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Destiny 2 Best Class for Solo Players in Lightfall

Destiny 2
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Although Destiny 2 is often known as a multiplayer FPS title, not everyone has the luxury of having a fireteam available at all times of the day. Because of this, most Guardians have no choice but to take on most of what the game has to offer by themselves.

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Unfortunately, playing solo can often be difficult, especially in a game that throws a ton of enemies at you all at once. With the right class, however, you may just be able to survive the ongoing onslaught that the game’s missions and dungeons throw at you. Here’s what we think is the best class for solo players in Destiny 2.

Best Class for Solo Players in Destiny 2

The best class for solo players in Destiny 2 is the Hunter because of its suite of skills that can help players escape engagements and regenerate health. Its Dodge class ability is especially useful in evading enemy attacks and when paired with the right subclass, it can even grant you temporary invisibility.

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The other classes in the Warlock and the Titan aren’t as efficient when taking on missions and objectives on their own. This is because they are somewhat limited by their class abilities, which are better off used in a team-based setting. With the right build, however, these two classes can still take on missions and dungeons by themselves.


Best Subclass for Solo Players in Destiny 2

If you want to take on the worst that Destiny 2 has to offer by yourself, we recommend making use of the Hunter Nightstalker. This Void subclass gives you the chance to use the Vanishing Step Aspect, which grants you temporary invisibility whenever you dodge. It’s incredibly useful for when you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with enemies and you want to take a short breather.

The Nightstalker’s Super Ability, Shadowshot: Deadfall, is also extremely handy in taking down hordes. Once you cast it, it deals heavy damage and keeps those within its area in place so you can aim and shoot without having to worry about them hitting back.