Destiny 2 best legendary weapons – Our top ten picks you need for Final Shape

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Want the Destiny 2 best legendary weapons? Bungie Studios’ space-faring FPS is packed to the bring with weaponry of every kind. This expansive arsenal is fantastic for variety, but not all weapons are created equal, and some players will find equipment that simply works better for them.

Here, we’re going to cover the Destiny 2 best legendary weapons, that being those guns, bows, and glaives which are so good, they’ll appeal to almost everyone. If you’re curious about the best exotic weapons though, or the best Hunter exotics, best Titan exotics and best Warlock exotics that are unique to each Destiny 2 class, we’ve got you covered.

What are the best legendary weapons for Destiny 2 Lightfall?

Here are our top ten picks for the best Legendary weapons in Destiny 2. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order. Every weapon excels somewhere.

  • Forbearance
  • Rufus’s Fury
  • Trustee
  • The Deicide
  • Warden’s Law
  • Ikelos_SMG_V1.0.3
  • Braytech Osprey
  • Cataclysmic
  • Circular Logic
  • Succession

Each of these weapons excel for one reason or another, so let’s go through and have a closer look at them.

Destiny 2 best legendary weapons: A Guardian fires a shot from a rocket sidearm at a Vandal while in mid-air.
Image by VideoGamer


The special grenade launcher hailing from the Vow of the Disciple raid has been popular since its introduction, and its easy to see why. It’s got an intense velocity, wide blast radius, and great handling that makes it easy to use. It’s also a wave-frame launcher, meaning that on detonation, its grenades shoot out a linear wave of arc energy that destroys almost anything in its path. This weapon is amazing at clearing ads in a timely manner relative to its contemporaries. Best of all though is its unique raid perk, Soul Drinker, which heals you upon reloading after a kill.

We haven’t even touched on masterworks, but it should be easy to see already that Forbearance is a menace for PvP, and a warbeast in PvE.

Destiny 2 best legendary weapons - Our top ten picks you need for Final Shape: The Forbearance grenade launcher.
Image by VideoGamer

Rufus’s Fury

You’ll see a fair few raid weapons on our list, and for good reason. Rufus’s Fury is the auto rifle from Lightfall’s Root of Nightmares raid, and very arguably the best legendary weapon of its type out there. Rufus’s boasts a blistering 720 RPM thanks to its rapid fire frame, putting it among the fastest firing auto rifles. It’s also got a lenient recoil pattern and pretty solid stability, letting it perform well at range. Lastly, it can roll with some fantastic perk combinations, like Reconstruction and Frenzy, which allow it to deal more damage for longer.

If you want to break opponents in the Crucible in no time flat or need a weapon that can clear adds as easily as it can tackle powerful combatants in PvE, keep an eye out for Rufus’s Fury.

Destiny 2 best legendary weapons - Our top ten picks you need for Final Shape: Rufus's Fury auto rifle.
Image by VideoGamer


Scout rifles are instruments of precision, rather than speed, but what if you could have both? That’s what Trustee, the scout rifle from the Deep Stone Crypt raid offers. It’s got solid all round stats, able to hit targets from significant distance without too much effort. It’s got a litany of great potential roles, from Rapid Hit and Incandescence to Reconstruction and Redirection. Braytech Inheritance, the raid perk, regenerates ability energy when dealing damage with this weapon. This is all on top of the gun’s crowning glory: a rapid fire frame. Trustee fires at 260 PRM, exceptionally fast for a scout rifle, giving it the ability to clear rooms more effectively and improving its versatility at closer ranges.

If you want a precise but ferocious PvE or PvP weapon, try Trustee out. It’s also a craftable weapon, so if you’ve got any Deepsight Harmonizer you’ve been saving, this might be something to try it out on.

Destiny 2 best legendary weapons - Our top ten picks you need for Final Shape: The Trustee scout rifle.
Image by VideoGamer

The Deicide

Shotguns are almost unrivalled in their stopping power, but like most scout rifles, struggle with speed. Just like Trustee however, the Deicide gets around this problem. This rapid fire Void shotgun boasts a standard magazine size of eight rounds, allowing it to unleash fast, successive hits that are difficult for anything short of a Champion to survive. All this on top of a fairly simple recoil pattern. And, as an extra bonus, this one can be found as a random world drop, so you won’t need to dive into any raids to get your hands on it.

Thanks to its speed, easy-to-learn recoil, and generous reserves, The Deicide is a great PvP choice, and an excellent PvE support weapon too.

Destiny 2 best legendary weapons - Our top ten picks you need for Final Shape: The Deicide shotgun.
Image by VideoGamer

Warden’s Law

At long last, the hand cannon from Forsaken is back and better than ever. Now a potential drop in the weekly Nightfall Strikes, Warden’s Law already has amazing impact, solid stability, and an adept version going for it. Even more special though is its currently unique weapon archetype. The heavy burst frame allows the gun to fire two bullets in rapid succession per shot, like a pulse rifle. This gives the Warden’s Law superior damage potential to many other legendary hand cannons, making it good for ad clear, great for Guardian clear, and exceptional for dealing with powerful combatants.

If you want a strong PvP hand cannon and a deadly miniboss dispatcher for PvE, Warden’s Law might be the gun for you.

Destiny 2 best legendary weapons - Our top ten picks you need for Final Shape: Warden's Law hand cannon.
Image by VideoGamer


The Ikelos_SMG_v1.0.3 brings both a rapid rate of fire and a respectable amount of damage to the fray. It’s got a 720 RPM firing speed, reasonable range, Arc damage, and amazing handling, making it an easy to use weapon that serves well in almost any role. While we considered The Immortal for this spot, Ikelos is just a little better tuned for PvE as well as PvP. It’s also got a deep perk pool, and its craftable.

If you love auto rifles but want something a bit more compact for close range in PvP or PvE, turn your attention to the Ikelos_SMG_V1.0.3

Destiny 2 best legendary weapons - Our top ten picks you need for Final Shape: The Ikelos SMG.
Image by VideoGamer

Braytech Osprey

Rocket launchers have dominated the boss DPS meta for a while now, and for good reason. Among the best of the best is the Braytech Osprey, however. Another Nightfall weapon, it’s got a High Impact frame for extra damage, solid blast radius and velocity stats, and good handling. Best of all though are its potential perks. With rolls like Envious Assassin or Field Prep pairing with Bipod, Osprey is among the few launchers capable of reaching the peak of the current meta, dealing devastating maximised damage to bosses and carrying fireteams through even the toughest activities successfully.

If you want the pinnacle of boss DPS for your PvE excursions, pick up Braytech Osprey.

Destiny 2 best legendary weapons - Our top ten picks you need for Final Shape: The Braytech Osprey rocket launcher.
Image by VideoGamer


Before the rocket launcher meta, there was the linear fusion rifle meta. Though their time in the spotlight may have passed, Cataclysmic still reigns supreme within the legendary pool for this weapon type. The precision frame Solar rifle from Vow of The Disciple comes with strong all-round stats, and a decent range. It also boasts Soul Drinker like Forbearance, making it a useful tool for survivability as well as damage. With potential god rolls like Fourth Time’s The Charm and Clown Cartridge, it showcases a potential for sustained, destructive capability, especially against stronger enemies.

Destiny 2 best legendary weapons - Our top ten picks you need for Final Shape: The Cataclysmic linear fusion rifle.
Image by VideoGamer

Circular Logic

Machine guns have long been heavyweights for ad clearing potential, and Circular Logic best exemplifies this. It’s a Strand weapon, an elemental subclass already well-suited to crowd control duties. It excels in stats across the board too, giving it good versatility. Where this pick shines though again is perk roll potential. The Origin Trait, Nanotech Tracer Rockets, creates micro homing rockets after landing multiple hits on a target. This isn’t as powerful as it is on Quicksilver Storm, but when bundled alongside Ricochet Rounds, Envious Assassin, and Hatchling, for example, you get a weapon nearly unmatched in its capabilities for clearing scores of ads in seconds, regardless of their power.

If you want the ultimate PvE crowd control weapon, pick up Circular Logic next time you’re on Neomouna.

Destiny 2 best legendary weapons: A Guardian slays Cabal with the Circular Logic machine gun.
Image by VideoGamer


Let’s finish off with yet another raid weapon. The Succession kinetic sniper rifle stands out. It’s an agressive frame sniper with massive impact and great range, and on top of that it boasts a wide perk pool filled with great options. Reconstruction, Osmosis, Focused Fury, Snapshot Sights and more are all available on this weapon.

If you want a capable PvP sniper rifle with the potential to shine in PvE, Sucession is waiting in line for you.

Destiny 2 best legendary weapons - Our top ten picks you need for Final Shape: The Successor sniper rifle.
Image by VideoGamer

Why have we chosen these weapons for Final Shape?

As of yet, we aren’t entirely sure what to expect with Destiny 2’s last DLC expansion for the Light and Dark Saga. With the pushback of the original February release now officially confirmed, we’re even less sure. As such, the nature of the challenges awaiting players at launch is uncertain. We’ve thus aimed to create a comprehensive list of weapons which, even if you owned no others, would be capable of carrying a Guardian through anything the game might throw at them.

And that’s it, our list of the Destiny 2 best Legendary weapons is done. There are plenty of other great weapons worth checking out that haven’t yet made it onto this list, like the new Season of the Wish weapons. Get your hands on all of these in time for Destiny 2 Season 23 or The Final Shape release date, and you’ll be well set up for anything the Witness or the Trials of Osiris can throw at you.

Destiny 2 best Legendary weapons FAQ

Are there any legendary weapon quests in Destiny 2?

Yes, though they’re not usually as big of an affair as exotic missions. The Epochal Integration quest is probably the best example of a legendary weapon quest.

What’s the best perks to roll on a Legendary weapon in Destiny 2?

There are too many great perks to name them all, but a few of the top ones include: Reconstruction, Frenzy, Bipod, Envious Assassin, Fourth Times The Charm, and Incandescent.

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