Destiny 2 best stats for Hunter

Destiny 2 best stats for Hunter
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Want the best Destiny 2 Hunter stats? Hunters are arguably the most popular class in Bungie’s space-faring FPS, and it’s not too difficult to see why. With great survivability and support potential, Hunters can provide a useful lifeline to a fireteam. But that doesn’t mean they’re perfect.

Every class has its pros and cons, so when it comes to focusing on stat distribution for arguably the best solo class in game, how should you proceed? Here, we’re going to explain the best Destiny 2 Hunter stats you might want to focus on when going for the best Hunter builds. If you’re curious about the best Warlock builds or best Titan builds too, we’ve got you covered.

Destiny 2 best stats for Hunter: A Hunter's mobility stat highlighted on the main inventory overview menu.

Best stats for Hunter in Destiny 2

The best stats for Hunter are Mobility and Resilience. This isn’t to suggest the other stats aren’t important – they are – but that these two are the best to focus on. If we were to rank all stats in order of priority for Hunters, we’d go with:

  • Mobility
  • Resilience
  • Recovery
  • Discipline
  • Intellect

Mobility is usually a superficial stat, but for Hunters it has some additional utility. While additional sprint speed is great, for Hunters, the stat also recharges the Dodge class ability. Given how vital the Dodge is to enabling some of the more powerful Hunter build combat cycles, a faster recharge is beneficial.

Resilience comes next for the simple fact that it remains the most important stat in the game’s current meta. Having up to a 30% damage reduction will help you to survive many of the game’s tougher activities, from raids and dungeons to weekly Nightfall Strikes.

While Recovery is important, the superior survivability and disengagement techniques of the Hunter make it less crucial. Discipline is great if you’re going for a grenade builds, but Hunters tend to excel more at single-target combat than crowd control anyway. Intellect is useful for super regeneration, but as long as you can create Orbs of Power in abundance, it becomes fairly redundant.

That covers the best Destiny 2 Hunter stats. If you’re curious about the best Warlock stats or the best Titan stats too, we can help you prepare your Guardians across the board in time for the Final Shape release date arriving later next year.