Destiny 2: How to get the Revision Zero exotic and catalyst

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Want Destiny 2 Revision Zero? The arsenal of weapons featured in Bungie Studios’ space-faring FPS game has steadily grown since the title’s launch. This includes a litany of exotic weapons, some have which are more popular than others.

Among the fan favourites is the Destiny 2 Revision Zero pulse rifle. So here, we’ll walk you through how to get it, as well as explain a little more about the weapon itself. If you’re looking to collect other exotic weapons like Wicked Implement, Quicksilver Storm or Ex Diris before the Final Shape release date, we’ve got you covered.

How to Get Revision Zero

To get the Destiny 2 Revision Zero exotic, you’ll need to complete the Operation Seraph Shield exotic mission when it’s in the weekly exotic mission rotation pool. Click on the Legends destination from the main Destinations map menu to find the current week’s exotic mission. One full run through of this mission will reward you the pulse rifle.

While it was previously necessary in Season 19 to complete a quest, The Hidden Shape, for a craftable version of the exotic weapon, finishing Operation Shield Seraph now automatically gives you the weapon pattern so that you can craft a new version as you please.

How to get the Revision Zero catalyst

To pick up the catalyst, run Operation Seraph Shield on Legend Difficulty. On completion, you’ll get the catalyst. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have picked up Revision Zero in a previous run first.

The catalyst is interesting, as it can add one of four perks onto the weapon. When equipped, you can select Fourth Time’s The Charm, Frenzy, Pressurized, or Outlaw.

What is Revision Zero?

Revision Zero is an exotic kinetic Pulse Rifle that was introduced in Season of the Seraph. It’s unique catalyst structure and craftable nature give it an immense amount of versatility compared to many other exotic weapons.

The weapon is fitted with an intrinsic trait called Hunter’s Trace. This allows the weapon to fire shield-piercing rounds, which accumulate targeting data from repeated precision hits. By swapping to the alternate scope, the weapon will load high-damage rounds based on the amount of targeting data acquired. The gun can also passively penetrate Barrier Champion shields.

Did you know?

During Season of the Seraph, Revision Zero was the only weapon that could destroy the security drones that are located in Operation: Seraph Shield. Destroying them unlocked a secret door for players to access.

That covers how to unlock the Destiny 2 Revision Zero exotic pulse rifle. If you’ve not had your fill of exotics yet, why not take a look at the best ways to get exotics in-game? Alternatively, we’ve got rankings of the best Hunter exotics, best Warlock exotics, and best Titan exotics for you to get stuck into.

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