Destiny 2 Best Way to Level Up

Destiny 2 Best Way to Level Up
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Leveling your character up in Destiny 2 isn’t as much of an integral part of the gameplay experience, especially if you aren’t willing to spend on the Season Pass. However, reaching higher tiers can still grant you rewards from the free path, such as Bright Engrams and different types of gear.

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With this in mind, you may want to know what the best ways of leveling up are in the game so you can quickly obtain these goodies. Well, look no further because we’ll be providing all the tips you’ll need below.

Best Way to Level Up in Destiny 2

  • Complete Seasonal Challenges
    • By far, the best way to quickly earn character XP is by completing the Seasonal Challenges that are provided each week. Each task you accomplish grants you a ton of experience that will easily make you level up quickly. They’re also relatively easy enough to finish, as some of them only require you to calibrate weapons or finish mission-specific objectives. Most of the time, you can simply play through the game naturally and you’ll be able to finish most of these challenges in a flash.
    • Keep in mind, though, that most of the tasks are themed and will be typically based within the locale that the main story is set in. Since we’re currently in the Lightfall expansion, most of the challenges you can complete will be in the destination of Neomuna. If you haven’t played through the campaign yet, then now would be the time so you can start getting the all-important XP.

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  • Finish Main Story Missions
    • Speaking of the campaign, finishing the main story missions also grant a significant amount of XP whenever they’re accomplished. The Lightfall expansion currently has eight campaign missions that you can play through, which means playing through all of these will essentially level your character up by a lot. In case you’ve finished it already, you’ll also be able to replay it in either Classic or Legendary Mode, with the latter granting even more rewards.

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  • Participate in Patrols or Strikes
    • Patrols are quick tasks that are present in every in-game destination. In order to start one, you’ll simply need to interact with a specific device or figure within the world you’re on. Once you begin, you’ll be asked to complete one simple objective after which you’ll be granted some XP. There’s no limit to how many you can do so you can keep repeating Patrols no matter how many times you want.
    • Strikes, on the other hand, are a cooperative activity that’s similar to Dungeons. Fortunately, you won’t need to actually come in with a fireteam for this one. Instead, it matches you up with others looking for a match as well. Since these are similar to Dungeons, your main goal will be to explore the area and eventually defeat the final boss within. Beating it will grant rewards such as Legendary weapons, Glimmer, and the all-important XP.

There are a variety of tasks you can do to level up quick in Destiny 2. The best method out of all of them is to complete Seasonal Challenges. This is because each one you finish grants a ton of XP that will get you quickly to the rank you’re aiming for. Leveling up fast is especially important if you have the Season Pass since there are more rewards that are available.