Our 12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content, ranked

Our 12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content, ranked
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Want the best Destiny 2 Titan exotics? Exotics are the rarest class of item in Bungie’s space-faring RPG, and by far the most powerful. With a number of different exotic armour pieces exclusive to each class in the game, what are the best picks if you’re playing a Titan?

Here, we’re going to go over the 10 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics, what makes them so good, and which ones should be your top picks for PvE or PvP. If you’re looking for similar guides on the best Warlock exotics or best Hunter exotics, we’ve already got you covered. If you want a fast way to pick up some of these, be sure to check out our guide on Xur’s location this week.

12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content: Titan aims a bow at a Fallen enemy while wearing Synthoceps.
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What are the best Titan exotics in Destiny 2?

Titan exotics, meaning Titan armor exotics, are wide and varied in their purposes. If you’re simply after the list, here are our choices for the top 10 best Titan exotics in Destiny 2.

  1. No Backup Plans
  2. Crest of Alpha Lupi
  3. Loreley Splendor Helm
  4. One Eyed Mask
  5. Heart of Innermost Light
  6. Point-Contact Cannon Brace
  7. An Insurmountable Skullfort
  8. Dunemarchers
  9. Abeyant Leap
  10. Antaeus Wards
  11. Synthoceps
  12. Wormgod Caress

Let’s go through each of these in turn and explain our choices.

12. No Backup Plans

This is probably the most niche entry on our list, but its potential greatly outweighs its specificity. No Backup Plans requires you to use both a Void build and a shotgun to get anything out of its perk, Force Multiplier. The limiting constraints are well worth it, though. Force Multiplier activates only when you have a Void subclass equipped. Once you do, rapid final blows or powerful combatant final blows with a shotgun will grant you a powerful Void overshield that reduces your damage taken and instantly starts health regeneration. While up, further shotgun kills will refresh the shield’s countdown. The void overshield also grants additional shotgun damage. Finally, shotguns receive moderate boosts to their airborne effectiveness and reload speed with this exotic equipped.

Effectively then, this exotic is a one-piece combat cycle in of itself, greatly enhancing the Titan’s already impressive durability, boosting the stats of a powerful weapon class, and allowing you to play aggressively far more effectively. Synergising it with a potent Void build can help you dominate in PvE, assisting your team from a position of versatility. And should you be able to get the cycle working in PvP, Traveller help your opponents.

12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content: No Backup Plan on display.
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11. Crest of Alpha Lupi

Yet another great survivalist pick, Crest of Alpha Lupi is also well-suited for builds with a particular focus on rapid super regeneration. The Crest’s intrinsic trait, Survival Well, generates an additional orb of power from supers, and a healing pulse when placing a barricade. That healing pulse is a great way to restore yourself in a pinch, and can apply to teammates too with a comfortable 12 metre range, assisting the whole fireteam in a way few Titan exotics do. Given the new limits placed on orbs, extra spawns is a pretty useful bonus, too.

12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content: Crest of Alpha Lupi on display.
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10. Loreley Splendor Helm

A must-have for Solar Titans, Loreley Splendor Helm has found a comfortable spot for some time in the Destiny 2 meta, expanding the scope of versatility for Titan players in this subclass. Its intrinsic perk, Cauterizing Flame, creates a sunspot at your feet whenever you become critically wounded and have full class ability energy, or when you deploy a barricade. This sunspot has improved restoration effects, enabling powerful and efficient healing. While the nerfs to Solar Titans were unpopular, they’ve fortunately not gutted this exotic’s utility too harshly. Running the Splendor Helm greatly improves the survivability of an already tanky class, allowing well-optimised builds to fulfil that role to a greater extent. This is a boon to have in a fireteam setting, and just as potent if you’re going at it solo.

12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content: Loreley Splendor Helm on display.
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9. One-Eyed Mask

We’d be remiss not to mention perhaps the most notorious Guardian-slaying exotic of them all. While not quite as strong as it was in its prime, One-Eyed Mask nonetheless remains an extremely popular choice among PvP enthusiasts. Its trait, Vengeance, marks and highlights a target when they inflict damage on you. If you’re able to take them down, you’ll then gain an overshield. It’s a straightforward cycle that encourages an aggressive playstyle, but mastery of it can make you a much harder opponent to fell. While it has some limited use in PvE settings, it really thrives in combat against other players, so if you’re trying to climb Crucible competitive and Trials of Osiris ranks, consider picking this one up.

12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content: One-eyed Mask on display.
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8. Heart of Innermost Light

Overflowing Light is the intrinsic trait that makes the Heart of Innermost Light chestpiece tick. Like Synthoceps, this exotic is well-suited for fitting into any build that’s not reliant on a specific exotic, though Heart is more of a utility piece. Whenever you use an ability with this equipped, Overflowing Light will empower your other two abilities, granting them faster regen and increased damage (or hitpoints, in the case of your barricade). The bonus can even stack if you then use a second ability, granting up to 20% extra damage/hit points, and a staggering maximum 800% regen rate.

Fitted into a build well optimised around maximising ability potential, this can create a powerful and devastating combat cycle, perfect for clearing large numbers of enemies or setting up for a fight against more powerful foes.

12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content: Heart of Innermost Light on display.
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7. Point-Contact Cannon Brace

Point-Contact Cannon Brace are a perfect choice for Arc Titans who love the Thunderclap melee, as this is where the exotic’s focus is directed. Its armor perk Hammer Of The Gods grants you melee energy each time you defeat an enemy with Thunderclap. When you use the melee, it also sends out an AOE damage burst around you that Jolts any nearby enemies and Amplifies you. While it is a little niche, used properly it can make a melee-focused Arc build viable and greatly improve your ad-clearing capabilities. It’s a strong choice for PvE.

Our 12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content, ranked: Point-contact cannon braces on display.
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6. An Insurmountable Skullfort

A practically ancient exotic, this helmet finds its origins all the way back in Destiny 1, but still holds up today. Its intrinsic trait is called Transfusion Matrix, and it enables a simple but effective combat cycle, making it well-suited for players of any experience level. When playing with an Arc subclass, powered melee kills while wearing this helmet will grant health regeneration, as well as melee energy back. Properly modified, a melee-focused Titan Arc build can exploit this exotic to perpetuate near-limitless powered melee strikes, maintaining a constant flow of health regeneration at the same time. This does depend on consistently landing melee final blows, but with one of the strongest melees in the game, this shouldn’t be too hard to pull off.

12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content: An Insurmountable Skullfort on display.
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5. Dunemarchers

Another long-time popular choice, Dunemarchers is a potent leg armour exotic. Its perk, Linear Actuators, will boost your sprint speed, and begin building up a static charge that releases as chain damage on a melee hit. This makes Dunemarchers the perfect exotic to boost mobile Titan builds, without sacrificing DPS potential. It goes without saying of course, but they’re an extremely popular choice for PvP.

12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content: Dunemarchers on display.
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4. Abeyant Leap

One of the few Strand-focused exotics for Titans, these leg pieces are definitely worth the hype. Abeyant Leaps buff the Drenger’s Lash Strand aspect, which sends out a shockwave that suspends targets when deploying a barricade. With Leaps on, you gain two more projectiles, greater range, and better tracking, allowing you to effectively crowd control a vast cohort of enemies. As though that weren’t enough, the Puppeteer’s Control trait also gives you Woven Mail whenever you suspend a target, massively boosting your damage resistance while the buff is active.

In a well-crafted Strand build, the Abeyant Leap legs optimise your damage control and durability to an extreme degree, easily fulfilling that innate Titan desire to be a one-man army, and making high ad density missions far more manageable.

12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content: Abeyant Leap on display.
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3. Antaeus Wards

There’s a reason the Wards made it onto a build outline for our best Titan builds. Antaeus Wards have a simple yet effective intrinsic trait called Reflective Vents. This trait grants greatly increased slide distance for Titans, and extended sliding for a short period generates a special overshield that reflects all incoming damage. This momentary invulnerability combined with enhanced mobility is a monstrous combination to go up against, and the Wards have long dominated in the Crucible. But it’s also a great choice to pick up if you’re struggling with survivability in PvE. Antaeus Wards also synergise very well with certain Arc builds, just in case the exotic by itself wasn’t strong enough for you.

12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content: Antaeus Wards on display.
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2. Synthoceps

While a few of the choices on this list could be controversial, this one probably isn’t. Synthoceps have long been a popular and reliable choice of exotic for this Destiny 2 class, empowering any build they’re integrated into significantly.

Synthoceps run on an exotic intrinsic trait called Biotic Enhancements. This trait does three straightforward things. It increases the range of your melee lunge, it boosts melee damage when you’re surrounded by enemies, and it boosts super damage when you’re surrounded by enemies. What makes it an exceptional exotic is the scale of these buffs. The melee lunge range increases to a hefty seven metres. Meanwhile, the melee bonus damage is a massive boost of 200% for PvE, or 100% for PvP, and the super damage bonus is an increase of 50%. The sheer scale of these bonuses gives a Synthoceps user an overwhelming advantage in damage when in high density combat, making it great for large PvP matches, and excellent for ad clearing in PvE.

12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content: Synthoceps on display.
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Honourable mentions

Not all of our favourite Titan exotics made the cut. Here are a few other excellent choices to keep in mind when crafting the perfect build.

  • Precious Scars. Its perk, Kintsugi, grants healing bursts for final blows with synergised damage types, and overshields on revives, making it one of a few excellent choices for Titans looking to lean hard into a support role.
  • Doomfang Pauldron – Horns of Doom grant super energy on Void melee kills and extend Sentinel Shield’s duration if those kills are made while the super is active. They also have a chance to escalate weapon damage when killing with any form of Void damage. There’s a lot this build can do to support a good Void Titan design.
  • Citan’s Ramparts – Assault Barricade buffs the stats of your Towering Barricade class ability and allows fellow Guardians to shoot through it. A great option for defence-minded PvP players.

1. Wormgod Caress

Granted, it’s a poor choice of name – how can a worm caress anything when it doesn’t have any hands? Aside from that one glaring flaw, Wormgod Caress are quite easily the best Titan exotic in the game right now. Their perk, Burning Fists, grant increasing melee damage for consistent melee kills and finishers, with the stack decaying over time. At higher levels, the buff also boosts weapon damage. Combined with the Strand Banner of War aspect, Wormgod’s are the cornerstone of arguably the strongest Titan build in the game right now, a good contender in PvP, but undeniable in PvE.

Our 12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content, ranked: Wormgod Caress on display.
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What are the best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvE?

Our list has a variety of exotics, and many of them excel more in certain areas than others. So what are the top picks for PvE activities? Here are the three we’d recommend trying out for Player versus Enemy engagements.

  • Heart of Innermost Light – The enormous buffs to damage and ability regen give this one exceptional utility when trying to maintain a consistent stream of damage output.
  • Abeyant Leaps – Used in a well-optimised build, these legs grant unparalleled dual crowd control and survivability bonuses for Titans.
  • Wormgod Caress – Banner of War Titan builds – need we even say more?
12 best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP, PvE and endgame content: Fallen enemy is vaporised by a lightning melee hit.
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What are the best Destiny 2 Titan exotics for PvP?

Just like PvE, there are some exotics that simply excel most clearly in PvP. This is especially true for Titans, who have a wealth of potent options. Here are our top three picks.

  • Antaeus Wards – Provide additional mobility and survivability, and guarantee the advantage in close-range engagements when properly employed.
  • One-Eyed Mask – When used by a suitably aggressive and skilled player, this helmet supports a consistent domination in one-on-one engagements, and improves your chances in asymmetrical fights.
  • Synthoceps – The greatly boosted melee range gives you an upper hand in closing distance with nearby opponents, and the damage buffs rebalance the odds when you’re surrounded by multiple opponents.

That covers our top ten best Destiny 2 Titan exotics choices. If you’re looking to complete a powerful build, why not have a look at our suggestions for the best PvP weapons or best PvE weapons in Destiny 2? Or how to get some specific weapons like Wish-Keeper from its new Starcrossed exotic mission? This way, you can go in to Destiny 2 Season 23 and the Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin dungeon well prepared for any challenge.

What’s the best Destiny 2 Titan Void exotic?

The best Titan Void exotic is probably Doomfang Pauldrons, although if you have a preference for shotguns, No Backup Plans might be a better choice.

What’s the best Destiny 2 Titan Solar exotic?

The best Titan exotic for Solar builds is probably the Loreley Splendor Helm, which offers better class ability utility and boosts survivability, balancing the drawbacks of the DPS-focused subclass.