Best teams in Madden 24 – Our list of the greatest squads to use

Best teams in Madden 24 – Our list of the greatest squads to use
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Which NFL franchises have the best Madden 24 team ratings? The 2022 NFL season came with plenty of excitement and surprises, with a variety of new teams highlighting their strength and toughness from start to finish. Though this was most evident from the 2022 NFC Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles. But others such as the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Seattle Seahawks also illustrated just how much they’ve improved and how dangerous they can be.

As many of you know, the Madden 24 release date has finally arrived. After the season began and as it has progressed, the good teams began to take shape. But of all the NFL franchises, who are the best teams in Madden 24?

Madden 24

Full Madden 24 Team Ratings

Here is the full list of Madden 24 Team Ratings taken from the latest active rosters in Madden 24:

Kansas City Chiefs909183
Philadelphia Eagles929085
Buffalo Bills878984
Cincinnati Bengals848880
Dallas Cowboys878585
Baltimore Ravens868486
Cleveland Browns857687
San Francisco 49ers898388
Miami Dolphins888883
Los Angeles Chargers868781
Minnesota Vikings858676
New York Jets776883
Jacksonville Jaguars807979
Seattle Seahawks817779
Detroit Lions828173
New York Giants777577
New England Patriots807581
New Orleans Saints847681
Pittsburgh Steelers797082
Tampa Bay Buccaneers787578
Atlanta Falcons827480
Carolina Panthers787378
Denver Broncos767471
Washington Commanders787382
Las Vegas Raiders777874
Green Bay Packers837684
Houston Texans797375
Indianapolis Colts797177
Chicago Bears756976
Tennessee Titans767482
Los Angeles Rams747072
Arizona Cardinals737167

Zach’s Tips

If you’re a good Madden player, you can use almost any team successfully with few exceptions. If you’re wondering what teams to consider that aren’t overpowered, try teams that have modest ratings but good quarterbacks. Having a good quarterback makes winning so much easier, so the Detroit Lions (82 OVR), Jacksonville Jaguars (80), Cincinnati Bengals (84), and Seattle Seahawks (81) make a lot of sense.

In Madden 23, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the best team with a 92 overall rating. However, with the departure of legendary quarterback Tom Brady, the Buccaneers did not make the cut for the Top 10 in Madden 24.

On that very note, let’s dive right into the analysis and have a look at why some of the teams from above have such strong ratings

Kansas City Chiefs – 90 overall

The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the best teams in the NFL. According to Madden 24, they’re the second-best. They have the second-highest overall thanks to Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. It’s very hard to see a roster with better than two 99 overall players, so it’s understandable that the Chiefs, who have only one minor blip on the season, are so high here.

Philadelphia Eagles – 92 overall

The Philadelphia Eagles are running on the field during Madden 24.
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The Philadelphia Eagles, at least in Madden’s eyes, are the best team in the NFL. This makes sense. They have long had one of the most well-rounded rosters and that didn’t change last season. Even with change (like Miles Sanders leaving and D’Andre Swift replacing him), they’re a very well-rounded unit. They don’t have the holes that the Chiefs do, which is why they have the highest Madden rating with ease.

Buffalo Bills – 87 overall

The Buffalo Bills have been a little bit up and down so far, but they remain a dominant unit when they’re on. Cover athlete Josh Allen has them operating well, and that’s not going to change. The Bills have a loaded defense and several playmakers on offense, like Stefon Diggs and James Cook, so they should remain one of the best overall teams in Madden throughout the season.

Cleveland Browns – 85 overall

Nfl 17 screenshot showcasing Madden 24 Team Ratings on PS4.
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The Cleveland Browns have not had the greatest start to the season, but they are still a very solid Madden team. The biggest reason for this is their suffocating defense. No offense has excelled against them, including the vaunted San Francisco 49ers – who suffered their first loss of the season thanks to Cleveland’s defense. Their offense is hurting from the lack of Deshaun Watson and Nick Chubb right now.

Dallas Cowboys – 87 overall

The Dallas Cowboys have hit a bit of a rough patch recently. Their vaunted defense has stumbled against a few very strong opponents. Nevertheless, they have a very solid roster overall. With playmakers on both sides of the ball, like CeeDee Lamb, Tony Pollard, Micah Parsons, Stephon Gilmore, and more, they are a very well-rounded team that is great for online play in Madden 24 right now.

Baltimore Ravens – 86 overall

The Baltimore Ravens have shown that they’re a team to contend with in the NFL, and their Madden 24 rating reflects that. They have floundered on offense thanks to an inconsistent skill group behind Lamar Jackson. Their defense remains stout and they are easily a top team to use in Madden right now.

San Francisco 49ers – 89 overall

If not for a shocking stumble thanks to a late missed field goal, the San Francisco 49ers would be the last unbeaten team in the league. Their overall rating in Madden certainly reflects that much. They have a dynamic offense filled with playmakers like Christian McCaffrey, George Kittle, and Deebo Samuel. On defense, they have Fred Warner, Talanoa Hafunga, Nick Bosa, and more to swarm opposing offenses. They are popular in Madden for a reason.

Miami Dolphins – 88 overall

The Miami Dolphins defense isn’t playing all that well without Jalen Ramsey. It doesn’t matter, because their offense is historically good. They have an MVP candidate in Tua Tagovailoa and the best wide receiver in football in Tyreek Hill. They have the fastest players in Madden on offense. Even though the active roster is missing De’Von Achane, they have the most dynamic offense that is terrifying to face in Madden 24.

Los Angeles Chargers – 86 overall

Thanks to Justin Herbert’s rise to a 90 overall, the Los Angeles Chargers have a great overall rating. Their offense is very good, but the loss of Mike Williams on the active roster does sting. Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler have been so good this season that it has kept them afloat as one of the best teams in Madden 24.

That’s all for the best teams in Madden 24, but find out who’s in the latest Team of the Week, what cards are in the AKA set, and the best young players for franchise mode.

Madden 24 teams FAQs

Which team is the best in Madden 24?

Right now, the Philadelphia Eagles are the top-ranked team in Madden 24.

How many teams are 85 OVR in Madden 24?

Currently, there are 10 teams with an overall rating of 85 or higher in Madden 24. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2024-04-12