How to get the Destiny 2 Aquanaut title and all secret triumphs

How to get the Destiny 2 Aquanaut title and all secret triumphs
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Wondering how to get the Destiny 2 Aquanaut title? Titles are among the most coveted status symbols in Destiny, showcasing a player’s dedication, mastery, and skill within a certain area of the game. The Season of The Deep title is no exception, and if you’re here looking for how to get the new Aquanaut title, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll go over all the different triumphs you’ll need to complete to unlock the title Aquanaut on your characters, including the secret triumphs that make the title so tricky to get. Once you’ve got your badge of honour on though, make sure your fashion is on point to match by checking out what’s in the Destiny 2 weekly eververse store, for some drip worthy of your name.

How to get the title: Aquanaut

To get the Aquanaut title in Destiny 2, you’ll need to complete all ten triumphs under the title badge. As this is the title for the Season of The Deep, all ten of these triumphs are related to seasonal missions, activities and challenges. These triumphs are:

  • Weekly Wetwork
  • Challenges Accepted
  • Echo Relocation
  • Reprised Reckoning
  • Big Fish
  • Down The Drain
  • Pressurized Deep – the first secret challenge.
  • Quantity Over Quality
  • Ambitious Angler
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes – the second secret challenge.

We’ll go through them in order and explain how you can complete each one.

To view your progress, open your character menu and go to the Journey tab at the top. Click on the Titles tab, and then click on the Aquanaut title badge.

How to get the Aquanaut title in Destiny 2: The menu screen for titles in Destiny 2.

A quick note

As with previous seasons, we expect that once all Season of the Deep content is vaulted after The Final Shape, the Aquanaut title will become a legacy title, and will no longer be earnable.

Weekly Wetwork

To complete the first triumph of the title, you just need to take part in and complete each weekly quest step of the “Into the Depths” seasonal story mission. You will need to have the season pass in order to do this. Each part released across a different week for a total of six. With the season now over, you simply need to complete all six parts of this story by finishing their associated weekly missions. Completing this triumph will also reward an exotic sparrow: To Be Remembered.

How to get the Aquanaut title in Destiny 2: A menu screen shot of the To Be Remembered sparrow.

Challenges accepted

For this triumph, you need to complete a separate series of season-related challenges, each of which will unlock seasonal bonuses. These challenges and their progress can be viewed by returning to the Journey menu, clicking on the blue Seasonal Challenges tab at the bottom, and then clicking across from Weekly challenges to Seasonal Bonuses challenges.

Completing these will not only unlock this triumph, they will also unlock different bonuses that can boost vendor progress and utility. Finishing the triumph will also unlock a seasonal emblem.

How to get the Aquanaut title in Destiny 2: The Journey menu screen, with the Seasonal Challenges tab highlighted.

Here are the ten Seasonal Bonus challenges you need to complete, and what they unlock.

Challenge NameHow To Complete Bonus Unlocked
Deep ChallengerComplete week one of the “Into the Depths” seasonal story mission.Completing Season of The Deep weekly activities will grant a chance to earn an additional Deep engram.
Deep Armor FocusingUnlock one of every piece of Season of The Deep Armour.Unlocks the ability to focus Deep engrams into Deep Armor engrams.
Deep Weapon FocusingUnlock one of each of the six Season of The Deep weapons.Unlocks the ability to focus Deep engrams into Deep Weapon engrams.
Synchronized SwimmingRank 7 with the Sonar Station in the H.E.L.M.Gain extra seasonal reputation when opening a chest at the end of seasonal activities for you and your fireteam.
Deep AttractionReach Rank 13 with the Sonar Station seasonal vendor in the H.E.L.M.Gain an additional Deep engram each time you complete a seasonal activity.
Efficient AnglerCatch 25 total fish while a fish pond is at its maximum catch bonus.Gives you a chance to have bait returned to you when catching a fish.
Forgotten TreasuresComplete three jobs in a single Salvage mission as a fireteamRedeeming a key in Salvage or Deep Dive activities has a chance to reward an additional Deep engram.
Deepsight SalvagingDefeat each unique boss in Salvage activities.Your first focused Deep weapon engram each week is guaranteed to roll as a Red Border weapon.
Deep Sea LocksmithDefeat each unique boss in Deep Dive activities.Each Salvage key you redeem has a chance to drop a Deep Dive key.
Dive StationSuccessfully complete a Deep Dive at Abyssal depth.Special and heavy ammo crates will spawn at each depth during Deep Dive activities.

Echo Relocation

For this triumph, you just need to reset your rank at the seasonal vendor, the Sonar Station. The Sonar Station can be found at the H.E.L.M, next to the portal that leads to Ahsa in the aquarium room. The maximum rank for this vendor is Rank 16.

How to get the Aquanaut title in Destiny 2: The Sonar Station found in the H.E.L.M.

The best way to get your vendor rank up fast with vendors is to complete bounties on offer from them. For the Sonar Station, these bounties are available to players who own the paid track of the season pass. All of these bounties will be tied to seasonal activities and missions in some way, and will often require you to play for certain goals or change your loadout or playstyle in certain ways. They’re also a good way to get Glimmer.

Reprised Reckoning

This triumph needs you to defeat combatants using seasonal weapons to progress a percentage bar to completion. The seasonal weapons are:

  • A Distant Pull – sniper rifle
  • Different Times – pulse rifle
  • Rapacious Appetite – submachine gun
  • Targeted Redaction – hand cannon
  • Thin Precipice – sword
  • Until Its Return – shotgun

Defeating Guardians in PvP activities will grant additional progress on the percentage bar, compared to PvE activities. None of these really qualify for the best Destiny 2 PvP weapons though, so you might be in for a challenge if you decide to grind out your progress in the Crucible.

Big Fish

This triumph is one of the simplest for the Destiny 2 Aquanaut title. It asks you to defeat each unique boss in Salvage activities, of which there are two. These bosses are Azshradat, Celebrant of Xivu Arath and Uorgotha, Scourge of The Deep. You’ll complete this one automatically on your way to completing the ten challenges for the Challenges Accepted triumph.

Down The Drain

This triumph is also easy, and wants you to defeat each unique boss in Deep Dive activities, of which there are three. These three bosses are J4WS, Wrathborn Servitor, Kudazad, Bound to Xivu Arath, and Kelgorath, Taken From Bones. Again, you’ll complete this one automatically as you’re working your way towards the Challenges Accepted triumph.

Pressurised Deep

This is the first of two secret triumphs in the Aquanaut title. For this triumph, you’ll need to complete all three different Deep Dive encounters (that means fighting each unique boss) with a pressure trial active. You’ll be able to activate the pressure trial in a Deep Dive by finding a glowing taken essence hidden near the beginning of the first encounter. Once you have the pressure trials active, you’ll need to defeat targets including several waves of minibosses throughout the Deep Dive within the activity time limit in order to succeed.

Quantity over Quality

Here’s another easy one. For this triumph, you need to catch any fish at any fish pond to fill up a percentage bar. If you’re not quite sure how to fish in Destiny 2, we’ve got you covered.

How to get the Aquanaut title in Destiny 2: A shot of fish swimming around in the aquarium onboard the H.E.L.M

Ambitious Angler

For this penultimate triumph, you need to catch an exotic fish at any fish pond. Exotic fish are of course rare, and require a lot of patience, but the longer you fish for, the better your chances of catching one.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The final triumph for the Aquanaut is another secret one. To earn this, you’ll need to complete all steps of the hidden quest and the Whetstone Encounter for the new exotic weapon. If you want to get Wicked Implement, finishing this quest is the way to do it. This is a difficult mission, easily a step above Starcrossed, so be sure to bring your best exotic weapons and best legendary weapons to the table. Upon earning the new stasis scout rifle, this final triumph will unlock.

That’s how to unlock the Destiny 2 Aquanaut title. There may be little need for the Season of The Deep artifact now that Season 21 has passed us by, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty more to catch up on about the game. If you’ve been following Bungie’s struggles lately, why not have a look at our feature on 10 ways Destiny 2 can fix its biggest problems? Or if you’re more interested in taking on more challenges in-game, check out what the current weekly Nightfall strike is or see how far up the Crucible competitive ranks you can climb.

How many triumphs are there for the Destiny 2 Aquanaut title?

There are ten different triumphs to complete in order to earn the Aquanaut title in Destiny 2.

How many titles are there in Destiny 2?

There are currently 29 active titles that you can collect in Destiny 2.

How do I guild a title in Destiny 2?

To guild a title in Destiny 2, you must first unlock that title. You’ll then find several of the triumphs unlock a new stage. Completing these new stages for these triumphs will gild the title.