How to showboat in Madden 24

How to showboat in Madden 24
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Wondering how to celebrate in Madden 24? Then you have come to the right place! The latest EA Sports offering has finally arrived and is now available across the globe.

Whether you’re opting to hop straight into a quick match with your mates in Madden 24, diving into the latest offerings in Franchise Mode or taking a trip down memory lane with the returning Superstar Mode, the hope will be that you will have a plethora of touchdowns to celebrate once you take to the field.

So before you start scoring touchdowns, you should know how to celebrate them properly. It’s one of the most fun aspects of the sport, so here’s what you need to know.

How to celebrate in Madden 24

Scoring touchdowns is awesome, but celebrating them makes them even more fun. And, as those who have played the Madden franchise before will know, there are quite a lot of different celebrations, taunts, and showboats available to you.

Here is the full breakdown of which celebrations you can choose in Madden 24:

  • Team Celebrations – Upon entering the end zone, flick your analogue stick to the right in order to perform a team dance. Alternatively, flick your analogue stick to the left in order to perform your team’s signature celebration.
  • Individual Celebrations – Upon entering the end zone, hold down L2/LT and use your right analogue stick to select which celebration you wish to perform,

Do be aware that team celebrations differ depending on the franchise that you are playing with. Learn how to do celebration runs here, although be aware that they could leave you susceptible to being caught by the defense, and left with the proverbial egg on your face.

And, don’t forget, that EA Sports have also opted to retain the Griddy in the celebrations list for Madden 24. You can learn more about how to Griddy in-game.

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Finally, there is one more celebration you can do. When you’re running down the field, you can showboat. This is generally frowned upon in the NFL as poor sportsmanship, but it doesn’t really matter in a video game. As you’re running, hold down the left trigger and A on Xbox or the X/cross button on PlayStation.

This will showboat, but it does slow you down. It is only recommended if you are well clear of the defense on your way to a touchdown. Otherwise, the defenders might catch up to you and tackle you, which would be highly embarassing.