Madden 24 Best Edge Rusher Ratings – Top 20 ranked

Madden 24 Best Edge Rusher Ratings – Top 20 ranked
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Which dominant defensive ends made the distinguished Madden 24 Best Edge Rusher ratings list? Pressuring the quarterback is an integral part of playing defense in football. And if you’re planning on dominating on that front in Madden 24, it’s in your best interest to get a feel for who the best edge rushers are in the new game.

The official Madden 24 release date is nearly here, and with early access off and running, fans are after the new player ratings to determine which stars they want to dominate with. Though it’s helpful to know the best ratings for every position, including quarterbacks, the best edge rushers should also be on the top of your list, particularly if you plan on executing a strong pass rush.

Madden 24 Edge Rusher

Madden 24 Edge Rusher Ratings

Here’s the best Madden 24 Edge Rusher Ratings:

Nick BosaRE98San Francisco 49ers
Myles GarrettRE98Cleveland Browns
Micah ParsonsRE97Dallas Cowboys
T.J. WattLOLB97Pittsburgh Steelers
Maxx CrosbyLE96Las Vegas Raiders
Von MillerRE94Buffalo Bills
Demarcus LawrenceLE92Dallas Cowboys
Haason ReddickLOLB90Philadelphia Eagles
Joey BosaROLB90Los Angeles Chargers
Matthew JudonLOLB90New England Patriots
Rashan GaryLOLB89Green Bay Packers
Trey HendricksonRE89Cincinnati Bengals
Cameron JordanLE88New Orleans Saints
Brian BurnsROLB87Carolina Panthers
Josh AllenLOLB87Jacksonville Jaguars
Aidan HutchinsonRE86Detroit Lions
Za’Darius SmithLE86Cleveland Browns
Chase YoungRE85Washington Commanders
Khalil MackLOLB85Los Angeles Chargers
Greg RousseauLE84Buffalo Bills

Last season, San Francisco 49ers edge rusher and the 2022 Defensive Player of the Year, Nick Bosa, stole the show with a league high 18.5 sacks and proved to everyone how dangerous of a threat he is to opposing offensive linemen.

On the other hand, Cleveland Browns edge rusher Myles Garrett also illustrated how consistently imposing he can be, finishing with 16 sacks for the second straight season in 2022.

Here’s a look at five of the Top 20 Best Edge Rushers in Madden 24 along with some analysis on why they deserve to be on the list this year:

Nick Bosa – 98 overall

Nick Bosa just got an enormous contract extension and is the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. He became the highest paid defensive player in NFL history, which should give a clue as to why he is the top-rated edge rusher in Madden 24. The San Francisco 49ers star is nearly unblockable, and he can wreak havoc on an offense. Bosa can bull rush, speed rush, and use pass rusher moves better than most.

Myles Garrett – 98 overall

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It’s a little bit shocking that Myles Garrett doesn’t have a Defensive Player of the Year award. He is a premier pass rusher, capable of shedding blocks like really no one else. This year, it seems he has resolved to fix that oversight and is on an absolute tear. Almost halfway through the year, he’s the favorite for the award. One can see why he’s been rewarded with a near perfect rating in Madden NFL 24. He could continue to get better as he drags the Cleveland Browns into contention, so is a 99 Club appearance on the way?

Micah Parsons – 97 overall

Micah Parsons decided to stop functioning as a hybrid defender. He played linebacker and edge rusher in the past, but is now fully devoted to rushing the quarterback. The dynamic defender has excelled in his new role. He hardly goes a game without making a genuine impact on the outcome, and the vaunted Dallas Cowboys defense totally starts and ends with Parsons.

T.J. Watt – 97 overall

T.J. Watt is a star player in Madden 24, and the ratings have only been on the rise this year. He began as a 94, but his dominant play for the Pittsburgh Steelers forced the ratings to go up a significant amount. It’s not even the halfway mark of the season just yet, and Watt is already climbing the ranks. At this rate, he could well be the top-rated pass rusher this season when it’s all said and done.

Von Miller – 94 overall

Von Miller is one of the oldest pass-rushers in the game, but he is still one of the best. The defensive end was the number two overall pick in 2011, and he has done nothing but destroy offensive lines and quarterbacks since. In year 13, the defensive star shows no signs of slowing up. In fact, his ratings have bloomed since the start of the season, so there’s no reason to suggest he’s not still in his prime, as incomprehensible as that is. In Madden, he’s one of the best and players can use him to great effect.

That’s all for Madden 24 edge rusher ratings, but be sure to check out TOTW 7, the best wide receivers, and whether or not you can request a trade.

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