant (Stasis) – the Revenant’s suite of skills mainly focuses on hindering and disabling enemy movement. Its Silence and Squall Super Ability is especially effective in this regard as using it not only freezes foes, but inflicts heavy damage on them as well.
  • Threadrunner (Strand) – Threadrunners are the latest Hunter subclass that was introduced at the beginning of the Lightfall expansion. Their abilities allow them to wield a rope dart that they can then use to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Titan Subclasses

Destiny 2
  • Sunbreaker (Solar) – the Sunbreaker subclass is here to break apart hordes of enemies using the searing power of the sun. Wielding a mighty hammer that can either be thrown or smashed into enemies, this subclass showcases the offensive capabilities of Titans while still keeping its defensive proficiency intact.
Destiny 2
  • Striker (Arc) – Titan Strikers wield the power of lightning to quickly decimate waves of enemies. However, it also has unique Aspects, such as Juggernaut, that makes it a viable defensive class as well.
  • Sentinel (Void) – those looking to play in a purely defensive manner should undoubtedly choose the Sentinel subclass. With Super Abilities and Aspects that can both protect and empower your fireteam in a variety of ways, the Titan Sentinel can single-handedly save your squad from the brink of defeat.
  • Behemoth (Stasis) – staying true to its namesake, the Behemoth is a giant once deployed on the battlefield as it can decimate enemies with its multiple uses of Stasis crystals.
Destiny 2
  • Berserker (Strand) – the latest Titan subclass introduced during the Lightfall expansion, the Berserker can manipulate Strand to turn it into dangerous claws that can tear apart even the toughest of foes. Their abilities are extremely useful not only for defensive purposes, but also for disabling enemies and dealing decent damage.

Warlock Subclasses

Destiny 2
  • Dawnblade (Solar) – the Warlock subclass that can arguably deal the highest amount of damage, Dawnblade allows players to wield a flaming sword through the Daybreak Super Ability. However, they can also provide support through their other Super Ability called the Well of Radiance.
Destiny 2
  • Stormcaller (Arc) – wave clear is always an important attribute of any Destiny 2 subclass and the Warlock Stormcaller delivers just that. With the use of either its Stormtrance or Chaos Reach Super Abilities, it can send electrifying devastation through enemy ranks no matter how many they are.
Destiny 2
  • Voidwalker (Void) – considered by many to be the best Warlock subclass, the Voidwalker deals absurd amounts of damage through AOE damage-based Super Abilities. It can also inflict different debuffs on enemies through its Aspects, which makes this subclass incredibly useful.
Destiny 2
  • Shadebinder (Stasis) – watch out Hunter Arcstrider because it’s the Warlock’s time to summon a staff! The Shadebinder subclass makes use of their Winter Wrath Super Ability to summon a Stasis staff that can freeze enemies and shatter them subsequently. Slowing and freezing foes can be made even easier through their Iceflare Bolts and Bleak Watcher aspects.
Destiny 2
  • Broodweaver (Strand) – finally, we have the latest inductee into the hall of Warlock subclasses – the Broodweaver. This subclass focuses on manipulating Strand to create projectiles that can home in on and deal devastating damage to enemies.

These are all of the classes and subclasses that have been introduced to Destiny 2 so far. It’s currently unclear whether more will be added in the future since the next expansion is allegedly the last one for The Light and Darkness Saga. With plenty to choose from, however, we’re sure that there will be a subclass that will fit your play style, no matter what it is.

Which Destiny 2 class is best?

It largely depends on what your play style and preferences are. Most players believe that the Hunter class is the best in the game since its the easiest to learn and is also often the highest damage dealer among the three. However, the Warlock and Titan are no slouches themselves and these classes are integral in keeping a fireteam functioning.


The Warlock can support the squad with its consistent healing while providing additional damage from the back. Titans, on the other hand, are often the unsung heroes as they usually tank the front lines and soak up the most damage. With the right build, though, both of these types can deal significant damage and even potentially solo a mission or a dungeon themselves.