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Destiny 2: How to Get Revision Zero

Destiny 2
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The arsenal of weapons featured in Destiny 2 has steadily grown since the FPS title first came out. Some have been well received by players, while others were disliked upon arrival, which led to most of them being eventually removed from the game.

However, one weapon that can be considered a fan favorite is the Revision Zero, which is an exotic Pulse Rifle. The biggest reason players like this weapon so much is because of how many customization options it offers those players.

We’ll be telling you exactly what you can expect when you get your hands on this gun, as well as how to add it to your collection.

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What is Revision Zero in Destiny 2?

As mentioned above, Revision Zero is an Exotic kinetic Pulse Rifle that was introduced in Season of the Seraph. The thing that makes this weapon so special and unique is that after unlocking it, players have the option to complete further quests in order to unlock one of the four available catalysts for this gun.

This kinetic weapon accumulates targeting data from repeated critical hits, which can be converted into a massive amount of bonus damage for a short time, something that no other weapon has the ability to do.

Additionally, Revision Zero is the only weapon that can destroy the security drones that are located in Operation: Seraph Shield. Destroying them unlocks a secret door for players to access.

How to Get Revision Zero

Now that you know how important Revision Zero is, how do you get it? Well, the Revision Zero was an Exotic weapon that was awarded to players for completing a specific quest in Season 19.

To be more specific, players had to complete Operation Seraph Shield’s exotic mission, which could be unlocked by simply progressing in the season’s More than a Weapon quest line. One thing to keep in mind is that this mission is rather difficult and lengthy, mostly because of the fact that it’s full of puzzles and difficult enemies.

Regardless of whether you completed the mission solo or with a couple of friends, not only would completing this quest reward players with their first Revision Zero, but it also unlocked the exotic quest The Hidden Shape.

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The Hidden Shape

Now, you might be wondering why we’re talking about this extra exotic quest when we already explained how to unlock Revision Zero, right? Well, the primary goal of The Hidden Shape is to make it so players are able to craft Revision Zero freely.

By the end of The Hidden Shape, players would craft a completely new Revision Zero that they would then be able to use as they wished. Four extra quests would also be unlocked, with all of them unlocking one of the four catalysts available for this weapon.

This was how to unlock Revision Zero. As mentioned above, since the gun was exclusive to Destiny 2’s Season 19, it might be a little tricky to unlock it now, but Destiny 2 frequently gives players the opportunity to unlock exotics of previous seasons.

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