How to get training points quickly and easily in Madden 24 – Our tips for mastering MUT

How to get training points quickly and easily in Madden 24 – Our tips for mastering MUT
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Training points can be one of the most valuable currencies in Madden Ultimate Team, so many fans may be wondering how to get them. They are used for upgrading your players primarily, but they’re also useful for buying new jerseys and uniforms as well as playbooks. Regardless, this is a very useful way of improving your roster. Instead of throwing coins at the wall and opening packs to inevitably get nothing good, you can prioritize training points and upgrade the good cards you have. I have found that training points, which can also buy special packs, are arguably as useful as coins.

We here at VideoGamer feel like Madden 24 is a solid if unspectacular entry, but it is a fun time playing regardless. Madden Ultimate Team is a big part of that, and thus, improving in it is vital. Training points can go a long way towards that end.

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How can I earn training points in Madden 24 Ultimate Team?

The easiest way to earn training points in Madden Ultimate Team is to quicksell players. Silver, gold, and elite cards in MUT can be quicksold for training points, whereas special platinum cards are the only ones that fetch coins. In that sense, getting training points in MUT is pretty easy to do just by getting rid of the players you don’t need. The OVR score of the card determines how many training points you get. A highly-rated player may be hard to part with, but it’s arguably worth it to quick sell player items for a lot of training.

Most of the cards you have won’t bring in a lot, but if you do a lot of them, it adds up. Furthermore, I recommend doing it all at once. Once you’ve been playing for a while, you likely have a lot of extra cards. You can go to your items and select every single one that’s not in the lineup and quicksell them all at once. It’s faster this way, trust me – I’ve tried the alternative.

Zach’s Tips

Generally speaking, parting with the highly-rated cards are the way to go. Several players enjoy making theme teams (I do, too) and crafting a lineup of players who at one point played for their favorite team. This makes it easy to part with a 90-OVR Jared Goff card if you’re building a Miami Dolphins theme team. It’s my recommendation that you send those players for training points, which are an underrated currency.

Madden NFL 24 introduced a new feature to give players a chance to earn training points. A new Training Shuffle Pack functions like training gambling. You can pay 295 training for this pack in the marketplace, and it can give you 100 to 1,000 training points. It’s a big risk, as you can lose almost a third of your investment if it doesn’t go well. You can cycle through these packs and potentially come out with a lot of points, though. This is only advisable if you have a lot of training points. That way, any losses are far less detrimental to you. I have lost plenty doing this, so it’s just like real-life gambling: you have to do it responsibly.

Madden 24 training points
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You can also flip coins into training points, but not outright. You can purchase a player for coins and then quicksell it for training. Fans of the game will be pleased to know that an 84-overall elite player offers a very good return. They’re usually selling for a lower amount of coins, and they offer a nice amount of training points. It’s arguably the best conversion rate in the game. Some matches in Ultimate Team Game modes also offer training, but it’s easiest to do the above methods – especially a quick sale.

This is true for players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. This often takes some trial and error. You may try selling a player that you bought and it doesn’t get the returns you expected. Fortunately, I have tried this many times myself, and the above rating most often yields positive results. To get a lot of training points, this is a good method. However, it only works if you have coins, so it does require some grinding beforehand. As you go, quicksell all the cards you earn and you’ll have a boatload of training in no time.

Madden 24 training points FAQ

What are Madden training points?

Madden training points are a currency in Madden Ultimate Team primarily used to upgrade existing cards. 

How do I get training points in Madden 24?

Get training points by quickselling appropriate cards or by gambling with special packs.