Destiny 2 how to get Best in Tower buff

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Want the Best In Tower buff in Destiny 2? The “Best in Tower” Buff gives those lucky enough to get it a rare cosmetic effect in the Tower that you can show off to other Guardians until you return to orbit. But how do you go about getting it?

Here, we’re going to explain how you can get the Best in Tower buff in Destiny 2. If you’re unable to get it, don’t worry, you can always check the weekly Eververse store for some cosmetics to help you stand out. If you’d rather get back to the game itself, why not take a look at this week’s Nightfall Strike?

How to get the Best in Tower buff in Destiny 2

To get the Best in Tower buff, you need to load into the Tower as the Guardian with the current highest competitive score for the Guardian Games within your instance. Yes, this unfortunately means that the buff is only available during the Guardian Games event, which take place once a year for several weeks, usually during the midpoint of the year.

If you swing by at the right time of the year though, it’s absolutely possible to get this buff. When applied, it’ll give you a glowing aura, not dissimilar to the one you’ll obtain when you level up your Guardian Rank. Also note that this buff is purely cosmetic. It won’t give any tangible advantages in combat, so your better off sticking to the best PvP weapons and best PvE weapons rather than relying on this rare effect.

Destiny 2 how to get Best in Tower buff: A Guardian stands before the Ironwood Tree for levelling up Guardian ranks.

When can you next get the Best in Tower buff?

So far as we know, the Best in Tower buff will be next available at the 2024 Guardian Games. There’s no direct guarantee it’s return though. Considering recent developments regarding the Final Shape release date, it’s now even possible that the Guardian Games themselves will be pushed further back in the year, or lose the spotlight they usually draw.

That’s how to get the Best in Tower buff. There’s plenty more to catch up on about Bungie’s space-faring FPS though. Whether you want to get your hands on Ascendant shards, Deepsight Harmonizer, and Exotic Ciphers, or you’re on the hunt for powerful exotics like Wicked Implement and Centrifuse and the Centrifuse catalyst, we’ve got you covered.

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