How to get Centrifuse in Destiny 2

How to get Centrifuse in Destiny 2
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Wondering how to get Destiny 2 Centrifuse with the Season of the Deep now behind us? This exotic arc auto rifle is an excellent piece of gear that players would be remiss not to pick up.

While all exotics (barring D.A.R.C.I) are highly coveted pieces of equipment, they’re also usually the most challenging pieces of gear to acquire. And now that it can no longer be picked up from the Season of The Deep season pass, how are you meant to get your hands on Centrifuse?

Here, we’ll go over all the details about this exotic auto rifle, and explain how to get Destiny 2 Centrifuse to help complete your best Titan builds, best Warlock builds, and best Hunter builds before the Final Shape release date.

How to obtain Centrifuse in Destiny 2

Players can purchase Centrifuse from the Monument to Lost Lights for the following materials costs.

  • 1 Exotic Cipher
  • 1 Ascendant Shard
  • 100,000 Glimmer
  • 200 Legendary Shards

The Monument to Lost Lights is found at the Tower. Head over to the vault terminals, and you’ll find it in between them. For Centrifuse, click on the Lightfall category, and the weapon will be available to purchase as long as you don’t already own it. If you’re not sure how to get some of the rarer materials you need for this, like Ascendant Shards or Exotic Ciphers, we’ve got guides to help you along.

How to get Centrifuse in Destiny 2: The Centrifuse exotic auto rifle in the item menu screen.

What does Centrifuse do in Destiny 2?

The Centrifuse exotic auto rifle, like all exotics, comes with a couple of unique traits. Leaving aside the fact that this powerful weapon has a chassis made of wood, the auto rifle is well-suited to those who like to build their characters around mobility.

The unique weapon perk for Centrifuse is called Overcharge Capacitor. Sprinting, sliding, and firing this weapon all build up a temporary electrostatic charge, which increases range and reload speed. When the electrostatic charge meter is at high charge, final blows will cause arc explosions, and when it’s full, those maximum charge explosions will blind targets.

In addition, Centrifuse has a special tertiary weapon perk too, like most contemporary exotic weapons. This perk can be found alongside the other random roll weapon perks, and is called Regenerative Motion. Simply, sprinting reloads the weapon. This makes it a good choice for high-intensity PvE activities, but gives it some special potential to dominate PvP in crucible activities, especially with its strong stability and exceptional handling.

All of this is pretty great, especially when you can pick up the gun by essentially just playing the game. There’s more too though, and if you’re wondering how to get the Centrifuse catalyst in Destiny 2, we’ve got a step-by-step guide for that quest.

How to get Centrifuse in Destiny 2: A Guardian defeats a Vex Goblin with Centrifuse on Neomuna.

That’s how to get Destiny 2 Centrifuse. It’s a great new weapon, and a fine addition to any Guardian’s arsenal. But it’s not the only one. Whether you’re looking for other gems from Season of the Deep like Epochal Integration, or other exotics like Quicksilver Storm, Revision Zero, the Wish-Keeper exotic and its Starcrossed exotic mission, or Wicked Implement, we’ve got you covered.