Destiny 2 best ways to level up weapons

Destiny 2 best ways to level up weapons
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Trying to level up Destiny 2 crafted weapons? Crafted weapons have proven to be a massively popular feature in Bungie’s space-faring FPS ever since the system’s introduction with the Witch Queen expansion. But if you want to get those crafted weapons to their zenith, you’ll first need to unlock new perks to reshape onto them.

So what is the best way to level up Destiny 2 crafted weapons? That’s what we’re going to cover here. Crafted weaponry might not be enough by itself to kit yourself out before the Final Shape release date though. If you want to know our picks for the best PvE weapons, best PvP weapons, or best exotic weapons in the game, check out our dedicated guides for those.

Best way to level up weapons in Destiny 2

The best way to level up crafted weapons in Destiny 2 is to farm kills for weapon XP. Here are the top crafted weapon farming spots to try out. Keep in mind that there’s a significant overlap here with our guide on the best places to farm kills for catalyst XP, so be sure to check out that guide for a few more suggestions if you don’t find any of the spots below to be working for you.

Destiny 2 best ways to level up weapons: The main weapon shaping menu screen, highlighted on Primary Weapons.

Grasp of Avarice Dungeon, Cosmodrome

If you’ve picked up the 30th Anniversary pack, you’ll have access to this dungeon that takes place within the Loot Cave from Destiny 1. It’s relatively easy, and not too hard to complete solo if you equip the best Hunter builds, best Titan builds, or best Warlock builds to your loadout. However, whether or not you choose to run the whole thing, the opening moments actually serve as the perfect stage for some easy kill farming.

What you’re supposed to do is defeat enemies and deposit the Cursed Engrams they drop into the cave to open up the path forward. If you don’t deposit these however, the enemies just keep spawning. It’s worth noting that the XP you get from these enemies after a while will only be worth half as much as the initial enemies, but given the low effort nature, repeatability, and ease of access, it remains an excellent choice regardless.

Shuro Chi encounter, Dreaming City

The Shuro Chi encounter is a boss battle that’s featured in the Forsaken expansion’s Last Wish Raid. This is universally considered to be one of the best ways to farm weapon XP because of the constant stream of enemies that spawn. Getting to the encounter can be a challenge, as you’ll typically need at least a partial fireteam to get past the first encounter with Kalli, The Corrupted.

When you reach the second encounter and begin running it, deliberately wipe the fireteam before completion. With this done, as long as you are fireteam leader, you’ll now have a raid checkpoint at the start of the encounter saved. This checkpoint will then last until the weekly reset. You’ll be able to return to the raid checkpoint at any point until then to farm kills as needed.

Destiny 2 best ways to level up weapons: A Guardian blows a Hive Knight to pieces with a point-blank blast from a crafted shotgun.

Dares of Eternity Playlist

The Dares of Eternity playlist is available for all players and does not require a specific Destiny 2 campaign to access. Since its a free-for-all, some of the other kills will naturally be taken by other Guardians. However the high enemy counts, short activity duration, and potential to run with friends makes it a reasonably easy way to farm kills, whether or not you own any expansion content.

That covers the best ways to level up Destiny 2 crafted weapons. If you’re finding weapon crafting a drag and just want to pick up some great exotics to use, we can help you out. Whether you’re looking for a powerful scout rifle like Wicked Implement, a deadly auto rifle like Quicksilver Storm, or a seasonal weapon like Ex Diris, we’ve got you covered.

Are crafted weapons in Destiny 2 good?

Crafted weapons can be some of the best in the game, as players can ultimately choose and change the perks on the weapon to match current metas or serve particular roles more effectively.

Is levelling weapons in Destiny 2 difficult?

Levelling weapons in Destiny 2 can be a tedious process, but if you simply use the weapon in your day-to-day in-game activities, it becomes a smoother process.