Madden 24 Promo List and Schedule

Madden 24 Promo List and Schedule
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The Madden 24 Promo list and schedule is key to be aware of seeing new programs are launching on a weekly basis, and along with them, new player items in Ultimate Team. Though Madden 24 has so much to offer this year, its Ultimate Team mode will likely be the most popular among the community once more, and a big reason why is because of its quality player drops.

With now over three weeks passed since the official Madden 24 release date took place, several new promos are already live or just around the corner, and fans are curious which are available in Ultimate Team. If you happen to be one of those passionate fans eager to see which promos are live and when the rest will launch, we cover all the details you need to know in our guide here.

Madden 24

Madden 24 promo list

The popular EA Sports Good Morning Madden show made its grand return on Monday, August 14, and has held multiple live streams since to cover more new Madden 24 promos we can or will find in Ultimate Team.

For those curious about which promos Madden 24 has introduced so far and or which they plan on releasing, we provide a list of all the new programs to go along with some important details about each down below.


The Headliners program, which was formerly known as ‘Superstars’ in previous editions, is one of the first promos Madden introduces every year that includes baked-on abilities and X-Factors. Madden 24 Ultimate Team did release its first two sets of the new promo, and a third drop will be arriving sometime during Season 1. This year, fans can earn players from the Headliners Field Pass by completing its corresponding objectives, challenges, and sets. Players are also available in Headliners Packs, which are located in the Store. This promo will conclude with Season 1 so be sure to act on it while you still can!

Team Builders

A big part of Madden Ultimate Team is assembling theme teams, and that’s what the Team Builders promo is here to help out with. In Madden 23, the Team Builders Program came with three different drops, presenting a slew of new great player items you could have used to build your theme teams the way you wanted to. Madden 24 has not announced anything regarding three drops for Team Builders this year. But seeing how popular the promo has been in previous editions, it wouldn’t come to a surprise if Madden 24 opted to have three parts for its Team Builders program as well. There are a total of 32 Team Builders, one for each team, all of which come with an 85 overall rating.

Team Captains

The Team Captains Program in Madden is one that takes place only at launch in MUT. Unlike last year, fans can unlock all four Team Captains player items from its very own Field pass, which they can then upgrade by using tokens. Each of these four Team Captains can currently be upgraded to max 87 OVRs by applying seven Team Captains tokens. Upon doing so, you will also unlock all 32 team chems for that player, allowing him to play with any theme team you assemble in Madden 24 Ultimate Team.

Competitive Field Pass

The Competitive Field Pass is a special promo in Madden 24 that offers its own unique set of player rewards for those that collect Comp Points by completing objectives for Solo Battles, MUT Champs and H2H Season. In previous editions, the Comp Field Pass would run for two-weeks before refreshing with new players and objectives. But in Madden 24 Ultimate Team, the new Comp Field Passes will run for the length of each new season, granting fans much more time to earn the best prizes it comes with.


The Madden Legends Program is a special one that highlights former NFL players that left an ever-lasting impact and influence on the game of football. If you like to not only assemble theme teams but also play with of the game’s greatest legends, this program is just for you and is back once more in Madden 24. The Legends Program is a weekly promo, always revealing its new players every Friday before they are released in-game on the ensuing Saturday.

AKA Program

The Madden AKA Program is a fun and engaging promo that celebrates the storied nicknames from several current and former NFL stars. Highlighting some of the best card art in the game, players from the AKA Program have their legendary nickname on the back of their jerseys instead of their last name, and come with exclusive X-Factors. This is also a weekly promo in Madden 24, with the new player releases taking place every Monday until the program concludes. At the time of this writing, the AKA Program Champions all come with 87 and 88 overall ratings.

Campus Heroes

Madden Ultimate Team’s well-known Campus Heroes promo is one that honors NFL stars who had prolific collegiate careers. In Madden 23, the Campus Heroes Program consisted of two different releases, with part one taking place prior to the 2022 NFL season while part two went live months later in January, 2023. Though Madden 24 has yet to confirm a second release this year, the first Campus Heroes drop went live on August 31 in celebration of the new college football season, introducing several quality player items fans will want to get their hands on. The Campus Heroes Program will expire with the conclusion of Season 1 as well, so be sure to make the most it while it’s still live.


Team of the Week (TOTW) is back in MUT! The weekly promo was a hit in Madden 23, and is making its return this week with its first drop. For those that don’t know, the TOTW Program honors real-life NFL performances both of the past and present. And to start the promo, Madden celebrated the top players from pre-season before diving head-on into into its regular season TOTW player releases. This Wednesday, September 13, marks the second release of the program. So be sure to stay tuned for the latest news and details then.

Ultimate Kickoff

With the 2023 NFL season officially here, Madden 24 released a new promo known as the Ultimate Kickoff Program last week, which provides fans a collection of quality star player items they can use to boost their squads. Madden 23 was also home to the Ultimate Kickoff Program, which came with two different releases over the first month of the season. As of this writing, Madden 24 will have more than one Ultimate Kickoff release this year again. And the second will be going live later this week!

Madden 24 promos

Madden 24 promo schedule

The latest Madden 24 promo schedule is up but doesn’t list the exact dates and times regarding when the programs will be going live. As some fans might have picked up on, EA spreads out its new content releases throughout the course of each week, and we’re here to shed light on what we know about each drop’s launch date. Here’s a look at the Madden 24 Ultimate Team promo schedule for this week:

ProgramLaunch Date
AKA ProgramSeptember 11 – 1:30PM ET / 6:30PM GMT
TOTW 1September 13 – 1:30PM ET / 6:30PM GMT
Ultimate Kickoff Release 2September 14 – 1:30PM ET / 6:30PM GMT
Legends ProgramSeptember 16 – 10:30AM ET / 3:30PM GMT

Madden 24’s third release of the AKA Program went live today, September 11. While later this week, Madden 24 will be introducing its TOTW 1 players and dropping its fifth release of the Legends Program come Saturday.

With Madden 24 confirming the reveal times for both their new promos on their content schedule, the TOTW 1 release will be targeted to go live at 1:30PM EST / 6:30PM GMT on Wednesday, while the Ultimate Kickoff Program Release 2 will likely go live later on Thursday. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2024-04-11