Destiny 2 where is Xur – Xur’s location and how you can reach it this week (Jan 12 – 16, 2024)

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Where is Xur in Destiny 2? It’s a common enough question many Guardians start asking once the weekend rolls around, and Bungie’s best weekly exotics vendor makes an appearance. Selling a selection of the best items in the game, as well as some you can’t get anywhere else, Xur’s location is paramount and difficult to keep track of, since he rotates between locales.

Here, we’re going to answer where is Xur in Destiny 2, as well as how long he’s there for and what he’s got in tow this week. If you want to pick up some of the best Destiny 2 exotic weapons, or the best Titan exotics, best Warlock exotics, and best Hunter exotics, this is the vendor to go looking for. He’s not the only way to get exotics in Destiny 2, though.

Destiny 2 where is Xur this week? January 12 – 16 2024

This week, Xur is in the Tower Hangar on Earth. Here’s a map, and our quick breakdown of how to get there.

How to get to Xur’s location explained

Follow the steps below to reach Xur.

  1. From the Directory, select The Tower and travel to the Courtyard fast-travel point.
  2. When you spawn in, head left, down toward the Tower Hangar.
  3. As you enter the Tower Hanger, turn left again, underneath the elevated room Lakshmi-2 used to be found in.
  4. Keep going until you reach the end of the room, open towards the mountains. Take the staircase to your left.
  5. At the top of the first landing you should find Xur standing in the corner.
Destiny 2 where is Xur - Xur's location and how you can reach it this week (Jan 12 - 16, 2024): A map to Xur's location in the Tower.
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Did you know?

Technically, Xur is always around these days. You can find him as a permanent vendor in Xur’s Treasure Hoard, the hub area for Dares of Eternity. Note though that this version of Xur is exclusively for Dares bounties and rewards, and doesn’t sell any weekly exotics.

When does Xur arrive and how long does he stay around for?

Xur arrives at 5PM GMT/ 9 AM ET/ 12 PM PT every Friday, and departs every following Tuesday at the weekly reset. He’ll stay in the same location throughout this time, so he’s not too great of a challenge to track down. Once Tuesday hits though, he’ll depart until the next Friday, and change location.

Destiny 2 where is Xur - Xur's location and how you can reach it this week (Jan 12 - 16, 2024): A player in the Hangar facing towards Xur's location.
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What is Xur selling this week? Our breakdown of his exotics and legendries in-stock

So what can you pick up from Xur today and over the next few days? He has two main lines of wears to sell. First is the headline, his exotics. Xur sells one exotic armor piece for each class, and one exotic weapon. These can have favourable rolls, or they can be a let-down – each piece you pick up will have the same stats for Resilience, Intellect, Mobility, Recovery, Strength, and Discipline, rather than random rolls on each purchase. Even so, we’d strongly recommend new Guardians seek him out to expand their arsenals and complete their best Warlock builds, best Titan builds, and best Hunter builds. He also sells exotic engrams, which have a chance to drop almost anything, as long as it’s not quest exotic like Wish-Keeper and the Starcrossed mission.

Xur also sells a number of legendary items and weapons each week. Again, there can be some great rolls in here. Some of his stock can also include weapons from previous seasons that are no longer accessible. Even some of the best PvP weapons like Beloved can show up in his inventory. He’ll also sell a full set of legacy armor, perfect for those who need some more fashion choices beyond what the weekly Eververse store offers.

Destiny 2 where is Xur - Xur's location and how you can reach it this week (Jan 12 - 16, 2024): Xur's weekly inventory.
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Xur’s weekly exotics – What’s worth getting?

Xur’s exotic stock this week includes the following items:

  • Merciless, a Solar fusion rifle. It’s an old piece of kit, but might be worth it if you want something that synergises with a Solar build.
  • Orpheus Rig, which are Hunter greaves. They’re excellent, and a fantastic exotic for any builds focused around rapid super regen. We’d recommend picking these up if you don’t already have them.
  • Mk. 44 Stand Asides, which are Titan leg armor. They grant you an overshield for shoulder charges, so we’d suggest grabbing them if you like using your Titan melee in PvP settings.
  • Wings of Sacred Dawn, a Warlock chest armor piece. They’re okay, but have fallen from grace somewhat. There are better Solar Warlock exotics out there.
  • Hawkmoon – This is an exotic hand cannon which, unlike the rest of his stock, is always available for purchase. It’s good, but there are more preferable hand cannons out there.
Destiny 2 where is Xur - Xur's location and how you can reach it this week (Jan 12 - 16, 2024): The Merciless exotic fusion rifle.
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Xur’s weekly legendary stock – What should you buy?

Xur’s Legendary stock this week includes:

  • Escape Velocity, a lightweight frame Kinetic SMG. It’s a Threat Detector, Elemental Capacitor roll, not appalling, but nothing special for a submachine gun.
  • Royal Chase, a precision frame Void scout rifle. It rolls with Full-auto Trigger System and Threat Detector, not really worth it.
  • Chroma Rush, a rapid-fire frame Kinetic Auto Rifle. With a Moving Target Adrenaline Junkie roll, this one’s a solid pick for a PvP weapon.
  • Stochastic Variable, a lightweight frame Arc SMG. It rolls with Ambitious Assassin and Quickdraw, not anything special.
  • Without Remorse, a lightweight frame Solar Shotgun. It’s a Well Rounded, Incandescent roll with the Extrovert origin trait, making it a strong PvE shotgun and probably worth the asking price.
  • Hoosegow, an adaptive frame Arc Rocket Launcher. It’s got Threat Detector and Kill Clip, not a very good roll for a rocket launcher.
  • Threaded Needle, a precision-frame Void Linear Fusion Rifle. It’s Rangefinder, Frenzy, so perhaps a decent pick if you like using this weapon class in PvP.
  • Xur is also selling the Yuga Sundown armor set this week. It’s an old set coming from the Warmind Destiny 2 campaign and expansion, and follows Rasputin’s aesthetic choices accordingly.
Destiny 2 where is Xur - Xur's location and how you can reach it this week (Jan 12 - 16, 2024): The Without Remorse Shotgun.
Image by VideoGamer

That’s everything we’ve got for you on where is Xur in Destiny 2, as well as what he’s got in stock and if any of it’s worth having. Before you visit him, make sure to stock up on Ascendant Shards and Glimmer so you can afford all his purchases. Don’t forget to pick up your weekly Xenology quest from him for an Exotic Cipher quest, too.

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Where is Xur FAQ

Who is Xur?

Xur is an Agent of The Nine, a mysterious group of non-coporeal beings who interact with the mortal world through shadowy agents and entities like Xur. We know he’s old, and we know he’s mysterious. That’s about it.

Does Xur still take Legendary Shards?

At the moment, yes, Xur still requires you to make purchases using Legendary Shards.

How many weapons does Xur sell?

Xur sells a total of 9 weapons per week. 7 are legendary, 2 are exotic, and 8 will rotate out for new stock on a weekly basis.

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