Destiny 2: How to get the Quicksilver Storm exotic and catalyst

Destiny 2: How to get the Quicksilver Storm exotic and catalyst
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Want to get Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm? Bungie’s space-faring FPS offers a vast arsenal of weapons to players, and exotics are the pinnacle weapons of choice. Following Lightfall, we got a brand new exotic Strand auto rifle, Quicksilver Storm. But with Season of Defiance long since over, how can players now get their hands on this powerful weapon?

Here, we’re going to cover how you can get Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm and add it to your best Hunter builds, best Titan builds, and best Warlock builds. If you’re struggling to find some of Destiny 2’s other best weapons, like Epochal Integration, Wicked Implement, or Ex Diris, or the new Season of the Wish weapons, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too. offers an extensive selection of exotic weapons that players can choose from. However, with the constantly expanding collection of weapons and armor in the game, it can be challenging to figure out how to acquire each piece of gear in Destiny 2.

How to get Quicksilver Storm in Destiny 2

Quicksilver Storm can be purchased from the Monument To Lost Lights in the Tower in exchange for the following materials.

  • 1 Exotic Cipher
  • 100,000 Glimmer
  • 200 Legendary Shards
  • 1 Ascendant Shard

To purchase it, head to the Monument, located in between the Vault access terminals at the Tower. Under Exotic Gear Archives 2, right click on the Lightfall category. Then hover over Quicksilver Storm and hold click to acquire the weapon. If you’re unsure how to get some of these rarer materials, like Ascendant Shards or Exotic Ciphers, we’ve got guides for them that can help you out.

Did you know?

Many exotic weapons from previous expansions or eras of Destiny 2’s history can be purchased through this Monument, going all the way back to the Red War.

The only other way to pick up this weapon was during Destiny 2 Lightfall’s launch. At the time, if you pre-ordered the DLC, or purchased the Expansion and Annual Pass bundle, you would be given the weapon for free, and could collect it after Logging in and speaking to Master Rahool.

Destiny 2: How to get the Quicksilver Storm exotic and catalyst: Quicksilver Storm in the Lightfall category exotic purchase menu of the Monument To Lost Light.

How to get the Quicksilver Storm catalyst in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm is a potent exotic auto rifle, but it’s got the potential to become even stronger once you’ve unlocked its exotic catalyst.

Fortunately, the Catalyst mission will become available to you once the Auto Rifle is added to your library. You can retrieve the Catalyst from the Holoprojector near the Strider’s Gate waypoint. To obtain it, you must complete the quest “Any Data port in a Storm,” which consists of three steps:

  1. Gain Data: Rapidly eliminate adversaries in Neomuna using Auto Rifles, Grenades, and Grenade Launchers.
  2. Pay a visit to Banshee-44, located at the Tower.
  3. Combatants Detonated: Utilize the Quicksilver Storm alternative fire to eliminate 50 enemies by detonating grenades.

What does the Quicksilver Storm catalyst do?

The catalyst for Quicksilver Storm upgrades the auto rifle from kinetic damage to Strand damage. While in raw numbers this represents a 10% damage drop, the slight hit to firepower is more than made up for by what the catalyst enables. Since the weapon is now Strand, it becomes compatible with all Strand Aspect and Fragment synergies, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into Strand builds.

Specifically though, the catalyst, Nano-entanglement, generates a Strand Tangle whenever you land a kill with the weapon’s grenade firing mode. Tangles can be picked up and thrown or detonated by shot, and will damage and suspend nearby enemies.

Destiny 2: How to get the Quicksilver Storm exotic and catalyst: Quicksilver Storm with an ornament on display in-menu.

Quicksilver Storm explained

Lastly, let’s touch on what makes the Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm auto rifle so good. There are the talking points we’ve already covered of course, like its Strand damage type synergising nicely with Strand builds, but focusing on the gun itself, there’s a lot it can offer.

Quicksilver Storm offers some fantastic stats. With a 720 RPM, it’s among the fastest firing auto rifles in the game. This is helped by a solid range, great aim assist, and incredible stability with a tight recoil pattern that gives is exceptional accuracy for its weapon class.

Where the gun really shines is in its perks though. Its intrinsic trait, Rocket Tracers, fires homing micro rockets when you land multiple hits on a target. This pairs with the Grenade Chaser perk, which loads a grenade into the weapon’s secondary firing mode after landing multiple micro homing rocket hits. By holding R, players can switch from bullet firing to a three-shot grenade launcher mode. Each grenade does enormous damage considering their size and secondary nature. And of course, defeating targets with these grenades once you have the catalyst will spawn in Tangles.

If you’re looking for a powerful mid-range combat weapon with intense ad clearing capacity and the potential for managing powerful combatants, Barrier Champions, and more through its grenade firing mode, then this is the weapon of choice for you.

That covers everything you could want to know about Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm, how to get it, the catalyst, and what makes it so good. Why stop at one amazing weapon though? The Wish-Keeper exotic and its Starcrossed exotic mission is plenty of fun and worth the effort. Alternatively, if you want some insight on the best PvP weapons and best PvE weapons to gear up before the Final Shape release date, we’ve got you covered.

Is Quicksilver Storm a good weapon?

Quicksilver Storm is among the best exotic auto rifles in Destiny 2.

What weapon type is Quicksilver Storm?

Quicksilver Storm is an exotic grade Strand auto rifle.